Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin – 02

Welcome to the first and worst day of the rest of your life.

spring15-irenesI had been going back and forth on whether I should continue this show episodically, as I liked it a lot, but because of time and the other series I’m covering, I wasn’t sure if I could fit it in. And yet after getting a chance to see second episode, I think I’m pretty much sold. This along with the other Senki of the season, are the most plot-involved series of the ones that I’m reviewing. So it gives me a little more challenge than the others, and what can I say? I’m a sucker for a military strategy epic adventure!

First of all, this episode was much better than the first. While there were still some hiccups here and there involving the pacing and the supporting cast, I can definitely say that I like that they are finding their footing with this series and knowing when and improving with each outing. There are two things at the heart of this story: the characters and the world. The war so far provides a backdrop, but it’s really getting to know these characters and the world that that they are living in that we are concentrating on now.


I find it interesting that while we have two sides to this war effort: the Kioka Republic and the Katjvarna Empire, it’s interesting that our heroes are on the side of the war that we would normally consider in these stories as being the enemy. We haven’t seen much of either side yet, but what we know of the Katjvarna, is not put in a positive light and you almost ask for a second why someone like our main character hasn’t defected yet. An autocratic society that continues war simply because it has nothing better to do, and seems to be pretty harsh to anything that may be considered against the norm, the free-thinking caustic Ikta I would think would chafe at the bit to be able to leave. Could it be for the Lady Igsem, who seems more and more like that childhood friend/elder sister/perhaps romantic interest (?) figure, that he promises to take away from this awful country back in last episode’s flashback?


While some of our main cast still need some more chiseling and defining, we definitely see that we are getting the opportunity for that to happen. However, the one that’s definitely getting the most rapid exploration and development our young main character Ikta Solork aka Ikta Sankrei.

When he first shows up, we are shown many things about him: he’s lazy, he’s a womanizer, he’s very intelligent, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. However, in this episode we were able to go deeper and see past all those things that are very much a veneer.


The man behind the man

This episode had two halves and each side told us different things about our main character. The second half probably revealed the most, the first half was the one that was much more subtle. From it we learn that Ikta is actually quite more mature than his initial behavior would have you think. Unlike many boys his age, he knows exactly what he’s capable of and what he’s not, and he doesn’t waste time on trying to do something that either he knows for sure he can’t do, or that he at least can’t do well. He has no time for bravado, he knows what he’s good at, does it, and trusts others to fill out their roles to the best of their ability. He can do this because he’s extremely well versed in logic and analysis, whether that be a tight situation at gunpoint, or when someone is going to die by exsanguination. With the ability to be able to look at all the pieces and variables in a situation and in no little time at all figure out where all those pieces need to go and how all the variables have to be adjusted in order to get the desired result he seeks.


Interrogations and Subterfuge

And yet, despite this analytic ability that is usually linked to a pretty calm demeanor, for Ikta, that calm and collected look is as much a part of the veneer as anything else. Under all that, he’s actually pretty hot-blooded, emotional, and impatient with those who either can’t see the way he can, or who can–but choose to do things illogically anyway. We saw that with Chamille last week after her outburst and again this week with General Rikan. Hearing Ikta’s argument about what was going on the east region and also hearing Rikan’s reply, I can understand what the young man was trying to say, but I also can understand Rikan’s position and why he did what he did. Doing something illogical or “unscientific” is anathema to Ikta, and so he could not understand the general’s actions and military mindset. I wonder now, how he will be able to adapt now that he is being forced into the military against his will? Where orders will be paramount no matter how illogical or unscientific they may be…


Clash of ideals

The second half of the episode gives us even more insight into who Ikta is and why he thinks and acts the way he does. The son of disgraced but genius war hero turned criminal and a concubine that was given away as a gift, and then being raised and apprenticed to a man known as a blasphemer and traitor because of his ideals and having run away to the opposing side? Yeah, I think our MC is carrying some baggage.


Is this man dead?! …he looks dead.

We find all this out via our princess, who is an interesting balance of mature royal leader-in-training and a slightly bratty preteen. Chamille is another character I find interesting. From her statements regarding the blood of her house, it shows not only that she realizes the corruption and stagnation of her royal lineage, but she also is trying to reform it internally in some way, to not only stop the war, but to fix her country. She’s constantly thinking of the people and she has quite the observant political eye as well. The reason she researched Ikta’s past and had him and his friends made into Imperial Knights, was not simply to boost morale, but also because she sees the man that Ikta could be. A man that potentially could be the hero and leader that her people need, and she’s not about to let him squander it simply because of his personal desires.

The thing is, I think Ikta knows this as well and he’s been doing his darnedest to run away from it all his life. He knows his history, he knows what became of his father, what the war has done to many a military leader. “Dying from overwork” remember?

Ikta knows what he’s capable of if he really tries, and it frightens him.  


Meeting of the minds

Of course Chamille doesn’t stay in that mature vein that I would like her too. She is only a kid after all. So, her reveal of Ikta’s past devolves into a “I know something yooouuu don’t” boasting display, but this time it costs her his goodwill. Anyone can tell you, you don’t talk about a man’s mother like that. Not unless you want to get punched in the face.

I’m pretty sure that if the princess was of lower rank and not a girl and a kid, our main character would not have had as much restraint as he had.


What you just say about my momma?! 

Lastly, I want to comment on how fascinated I am by how they displayed both the Kioka Republic and the Katjvarna Empire in terms of their people and military. It’s rare for both sides in a military drama to be this “human”. Usually there is one side that is clearly made into the enemy, with perhaps a few good apples to make the situation a little more gray. But for both sides to be pretty much on the slightly shadier side of white, with so far the only malevolent force being the heads of the Empire? It actually gives way to a situation that is much more interesting. What is this war about? Why has it gone on this long? How long has it been? All good questions, and I’ll be curious to learn the answers.


A quiet night of celebration, filled with regret.



A good continuation to a series that is trying to build itself up. There was less exposition this time and what was given was done a bit more naturally than in the first episode, so I’m happy the writers are beginning to adjust as the show continues. I’m interested in getting a lot more character from the other three members of the party, and deeper into this war and world as a whole. I also like the science vs religion aspect that is being brought up, and I’m interested in how they will follow that through. As both a scientist and person who is very strong in her faith, I’m interested in the dichotomy they have here. Oh, and we also finally learn what at least half our title means this episode! I guess all these little faeries come from Alderamin? Hopefully next week we’ll get a little bit on how pairing with a fairy works. I know I want one! They are so adorable!



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10 Responses to “Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin – 02”

  1. skylion says:

    One thing to keep in mind about the characteristics of side vis a vie empire and republics. So far as history is concerned, one is a wave, the other is a bubble on said wave.And, overall, not all empires were evil.

    But for fantasy fiction, who are we kidding? That old bag of wind was practically Palpatine!

    But I love this episode for giving us a first hint of the rebellion to come.

  2. Highway says:

    Boy, I loved how they characterized the faeries. The one trying to wake up his dead partner, the way they promised to resurrect them, the whole bit with them. It was just great. I hope they do more with them. I like that they’re not super smart person sidekicks, but they’re more than tools or pets, and deserving of compassion.

  3. zztop says:

    A Japanese blog says the 1st 5 episodes will adapt Vol 1. (Currently there are 9 volumes with a 10th coming soon.) This episode adapted Chp 2 of Vol 1.

    Is this man dead?!…he looks dead.

    The Emperor is described in the novels as “…not yet aged….slightly older than a 40-year old in the prime of manhood. …In spite of that, his bearing gave the impression of an enormous dead tree. The bony fingers of both his hands, his skin whose dryness was varnished over with large quantities of perfumed oil, his blonde hair faded to the ocher that lost both tone and luster, indicated the decline of both his mind and body without attempting to hide anything.

    So I don’t think he’s actually dead, but he is inside.

    • HannoX says:

      The Emperor could be victim of a wasting disease or slow poisoning. Either way it looks like Chamille might be sitting on the throne early. Which could make for a very interesting story with her still a child (for all the maturity she can show she is still a child), trying to end the war but surrounded by advisers all trying to take advantage of her age and manipulate her for their own ends. And some of them would no doubt want the war to continue.

      And of course there’s the Republic. Do they want the war to end? Both sides have to be willing to call a halt for a war to end.

      Then there are our Five. How would they fit into all of this?

      I have no idea if that’s how the story will progress, but I think it could make for a very good direction for it to take.

      • IreneSharda says:

        Is Chamille really next in line to the throne? She said that she’s only Third Princess, so I’m assuming she has other older siblings, unless they died off.

        And if she is the heir apparent, then why the heck was she off on a ship by herself with no guard or anything? She’s only 12, not even adult royals go without some kind of attendant. I’m wondering why she was on that boat in the first place.

        • HannoX says:

          I forgot about her being the third princess. However, since she’s the only one we’ve been introduced to the way these stories normally go she’d end up being the one on the throne if the Emperor dies.

          Why was she on the ship alone without guards or attendants? We only saw her when she almost entered the cabin by mistake and when they tried to put her in the lifeboat. Maybe she had them and the episode just didn’t show them since it was rather rushed trying to introduce the Five and get them and Chamille ashore in enemy territory.

          And if she was on the ship by herself maybe someone in the royal family is trying to get rid of her for some reason. That certainly happened enough in actual history. And if the royal family is the type that tries to eliminate potential rivals for the throne that could leave her on it if the ones that have precedence over her eliminate one another.

  4. Painboy says:

    Ikta gives no fucks.

    I’m digging the world they are making so far. They’ve established in two episodes what most series take an entire season to do.

    It looks more and more like the protagonists are going to be fighting for morally dubious reasons. It was a nice touch with the Republic soldiers they ran into seeming to be stand up guys. It made for some significant tension and dread when you knew they were about to get cut down.

    • HannoX says:

      I disagree that the Republic soldiers were standup guys. They seemed like it at first, but when Ikta mentioned his mother was in the cave one of them made a remark about how much of a woman she was (don’t remember the exact wording) that sounded like they planned to rape her.

      • IreneSharda says:

        Actually in that scene they were injecting some humor and were really being nice. Ikta said his mother was in the cave and then he asked how many of them there were. They told him that it was only three of them, and they alone should be enough to carry her (unless she was a full bodied madam (aka fat)). They were actually expecting to help carry his mother to safety, it had nothing to do with rape or anything like that.

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