New Game! – 07

newgame 7-lead

Who puts the soft in airsoft?

 Well, we’ll cross the barium bridge when we come to it, shall we? Goodness, Aoba…

Fun, but frustration also…

newgame 7-002

You don’t want Sophie to collide with a wall…

Most of us love to work, and those that do, love to know we’ve done well. We also want to know that we’ve contributed to greater good, if possible. Aoba’s example and personality are a lovely distillation of that, so when errors in her work creep up, it’s an opportunity to explore the other side of that equation, while also taking a sharp look at who is giving her the feedback against said problems (and Aoba is quick to correct, isn’t she?). Umiko-san is a heck of a character for that, and I found her introduction to be endearing, if not full of outright anime quirk. Dark skin? Check? Acerbic bestie relationship with Shizuku? Check. Airsoft obsession? Check. Embarrassment over family name? Yes.

She makes a distinct point, doesn’t she?

It’s that last bit that kinda forces people to use her given name without getting to know her better. Which is an interesting character narrative device; and might have much more impact on a Japanese audience. She has a somewhat forceful (but not fully aggressive) personality; cornering poor Aoba about playing FPS games and joining airsoft. So in using her given, or first name, pretty much breaks the ice and lets her have her “in” to any conversation. That might seem like a boon…..but……But to give her layers, we can also see that she’s aware that she comes off a bit to strong, and she’s remarkable at her job, and is someone that we can detect that Shizuku has placed a ton of value in, even if there is not reciprocation. A contrast, perhaps, to Rin and Yagami? All in all, Umiko has a softer side that we can see, but sometimes she just can’t show it…

newgame 7-006

Discovers, to late, the max range of Aoba’s kawaii bomb…

Not To Be Used Externally

newgame 7-031

Ahagon Umiko: I got you with my derp finger!

I’ve had barium meals before, and they are pretty darn unpretty. I don’t know why Aoba is looking forward to an enema. But my guess is since one of her elders, Shizuku, has to take it for these medical exams, she sees it as a rite of adult passage? Goodness, just look forward to paying your income tax like every other wage drone, sweety. But this segment brought us more in the continuing story of Yun vs. all the cookies she eats during tea time. As you can see, she’s not happy, but also reality is contained in that exact scene. You gotta give a little to get a little, and a lot of cookies ain’t gonna cut it.

newgame 7-020

This is fine….

I’m also sure many of you have had “that” phlebotomist? I’ve heard enough about it to figure it’s universal enough to penetrate to anime land.  I’m one of those folks that have “easy veins” as well, and I can make one pop without a tie-on. But, unlike Yagami Kou, I can take looking at the procedure while it is happening. As a matter of fact, I prefer to watch them take the blood, as I have one hell of an overactive imagination. One time I had to have sutures put into the skin on the back of my skull, and was anxious because I couldn’t see them doing the procedure. But all is well that ends well for their medical exam, except for Yun vs. tea assortments. Oh, and the megane vampire…let’s hope she improves…

newgame 7-022

Gonna get that cream puff…

A pictorial examination…

Show ▼

newgame 7-025

So it looks like we got the more inklings of yuri ships going on? Of course Rin is taken aback, but what else can ya do? They do have a very close and productive friendship, and she seems to genuinely enjoy the fact that the two of them have the magic down; both of them being better together than the sum of their parts. Or…we could have a tight goggle situation again. That actually seems more likely, and that shouldn’t diminish how close they are at all.

newgame 7-034

Part-timer Nene thinks your code is teh suck…

But more important, they got some part timers coming up soon, cause after the mid-way point of the show, the game is gonna really hit deadline land. How this works with the upcoming summer vacation that Aoba is looking forward to should be very interesting indeed. See ya then….



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7 Responses to “New Game! – 07”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    There is a lightsaber on the wall.

    • skylion says:

      Hajime is secretly a Sith Lord. It’s her silly demeanor that hides her calculating nature. The “masks” below her lightsabre? Those are the heads of former Jedi Knights.

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    I see that tanned lady (Umiko Ahagon) is actually from okinawa, no wonder her skin is brown, also, i see she got a lot of collection of Air Guns, and also she is a FPS Game fan too…WOW, now that is a real geek there! Well, kinda bit a strict employer that is…

    Also, about the Medical Checkup Scene…I wonder if this show is going to do that too…Just Saying!!

  3. skylion says:

    Next episode…

  4. Namaewoinai says:

    I was thinking that Tanned Lady from Okinawa (Umiko Ahagon), She is such a FPS Fan and a Airsoft Collector, That was one Geek girl here, but she is kinda bit of a strict employee, ya know checking errors or stuff

    And, as for the Medical Check up scene, I wonder if the other show is going to do that too…i doubt it, but hey, we wait for it.

    • skylion says:

      …geeks come in many varieties, and Umiko is a great example, even if she doesn’t really come of as that geeky? But then, I consider fantasy sports fans as geeky as D&D players…

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