RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 16

If you give a kemonomimiloli a cheezburger…

 …she’ll probably still kick your ass, if you mess with her Anastasia-sama. She’s super-strong! So we’ve met Mimi, so who else got beefed up this week. Well, other than sloth, pride, and greed?

He Should Have Played Straw Millionaire


This fellow is a bookend….

I think we can safely say that Subaru has a way with people. It’s inescapable that he’s the main character, and it’s already been broached many times that he has remarkable plot armor, a fact that’s made his natural density approach osmium. But we’ve been thinking ’round and about episode 13 or so, “how many more times can this dink not listen, not get a lay of the land, and screw it up royally”!? Well at least three more times this episode, and you can argue more if you want. And I will argue one point that made me feel like it’s fine for this guy to get greased, permanent like… I know he’s on edge, but still, don’t pick on Rem, you idiot. She’s the best part of you. And this mission you have, though fair and just to be sure, you need to put yourself in someone else’s place. Being magic MC-boy isn’t a real thing in these parts…So Mission: Get Any Help You Can…in three easy bumps…

One down, not a good face, dude…

With Crusch we take our first interesting look at power and how it comports itself. It’s probably an easy mark to put all the blame on her, but not so fast in putting that tally on the board. Exactly what is Subaru asking her? To risk a company of perfectly good men, her reputation, a chunk of her family fortune, on a rumor, a chance, a trap? ‘Cause from her POV, this is all suspect. While she says that she believes that he believes his own rant, it’s what she leaves unsaid after that. This is what should be sinking into Subaru and the audience. Also, there is chivalry and there is practicality. Without the later, the former can’t really sustain itself. While we’re putting the tally up, that’s one more for Rem’s honesty and integrity; being fair and square with her allies this time around.

Two down, not a good look, dude

But if any one of these three supporting ladies were capable of stealing the show, it was Priscilla, and that’s not for the foot, not at all. This is a fantastic character and surely one that is probably not at all appreciated by a wider audience. This is how a real person would act if asked to give something up for nothing for some foolhardy boy. Having said that, the story gives her the outward appeal of an “evil” character, and since the rest of them – Crusch has Felis, Emilia has Puck, Anastasia has Mimi, and Felt is Felt – have shoulder pets for all intents, a quality Priscilla lacks, it’s hard to see why she can’t be the “evil” character. Shoulder pets can soften a character. Only she isn’t. She’s determined, she has her own goals in mind, and I can imagine her life has been one leaving behind men that only want her for power or position. She’s realized this and knows exactly how to play it against them. Subaru was bush league.

Three down, not a good attitude, dude

However, it’s Anastasia that has the upper hand in terms of information and brokerage. She’s a successful merchant, so she knows which prize to keep her eyes on. The crown is probably pretty far out of her hands, but she’s going to make a mint perusing it. But if anyone dresses our main character down the most, it’s her – but Priscilla really is a short distance from actually killing him. But after that fiasco you would think Subaru would learn, and become more wary about negotiation. You can read him like a book. Crusch tried to tell him that but he wouldn’t listen to word one. Had he actually wanted to trade anything away, treating Anastasia as a partner, he might have had something at his back, like an army of cute little dangerous Mimi’s? Fangs of Steel, BABY!  Ah well, we’ll save the nekonomimiloli for later, I guess? …they walk out of a bar like bosses…

Buh-bye now!

RE: Extras

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It wasn’t good getting angry at the rest of them, but Rem? 

Now if I have one complaint about this episode it’s that they really, and very obviously, stacked the deck against Subaru coming and going. It’s just a bit to pat, forcing him out to one direction. But, overall, with some other plot elements mixed in the overall story does rather well. It was interesting to see them start to paint the women in rather obvious “sin” brushes, only to lay the color on Subaru. Only himself to blame. But I’m shorting this post a bit: other things happen toward the end, that I’ll cover in brief before I go.

rezero 16-012

Don’t get eaten by the plot device! Wait, did they forget that guy even existed?

Subaru and Rem are able to get at least themselves out to the Rosewaal mansion/domain in what looks like good time. They even stop and manage to get themselves set up with some allies/paid movers/flunkies? They also get themselves around a very large and obvious plot device in Flügel’s tree, which was right on top of good old Otto’s suspicious plotty plot plot oil reserves that Subaru get’s a sudden interest in. But most of that could probably forgotten in the wake of the thing….

…the thing that end’s up being the other bookend…


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27 Responses to “RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 16”

  1. Highway says:

    How much are they being toyed with on that trip back to Rosewaal’s territory? How many times has Subaru made that trip? And *this* time they talk about a humongous tree? He’s never seen this tree that touches the sky before? The whole trip back here is going down the rabbit hole instead.

    I’m entirely in your camp about Priscilla, my favorite character in the show. And while I like that everyone takes Subaru down a peg for violating what I think is a basic need in negotiations*, she does it the best.

    *Everyone negotiates out of self-interest. Better to admit that than to try and guilt the other person out of some sense of “duty” or “altruism”. All three of them basically tell Subaru that he is being dishonest or hiding his self-interest, and in the most craven of ways.

    • skylion says:

      The only reference I’ve seen to Flügel is from No Game No Life…but that kinda fits killer angels since Flügel means “wing”. So yeah, this is crazy weird…

      I’ll correct your assumption, since you convinced me of Priscilla being an awesome character, I’m in your camp. But I’ve been struggling to put it in words why she’s the best of the three. I think it’s because she enforces that a person that would do “anything” is a person that would cross a promised boundary…

    • Sarnik says:

      Do remember that there are two paths to Roswaal’s domain. In the previous two times Subaru took the “long but safe” route; however, it’s guarded by the Witch’s Cult, and by the time Subaru reaches his destination, the mansion would have been attacked already.

      Show ▼

      • skylion says:

        Hello, Sarnik, thanks for commenting, and thanks for bringing up that reminder of the two paths. But…it’s a tree that goes to the clouds…one road, two roads? It doesn’t matter….it’s a true that goes to the clouds. It’s gonna make a huge impression no matter what.

        Also I edited your post for a possible spoiler tag, I’d rather be overly cautious than not be at all…thanks again, look forward to more of what you have to say on the series, or anyone around these parts….

        • Sarnik says:

          Yup, thanks for having me.

          If we’re really going by the height of the tree, then technically Subaru should have been able to see it from inside the capital or from Roswaal’s mansion. Personally, I think that it was mentioned now because it was literally in their path.

          As for the spoiler, I do recall the two paths and the Whale being mentioned in episode 14. But you can’t be too careful with this stuff I suppose, considering all the rampant spoilers everywhere.

          • skylion says:

            I’m going to have to watch episode 14 again…

            • IreneSharda says:

              He’s right, what he said in the spoiler is in the 14th episode. Rem mentions it for the reason that they can’t get back to the mansion as fast as they did when they got there and that they have to go the long way. That when the mist covers the road that means that it’s too dangerous to go in, and no one comes out of there alive.

            • skylion says:

              Ayep, Sorry Sanik! Sorry Irene!

        • IreneSharda says:

          That tree is rather huge. You should honestly be able to see it from anywhere in the surrounding area for miles.

    • IreneSharda says:

      While I understand what Priscilla was saying, the girl is too stuck-up, vain, and narcissistic for me. I like what she was teaching Subaru, but it didn’t really make me like her any better.

      I think that Anastasia probably did the best job at at least showing Subaru his fault in a way that even he could see. Her lesson was plain and one that he actually even utilizes in this episode with the merchants. Pris’ lesson was indeed brutal and blunt, but not one that I think would work with Subaru. He’s the type of person who would instead shut down and write her off as a person who plays with and manipulates others. He probably thought the same of Ana too, but I think he listened just the tiniest bit more.

      I noticed that many other reviewers of this episode immediately wrote off Pris as a person who plays with others and didn’t even consider what she said and like you and skylion say, she rubs many people the wrong way. I think Subaru is the same way, and it will prevent him from ever actually listening to anything she had to say.

      I don’t like her, but I do know that she made some very good points. Especially her line about the greed of a pig and always holding a hand out and wanting.

      My favorite character as of right now, is actually Rem right now, but it could always change. Subaru probably is tied in that position with her. Felt is my favorite of the candidates. I wonder why Subaru didn’t think to go to her, especially since he knows her slightly better than the other 3 candidates?

      • Highway says:

        As far as thinking of Felt, they did. They were going to ask Reinhard, who is functionally the muscle behind Felt. She’s, for all intents and purposes, worthless as a fighting force. But Reinhard was out of town, so there’s no point in going to Felt.

        The thing about Priscilla’s point for Subaru is that it might work better as fridge logic and for subconscious gnawing. Yeah, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar (although it’s the opposite with fruit flies), but you’re not going to kill them with honey. And killing the flies is the goal. Similarly, getting the message across is the goal here, and Subaru’s going to think about his utter rejection on the part of Priscilla more than his righteous indignation at Crusch or Anastasia.

        • skylion says:

          …well, let’s put a spin on the ball and get it back into Priscilla’s corner. Can we go with the fact that if she didn’t care about him she wouldn’t have wasted her time? Of does this fall under, eh, she’s a character, might as well have her reaction.

  2. IreneSharda says:

    This was a really interesting episode after the epicness that was episode 15.

    You understand what Subaru is feeling since you’ve seen him go through it, but you also know can understand what all the other girls are coming from too. He really approached the situation too quickly and should have taken the time to calm down and think things through first. I know why he didn’t, but hopefully in the next loop (I think it’s coming soon) he’ll be able to think with a bit of a clearer head and hindsight.

    So far Subaru has run into people like Emilia and Reinhard who are more altruistic and noble, but the problem is that not everyone is like that. Many of Emilia’s competitors are masters of their craft in other areas and they have survived via their practicality as you have pointed out. The thing is, instead of getting angry, Subaru now needs to approach this in a new way. Now that he knows what they are like, he can no longer just come with an outstretched hand. Even a person with no negotiation technique knows about give-and-take. And I think that if Subaru just calms down, he’s saavy enough to know how to barter.

    One thing they did visually that I enjoyed was that they didn’t let you see Subaru’s eyes until Crusch brought them up and you realized that these are the eyes that everyone else sees as well. That’s the most dangerous and mad that we have ever seen him, and them holding off in showing them made that moment in the office seem all the more dangerous. Especially when you don’t even realize that he’s silently advancing on his host until Wil steps in front of him.

    Show ▼

    • skylion says:

      So now I can’t tell if there is a spoiler or not! So I’m giving out a general warning about the thing at the end. Since I edited Sarnik’s post, I did your’s to keep things equal.

      Yes, I loved how they held that scene as well. It was a bit to long, but as you point out, the reveal when he’s about to close in, and Wil blocks him, really makes up for it IMO.

      OMG why was Reinhard out of town!? We need some no-nonsense Felt in this place!

      • IreneSharda says:

        You know me better than that sky. 😛 I try my best not to read or look at any spoiler material, but even if I do, I’m careful not to spoil others with it.

        And yes, we did need some Felt! I think she would have actually helped Subaru if he asked, or at least have simply asked for money in return or something.

  3. sonicsenryaku says:

    I was almost convinced that priscilla was a 2 dimensional character; but then i remembered two things 1. this re:zero and 2.asshole mode seems to be priscilla’s on switch 24/7 and nothing substantial has incurred to think that there might be nuance behind her narcissism. Sure they hint to the fact that maybe there’s a part of her that wishes that not everything would “bend to her will”, but the show hasnt done anything with her character moments to justify us thinking that there’s something deeper and psychologically compelling behind Priscilla’s nature. Sure her knight says she’s actually a sweetheart, but Priscilla so far seems to be following a set a tropes that ive seen before, which would be fine because there is nothing inherently wrong with tropes whatsoever (they are the basis of storytelling); however, these tropes arent being used in an interesting fashion. But hey, i could just be jumping the gun considering that there are still 9 eps left to flesh out Priscilla some more. Perhaps the breadcrumbs suggesting that there is more to Priscilla may actually have some narrative weight. But then again, based on what ive seen from this show, i dont think so. Im gonna go with crusch being the best of the three ladies by a mile; at least she’s demonstrated that she can be two dimensional and be somewhat interesting and human because of it, even if you dont agree with her decisions. Yea she’s being a dick and i dont personally vibe with her but it’s for an understandable reason.

    • skylion says:

      …and those tropes would be?

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        -narcissistic, self-centered character who may be misunderstood
        -high status female who exerts dominance and power over others by asking people to lick her feet (although the show sorta kinda but not really subverted that by making Priscilla lash out at the idea of subaru almost going through with it. Yea yea she thought he was different from the other “commoners”…uhm why?)
        -Looks down on others in exaggerated facial expressions and actions
        -laughs condescendingly with hand next to mouth
        -She’s high status so she just has to be blonde with big tits and a fan right?

        Yea ive seen it all before and it’s not being done with a deft hand. I will say this though, Priscilla is a bit blood thirsty and that slightly peaks my interest. She looks as if she may the strongest of all the other candidates (minus emilia because well, she’s packing a nuclear winter nuke in the form of a cute little kitty)

        • Highway says:

          I mean, if we’re going to start listing characteristics, everyone’s going to have a list as long as a country mile. That’s what stories are. And it’s not like the show is trying to say that Priscilla, or Crusch, or Anastasia, or anyone is the main character outside of Subaru. And we’ve seen Priscilla without being in complete asshole mode, when she was first introduced. That was when something interesting was happening to her. The times we’ve seen her since, as she’s said, it hasn’t been interesting. Subaru has been just as she said, lower than a pig.

          And I think we’ve seen Emilia’s nuke option, and it doesn’t do anyone any good, including Emilia. I think that can be written off as functionally useless.

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            I did mention in my original comment that character tropes are how stories are made so im not knocking Re:zero or Priscilla herself for following that more than i am the fact that im not seeing anything interesting being done with those tropes/characteristics from a writing or visual storytelling standpoint. If anything, I am open to the possibiltiy that there’s something im not seeing that perhaps you and other people are noticing so given more eps, maybe ill wisen up. But like i said, i think crusch is easily the most interesting of the three because she shows the most potential to grow and develop a character arc right now. Every time Crusch has interacted with Subaru and Co., she has been visibly affected in some kind of way and that seeing how the show might be potentially building up to her evaluating her ideals as a ruler is much more interesting to me than MS. teehee-im- manipulative and “Hello I’m narcissism”

            true emilia’s nuke doesnt do her any good, but i guess i was looking at it more as, how could priscilla go up against that if it was ever used on her; would she be able to stop it. Other than that, the vibes im getting so far leads me to believe that Priscilla might be the strongest in terms of magical potential and utilizing said magic.

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          priscilla’s sorta a red head but you get the point

  4. FVA says:

    First thing about this episode .The Phone. it has been 2 Month and is still working!!! . Solar powered phone (i think) Praised the SUN!!!!

    Regarding the Candidate. no none of them are evil just being mortal (You know doing mistake and right for their own cause).

    Crusch believes in Subaru but him being control by madness blinds him like a certain MC of an episode 1-3 from a certain far far away tales.

    Priscilla is Priscilla unless you can impress someone like Gilgamesh you can’t impress her. Subaru thinking she owes her, Shithead doesnt know she doesnt owe him anythings
    Show ▼

    Anastasia plays him like the businesswoman she is. the Koko is Loco song is playing and subaru being played was amusing. at least he got a carriage and a word of wisdom. Int +1

    And As quickly as possible using knowledge gain from Anastasia he manage to make a deal with a group of merchants and rally them to rescue the villages (good point +1)

    then Forgotten (2004) happen. T.T

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, that “Doesn’t she remember I saved her in that alley?” whine about Priscilla was so self-serving. She said she didn’t need his help, and it’s pretty obvious after she kicked his ass across the room that she never needed his help. So don’t try putting some debt on her or demand gratitude for ‘helping’ her.

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:


    Neko + Mimi + LOLi…

    must. resist.

  6. ProtoSovereign says:

    My comment from yesterday didn’t seem to come through and since most of the things I wanted to say have already been said by others, so I’ll keep it short. Subaru is getting too desperate and its not painting a pretty picture for him. Noone respects somebody with no baselines.

    • skylion says:

      I’m sorry I can’t seem to find it in the spam filter. Of course I agree with your comment, desperate times breed desperate measures. Plus a whale, it seems…

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