Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 10

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Of course it was.

This series will not be finished until every single potential waifu is dead or ruined by despair. Luckily for me, Fukawa seems relatively safe since I don’t really think she counts as waifu material. Anyways, there was a lot of stalling this episode with Naegi pulling himself together after Kirigiri’s death, but I guess it was all for the cliffhanger ending. …There was also finally an update on Jabberwock Island, though it wasn’t much.

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Note the survivor count. Assuming that Hagakure is part of that number (since he does appear in the OP after all), that means that Hagakure, Naegi, Asahina, Mitarai, and Munakata are all part of the survivors. But who is that 6th person? Either there is a secret character running around, or perhaps Andou, Kirigiri, or Sakakura is still alive. I say this since the count in episode 9 was at 9, but 4 characters died in that episode and the count is still at 6. I highly doubt that number would include Mechagahara because Naegi witnessed her “corpse”, and it seems like it would be very hard to make a return (not only because of the damage, but also because Monaka is gone). I also highly doubt that Andou is alive, since she was the traitor’s victim while everyone was asleep and her death looked pretty brutal. Sakakura also took a sword right through his chest, but seeing how it was a burning sword or whatever, maybe the wound cauterized or something. I’ve already given my theory about Kirigiri maybe still being alive in the last post.

Of course, if Hagakure was never part of the count, there could be a survivor and an extra body running around (assuming that Kirigiri, Andou and Sakakura are actually dead for real). The same goes for Mechagahara, where there could be multiple mysterious people running around. …Though up to a point, so many extra unnamed people hiding around just makes the whole thing so unpredictable that it would need a really good reason to justify why they had so many mystery characters.

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Good on Naegi for finally getting his hope message across. It’s about time that Munakata listened to what he had to say, especially since all of what Naegi said was pretty true. Even if Yukizome had fallen to Despair, Munakata obviously still cared about her. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been affected by her betrayal like he was. Hopefully from now on, Munakata will redeem his character more. Especially now that the season’s climax seems to be approaching soon.

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Yukizome seems like she must have been pretty messed up though, looking at what she did. Despair seems so frightening in this series just from how people can wear a mask of their normal selves (that seems totally undetectable, even if the people are as close as Yukizome and Munakata), but they can be secretly be plotting awful things for everyone. Just look at how Yukizome was able to cry for the children she murdered to put on an act for Munakata. Though that begs the question as to if she preformed that whole thing to fill some kind of despair fetish, or if she was trying to push Munakata into his “must destroy Despair!!!” mindset. Seeing how she was close to Munakata too, you have to wonder just how much she corrupted the Future Foundation as a whole. They seemed pretty dysfunctional even as the beginning of the killing game started, so how much of that was because of little things she said and did to push people into doing things?

Also, how about those pictures? Did Yukizome know that she would be the first one to die in this killing game nd put them there? The pictures Munakata had obviously only held relevance to him and Yukizome, so it seems like they were planted on her body for specifically Munakata to find. If there’s another traitor and they planted them on her body, then it should be interesting to find out the reasoning behind that. Though Yukizome was just carrying them around just in case Munakata would see them someday, that would also be pretty messed up.

Danganronpa 300009

Tengan’s message was kind of strange. He confirmed that he wasn’t the traitor (expect maybe aside from whatever despair he mentioned everyone having) , but the way he phrased the answer about the traitor could easily be interpreted to goad Munakata into killing everyone. Why else would he specifically mention names like Naegi (who he seemed to be trying to protect) or Yukizome, which would have hurt him? If it was something like the characters being brainwashed into murder, or being forced to kill one another (this show seems to like the whole blackmail people into doing Despair things because of hostages and etc.), why not just tell Munakata that? …Or maybe Tengan was going to explain further, but Munakata jumped to conclusions again and killed Tengan before he had a chance.

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Luckily, Asahina has the answers to some things (probably)… She provided them at the worst possible moment, thus ending the episode YET AGAIN on a cliffhanger, but hopefully this just means that the next episode will finally tell us who the murderer is. And what their goal is. And pretty much every other mystery this arc has had since everyone was too busy on the Hope vs. Despair debate.

It was nice to see the return of the Naegi that was able to solve the mysteries of the first game (as opposed to the HOPE Naegi that has been happening so far), with him noticing that Munakata couldn’t open doors. Plus now they’re on the same page (it seems) about their situation, so maybe we’ll get the typical Danganronpa climax of the surviving characters all working together to stand up to Despair. Considering how much suffering there’s been between the Mirai and Zetsubou arcs, it would be nice if there was a happy ending somewhere in all of this. …Maybe not too hopeful since the V3 game is still happening (omgomg Kaede is adorable and everyone looks hilariously edgy), but the creators of this say that the Kibougamine stuff should be totally wrapped up with the anime that are airing now. It seems like two episodes is too short to wrap everything up but I guess we’ll see.


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2 Responses to “Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This series will not be finished until every single potential waifu is dead or ruined by despair.

    How else are they going to drive us, the viewers, into true despair? Such a brutal, effective and evil tactic. Damn their efficiency.

    Where Fukawa is on the waifu matter, it’s a lost cause. She wants what she just can’t have.

    Agreed on stalling the Jabberwock Island development. Aside from the Future Foundation mutual killing situation, I was hoping to see what became of Hajime/Izuru on the Mirai-hen side since he’s helping Junko create hell on earth in the Zetsubou-hen side. Hopefully the next Mirai-hen episode will finally give some insight based on the short scene after this episode’s end credits.

    Hagakure shouldn’t be part of the survivor count. He wasn’t captured and fitted with a forbidden action bracelet and therefore not part of the game. There was some leniency at the start but now I’ve really come question the relevancy of him being around at all. It’s not like he’s doing anything worthy of note and Monokuma already pointed out that he isn’t liked. So, why is there again? His presence in the OP visuals could’ve been used to throw us off.

    Didn’t expect that kind revelation on Yukizome. If she did fall in despair, then being forced to watch Junko’s video in Zetsubou-hen did have an effect on her and she did an impressive job of hiding it because how she behaved afterwards indicated otherwise. Yeah, it’s unnerving thinking you know someone to a degree but turns it’s all a ruse. One of the Psycho-Pass season 1 episode titles comes to mind: “Nobody Knows Your Face”.

    Kirigiri’s state will be deemed “uncertain” until further notice. Having Asahina looking at Kirigiri’s hand, I guess the story’s implying she saw it twitch.

    Both Danganropa arcs will an ending, that’s certain but I’d be hard-pressed to call them “happy” when you look back at all the carnage that occurred on the way there.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    While Asahina picked the perfect time to show herself after Naegi and Munakata finally settled their quarrel, the book in her hand has me skeptical. How did she get it and what’s in it to make her determine who the traitor is?

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