Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou Hen – 08

Danganronpa 300029

No Game No Life is looking kind of… different.

I really really want to talk about the newest Mirai episode, but I guess I have to get this one out of the way first…

I guess now there’s a ‘Parade’ going on, and Sakakura and Munakata are kind of dealing with it. …In the worst way possible of course.They’re probably angering the Reserve Course even more by insulting the students as they’re being subdued. Maybe Yukizome could calm the situation down a little bit if she were there, since she doesn’t seem like the type to punch down students. However, she’s kind of busy and maybe something even worse is going to happen with her character.

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It’s kind of too bad that Tsumiki’s transformation from how she was before wasn’t fully shown. Seeing how broken she is (or how vulnerable she was in the first place due to her personality), I figured that there would be more to this story. But I guess the important thing is that she’s definitely into Junko now. Her personality change explains a lot about the events of the second game, where Tsumiki ends up killing in a tribute of love to Junko and nobody else can really understand her motives. Maybe the rest of the class won’t be like this when Junko gets her hands on them, but for now, Tsumiki certainly is dedicated to her. Maybe Junko did something to Mukuro as well, since both character’s level of dedication to Junko seems similar, but it could still just be Mukuro’s personality in general. She is Junko’s sister after all, so she probably is a little crazy too.

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Tsumiki fell pretty easily, but it seems like the other characters are still opposing Junko. Pekoyama had a pretty badass show down with Mukuro. Surprisingly, Komaeda isn’t on board with Junko’s plans yet either. The second game portrayed him with the mindset that he needed despair to bring better hope. It also seemed like he had extremely low self esteem in himself, where he was constantly putting himself down and calling himself a stepping stone for others. In this arc, he seems at least confident enough to try to stop Junko himself. Maybe his low self esteem just hasn’t had a chance to display itself (he was missing for a long time), or maybe something happens to him to change his outlook. Either way though, it’s interesting how he managed to find Junko’s hide out in the first place. Was he suspicious from when he first saw her? Or was it luck that he found out about her plans? I suppose they don’t really have to go into this detail though.

Junko’s movie didn’t seem to work on Mitarai, but maybe that’s because he never finished watching all of it. But as expected, Junko was planning on using Mitarai’s animation skills for brainwashing and despair purposes. He managed to get away for now, but who knows if Junko is going to pull him back in at some point. His survival in the Mirai Arc makes him seem like he escapes, so maybe there’s a bit of hope there. …Assuming he’s not the traitor.

Danganronpa 300032

It’s always the best characters that trigger the “Something Awful is Going to Happen” flags

Normally Yukizome’s heroic appearance would be a good thing, but probably not so much considering the villains here. Maybe Yukizome will be able to save Nanami (Komaeda and the other students being relatively fine is kind of guaranteed minus some of Junko’s brainwashing or whatever other abuse she has planned), but seeing how Junko’s plans still end up working, Yukizome obviously isn’t about to save the day completely. Plus there’s also the threat of Yukizome being influenced by Junko as well. She’s (probably) dead in the Mirai Arc, but there’s always the possibility that she helped create the scenario that Naegi and the others are in before (maybe) dying.

There’s also the issue of what happens to Nanami. Will Kamukura/Hinata recognize her? And even if he does, what will happen between her and Junko? Unlike a lot of characters, it’s still a mystery as to if Nanami is dead in the future or not. This is also a good opportunity to see just how much of Hinata is still in there, or if Kamukura even remembers any of his life before the experiment.

Danganronpa 300010

As a side note, I believe that the character from Danganronpa Zero, Matsuda, was shown in this episode. So maybe they’re going to tie that part of the story in soon.

Things are certainly building up to something terrible happening to everyone (maybe even besides the whole end of the world thing). And whatever it is will be interesting to watch. I’m really concerned about Nanami’s and Yukizome’s well beings at the moment, since it seems like the worst could happen to them. I guess it was pretty amusing to see the beginning of Komaeda’s crush interest towards Hajime/Kamukura as well. I assume the Komaeda’s response to Kamukura was about his potential for hope or something. Anyways, it should be really interesting to see where episode 9 goes.


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2 Responses to “Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou Hen – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    No argument that this arc is living up to its name. You just continue to feel this sense of hopelessness and the worst is yet to come as it goes along. It’s one thing to announce something terrible on its way but it’s another when witnessing it in the process. Absolutely chilling.

    Obviously Junko was going to use Mitarai’s equipment to further her anarchistic agenda. Personally, his isolation has shot his sense of ethics, mainly after saying he was practically using brainwashing techniques. That’s not how you save anyone. Instead, it’s forcing one’s will on others.

    From what you’re saying, Tsumiki’s now a lost cause. Can’t admit I’m surprised in any way since she always came off as vulnerable and impressionable. Those types can be a real thorn if pitted against you because trying to reason with them would be waste of time. Mukuro is one thing but I can’t understand what about the Student Council’s mutual killing video turned Tsumiki into such a masochist.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, they’re really good at making things worse for the characters. Like, you think they hit bottom, and then something new and awful happens.

      Personally, his isolation has shot his sense of ethics

      Well, I dunno. The thing with Danganronpa seems to be that everything would have been better if Junko hadn’t come, since she seems to be the source of all evil in this series. Maybe his animation could have saved everyone. But who even knows at this point.

      The thing with Tsumiki is that she was kind of saved in the beginning of the 2nd game. But then Junko came along and ruined everything for everyone again.

      Oh and I guess it wasn’t explained in this anime, but Tsumiki was kind of always a masochist… Or at least made herself into one. She was bullied/abused before, so she acts meek, will let people bully her, and ends up in embarrassing situations (like literally every time she trips) because she feels like it makes people like her better (because that kind of attention is better than being ignored).

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