New Game! – 06

newgame 6-lead

Sophia-chan: Come with me if you want to dungeon crawl!

I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up” To be sure the quote is a touch trite, but I’ve always felt that if your hobby or interest hurts no one, then no one should complain, especially someone like yourself.

Frustration, but fun also…

newgame 6-002

Hard at work…

So Aoba finally gets out of the endless circle of Background Character Hell! Now she’s ready for the big time draw of Design Minor NPC What Dies Minorly…a step up to be sure! Ah, I’m kidding around here. Aoba does move up, and it’s a challenge she steadily rose to, learning about her new skills and thier applications along the way, but she is also able to acknowledge that she has had a positive impact on the total game. I thought it was a nice touch and a measure of good pacing to show this at the midway point of the series. She’s still got quite some time to measure up to wanting to be Yagami Kou, but I think she’ll do just fine if she concentrates on being Aoba Suzukaze, girl on a mission. But seeing her see her character move around in the game environment was a nice touch, with the added bonus of the rest of her cubicle lending her encouragement.

newgame 6-003

<insert your own AoT joke, or not>

Requiem for a Moon Ranger

newgame 6-010

Something Something Beam Something!!!! HEART!

Sometime I feel like I was born either thirty years too early or thirty years too late (give or take a half a decade?). I would have really enjoyed being there in the heyday of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, hip coffee shops saturated with cigarette smoke, and the rise of Googie architecture. But today, as it stands, I do feel a touch cynical about superhero films and how all of my old genres have been filled to the brim, almost like biological niches waiting to be asteroided. There is a fandom for everything, and I came from a time where you couldn’t really be that picky. So to compare, it was interesting to see nearly the whole cast right there on the cusp of consumer reality, coming to grips with if they wanted the Moon Ranger magic wand or not. Aoba did manage to sneak a few bits of the banana-caramel flavoured popcorn, a very sneaky way to remind us you can still indulge if you want. But really, I think that Rin, cooking for Kou-chan was a sweeter touch.

newgame 6-011

Cheese it, Nene! We’ve been made by the real LOLi police!

Bear Necessities 

newgame 6-012

Somebody done goofed

Ah well, we kinda knew this was coming, didn’t we? It’s crunch time. It always seems like there is never enough time. So the demand for more…it comes calling, and the team has to do the overtime; staying nights and weekends to make up for the loss. Like any new employee, Aoba is eager to prove herself, so she volunteers to come in first. And of course she does it with enthusiasm.  This was, perhaps, the section with the most overt fanservice, starring Aoba’s change of clothes, from business casual to lounge wear, along with a change of her trade-mark twintails. So really, we watch this show for the loli, we stay for the bear….

newgame 6-013

<insert FSN joke, or not>

Summer Fun Extra Play

newgame 6-extralead

We’ll get to summer pics soon enough….

Show ▼

All things considered, this was one of my favorite episodes of the whole show so far. Like always it had charm to spare and just loved to groove on all the right things. Here at the halfway point I stand in anticipation for more, yet also feel it’s gone by way too quick. Good times do that, I guess. So stay tuned, as it looks like we might get back to Faerie Story‘s producer duo next week. So all sorts of trouble starting with at the top. Frustration and fun will probably filter down…


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Mmm… Delicious sweets.

  2. Wanderer says:

    Sophia-chan: Come with me if you want to dungeon crawl!

    I want to protect her smile. 🙁

    Good lord, she packing!

    Aoba is actually very well-proportioned for her height. She’s not an undeveloped kid, she’s just a very short adult.

  3. Namaewoinai says:

    That Lady there is such a…Fleshy! but hey she really nice…

    and, as for this I would like to had this Shows Joke instead!

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