New Game! – 03

newgame 03-lead

I dunno if this is a good reason to be late, or not…

Nothing works at work like good old fashioned work. Speaking of getting down to business, there is nothing like it when Doga Kobo get’s into an SoL/comedy groove…

Pushing Pixels

newgame 03-002

…everybody has something to do…

Sometimes, I guess, you’re inside your comfort zone, and often times you’re out of that zone. One of the bits I loved in the show’s open was not necessarily how late Aoba, Yun, and Hifumi were, which isn’t to say it wasn’t itself endearing, I’m a really odd ball runner myself…I’m also cuter than Aoba, but that’s not important right now. No it was Yagami’s reluctance to punish them for being tardy, and her reaction to how badly she perceived herself doing it. If I may interject, I think she did just fine for first time offenders. They knew the score and then, more important, they got to the assignment at hand instead of wasting any more time; a huge pet peeve of mine. You can be late, but show me, don’t just tell me, the value of what you’ve missed.

From technically good the ideal that Aoba forgot she was trying to emulate…

And rolling up the sleeves and getting to work was what this episode was all about. But not only that. It’s getting down to the fine details that really make it worthwhile. I used to work in restaurants; and to paraphrase Henry Rollins, I was a minimum wage over-achiever there . There is a perfect and ideal detailed dining table, there is a grand sous prep that is clean, well stocked, and efficient, and it takes experience to get there – I’ve done both. But you get there in layers, and just like Aoba discovered, skill builds another skill. You also get there realizing something essential about yourself. She finds this out during her discussion with Nene toward the end; it was the fuwa fuwa of Yagami’s designs that attracted her initially and then really influenced her, but it was the due diligence she didn’t know she was seeing that really made it’s mark.

newgame 03-001

Hifumi just can’t enunciate her method quite as well…yet…

Overtime Work…

newgame 03 - splat

Cute girls doing cute things….

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I think I’ll be happy doing short posts for this show. I didn’t really like doing bi-weekly ones for Netogeit felt like a necessary evil at the time, but I’ve thought more about doing shorter posts and just hitting the major theme of the show in question. Here we got the value of all sorts of work discussed, which is pretty darn major for a SoL/comedy, and quite well done considering that it never once felt over-arching or preachy. And the reward for hard work…more hard work…


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8 Responses to “New Game! – 03”

  1. Highway says:

    I liked that they finally connected Aoba to the job she was doing, in that Aoba had a background of drawing, and that Kou liked her work. And that’s pretty good mentoring. “I want you to get better, but I want you to want to get better.”

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, getting better is a do. Rin had discussed that with her in part on the train. As the director, has to deal with it in much more general, but no less personal, terms than Yagami. But, even from her AD level, Aoba was doing fine.

      …it almost felt like both Yagami and Rin received a confirmation about her…the AD setting it up, the lead designer picking it up

  2. Wanderer says:

    This was a really good episode. Starting from the usual hijinks, it built up emotional intensity through Aoba’s struggles as she worked on her character. That moment when Aoba was talking to Nene and she realized what she’d been missing; what makes a character a character… I could feel that. There was power in that moment.

    I love this series. 🙂

    • skylion says:

      They were very good at conveying what Aoba was feeling, especially at the end – focusing tight on facial features, and body language…then going wide on her further realizations.

      …and I still hear people complaining that it ain’t Shirobako for games…bah…

  3. HannoX says:

    I liked these last two episodes more than the first one, so it looks like I’m it for the entire run. I wasn’t expecting Shirobako for games, but I am glad they are showing more of the work aspect of the show and of the creative process.

    • skylion says:

      I think this show has a great deal more to do with Shirobako at their essence than many give it credit for. I think we seem to recall more the anime-making aspects of Shirobako than we can recall the personalities that ended up informing the various productions displayed in the show. New Game! seems to be portraying that rather well to me.

  4. Namaewoinai says:

    You know that long hair shy girl (Hifumi Takimoto…right). I think she had a habit of…putting too much emocons even on a written paper…that’s kinda bit of a weird achievement or sort of…

    and i hate to say this but that cat there (Mozoku The Geek Cat), his meowing is kinda creepy, and kinda lazy too…

    and one thing, do you know what the local audience (Japanese) name the show…i think it’s…ぞい(zoi)…i mean zoi?, ya know why those people called zoi?, how many word zoi in all current episode does…well, yeah count it Zero, so then i ask myself they don’t need it yet, at least for now!

    • skylion says:

      I have to admit, I don’t really like the use of emoticons that much. I rarely use them/need to use them. So yeah, there’s some overuse going on…but she’s getting her point across.

      Mozoku is a self-indulgent cat, and she has a self-indulgent meow…

      As for ぞい(zoi), I have to admit ignorance…

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