New Game! – 02

newgame! 02-lead

New Game? New Show! Hajime & Yun the Rangers of the Moon!

No one lives on Calorie Mate alone. You need other nourishment, such as beer and a healthy attitude towards friendship…and a hedgehog…


…or whatever this is…

The Age-Old Questions….

Despite all that, once we get past Aoba’s long haul commute and her mild office hazing via cat, the first major story beat is how far Hifumi has become embedded in her own personal little shell, and how Aoba has all the prerequisites to become the perfect person to get her out of it, or at least keep the door more ajar more often? So while our silent friend feels the need to bribe the newbie with cash to ensure silence, we all know her smile is just to perfect to hide. Hifumi just needs some positive encouragement. It’s so funny how much people match up with their pets…hedgehogs or office cats. Yagami came out with the panty surprise again…which might qualify for a running joke?

newgame! 02-003

Citizens of JRPGia, go on with your non quest related business…

We also get a few more leads into the job that Aoba will be fulfilling for Eagle Soft and her route on Faerie Story 3 and it’s track. For right now it looks like grunt work, and basically following sempai’s lead. I wonder if Aboa will make her villagers bunny ear’d or cat ear’d like Hifumi’s turn? But anyway this is a pretty good place to start understanding the basics, and give her youngish age, that’s not bad at all. This looks like a great place to work if they’re taking the time to recognize the talent of a young person and investing the time to grow that talent. Either that or we can follow the track from Aoba’s dreams of meeting her childhood designer hero and call this all wish fulfillment?

newgame! 02-010

I think Mori Takezo is a cloudy sake that you can order like a bourbon…but still, drink your age…

Speaking of age and heroes…Adults are pricks sometimes.  It’s Aoba’s welcoming party, so you would think that they would schedule it somewhere she would probably fit in more. I like how Yagami was trying to get her to rush out the door “It’s not nice to keep people waiting”. Boy, they needed to get that drink on. But, I’ve heard that the izakaya is the perfect place to wind down; with drink being the main lubricant to relaxing a rather tense working day in what is probably a very tense working nation…despite being involved in the fun gaming industry. Of course the idea of dating and boyfriends got brought up, but all of them were quick to get the subject changed. NO ONE HAS THE TIME FOR THAT! 

newgame! 02-006

Can handle her liquor…

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We also got an official introduction to Aoba’s phone friend, Nene. She seems to be having a hard time fitting into her new university life. So both of them have plenty of ups and downs to look forward to. As for right now, I think Nene really envies here friend, following her dreams and all. But she shouldn’t feel bad about the solid university route. Nothing wrong with that. Its about the rites of passage this episode. It’s funny how so many of them are made up of past mistakes and future hurdles.


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10 Responses to “New Game! – 02”

  1. Wanderer says:

    New Game? New Show! Hajime & Yun the Rangers of the Moon!

    I’d watch that.

    Of course the idea of dating and boyfriends got brought up, but all of them were quick to get the subject changed. NO ONE HAS THE TIME FOR THAT!

    Also, at present the belief among fans is that everyone in the office is into girls. Several ships have been teased. Nothing confirmed, of course, because nobody actually has time for that sort of thing.


    Never asking leading questions of friends who work at game companies. Even unintentionally implying something can be disastrous for them. Losing their job is probably just the beginning of it.

    • skylion says:

      I’d watch that

      oh, goodness, yes. Producers have got to stop doing this stuff…

      Several ships have been teased. Nothing confirmed

      This is how you do it. Collapsing the waveform means the fun is over for the fans…

      Losing their job is probably just the beginning of it

      I like how Nene assumed Aoba would be arrested. Civil law is much much more unforgiving!

  2. HannoX says:

    I don’t know if it was Mori Takezo, but I’ve had unfiltered sake a couple of times that was cloudy and it was delicious.

    I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this show or not. It’s cute girls (young women actually) doing cute things and occasionally working on a game, but it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. I guess the three episode rule is in effect.

    • skylion says:

      I’ve only had the pleasure of several clear sake, but I’ve never had the chance to develop a range of taste for it; unlike beer, wine, and other sorts of spirits.

      If you don’t like the genre, than I don’t think the rest of the show is going to have much appeal to you. It’s not going to go anywhere else other than this….

      • HannoX says:

        I don’t dislike cute girls doing cute things. I’ve watched a number of those shows. But this one just doesn’t grab me. And I didn’t go into it expecting Shirobako for games. I knew what it’d be so it didn’t disappoint my expectations.

  3. Namaewoinai says:

    CalorieMate Where do I get those…Nah, i could find other alternatives for this…

    Also, Nabe is really good, but i’am not a alcohol drinker…OOPS!
    and Hedgehogs…it’s just like Gerber to me when they want to pet it.

  4. Highway says:

    I thought this was a better episode, it felt like it settled in a lot more, as Aoba settles in to her work.

    And you can complain about “Aoba’s” party not including her as much, but the point was the party, not the flimsy justification. And which of the ‘adults’ are going to go to a party they can’t drink at? It seemed like Aoba had a good enough time, and certainly didn’t have a bad time.

    • skylion says:

      It did feel a bit more lived in, and that’s a pretty good way to progress.

      It seemed like Aoba had a good enough time, and certainly didn’t have a bad time

      So basically you’re saying it’s good they didn’t drive?

  5. shambhu says:

    thanks for nice article

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