1rste Eindrücke – Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei

3rei - lead

The 4ierte time is the charm…

Welcome back for my third time around on this ride. So what did we find going into the biggest story the franchise has to tell?

“I pray that you meet kind people”

3rei 01-001

It’s always Snowing in Ainsworthnotdelphia

I’m happy to say that they didn’t beat around the bush, and leapt straight into the first couple of footfalls on the larger path. They did stick around with the supporting cast of the franchise, but that was included for the sake of continuity, and to show the audience that the girls have a world that loves them, and all that that quality entails. But that was only toward the beginning. As we soon learn, Miyu doesn’t look like she comes from a happy place that supports such shenanigans. So…be it ever so embarrassing, Mimi’s yuri laden misunderstandings are going to look more than endearing sooner than later.

I say, way hey hey, it’s just an ordinary day!

So really, besides catching us up on the relative tone of the last series, and reminding us in the broadest of strokes who everyone was and is, they jumped right into the basics of the plot and the action; a contrast to that is coming! I take it you know who everyone is already, and what the general lay out of this particular spin-off is…if not, then you got some catching up to do. If you need a refresher, I’ve put some links in my introduction. Suffice it to say, much of the hastily issued butt-hurt tossed around last year, about the show not preserving how the manga ended in cliffhanger…is addressed. So let’s move on.

We see them ridin’

One of the things I love about the limo ride to the plot point is how well it brings out the thematic style that very much underscores 3rei; at least going on a few tidbits I’ve gathered from reading the manga. It wasn’t so much that something bad was happening on the mountain – that was the site for the big scary deals last series – but that it was far more normal than it had any right to be. It’s almost like the big manic magical ruckus with Gil didn’t even happen. In other words, something was missing from expectations, and that causes the worry and the investigation. That’s something we’re going to see in Miyu’s character and situation as the story goes on.

“Illya! Please save me”

That was some good fightin’! Click pics for larger images!

So far as the action goes, Silver Link and the massive directorial team manage to out-do themselves. There were some pretty sweet camera swings and match-cuts going on that really made the combat feel layered and dense without crowding everything out. This is good because this fight only needed to serve, again, as a reminder of what had come before, and what is in store. It’s quite refreshing to see a creative team show us what a first episode is for, right? They could even add to the value of the fight and story by giving us a clear indication of what our two new combatants/character were capable of doing both in terms of intent and martial strength. These two are in a much large class, and the entrance to this path is a gate to a much larger, alien-yet-familiar world. So with all that, it looks like we’ve got a new Archer, and a new <I think you can guess who the LOLi is> mixed into the mayhem of Miyu’s kidnapping. I’ll get to proper introductions for these two when the show starts to flesh them out…

Kickstart the plot!

After that it’s off to another world. A barren one at that. We’ll be exploring it as the weeks pass, so I won’t go into it to much right now; but let’s say it’s nearly empty for a bunch of Fate/Esoteric reasons and leave it at that, which is pretty much what the show told us. It’s cold and desolate, point made. So, Illya, left to her own meager devices, searches for something familiar in an unfamiliar and bleak world. I love the touch of Illya’s desperate exploration giving the impression…not only that her home isn’t there, but also that it never had been; again the theme of missing expectations.

3rei 01-010

She doesn’t find home and hearth so many as a whacky itinerant person…

But soon she’s joined by this season’s best competitor for Love Live Sunshine’s Whackaloon Award; that being Tanaka. I’ll not beat around the bush, get used to Tanaka as the guide in this dismal place. She’s a bit all over the map (OK…fair point…she has no map…), and there are reasons behind that. For now, she’s got some limited info, and she’s warm, that’s good enough as far as our lost Illya is concerned. But time, and the ever moving plot, is what happens while she’s making other plans. But that’s for next time, so stay tuned…

3rei 01-011

…or the jagged toothed LOLi will get you!

Fate/Bonus Pics

Show ▼


How much can I say about how much I love this show; that I’ve not already said so many times twice before? Heck, Illya could almost (but not really) replace Shinobu as my main icon here at Metanorn (don’t tell her I said that, she’s bitey!). This is a show that has planted some deep roots into my anime fandom, and has bloomed to something I know well and love, and I’m quite happy to be back covering it week to week.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Sapphire’s long time VA, Miyu Matsuki (such a connected name) and that character’s replacement VA, Yumi Kakazu. There were only a few lines for her this time around, but I felt she did a fine job. I will afirm that it cannot be easy fitting into those “wings”, so the new VA has my support. Also, I’ll mention how much I love that ChouCho is back for the vocals on「Asterism」. It was quite lovely.

I got this from the official Lantis channel, so they shouldn’t bork the link…

3rei is the part of the story many of the fans have been waiting for, and it will probably be a big reward for three previous series worth of investment. It has much more of the Fate part of the equation than it does the Prisma part (well they basically have a magical girls beat the crap out of the monologing nutjobs, so I guess that’s more Prisma? Hell it’s better than Fate/SN/UBW is what I’m trying to say), I’ll say that much. But, as I’ve read the manga, I can say that it still keeps it to Hiroyama’s brevity and impact. I’m really hoping that the anime follows that suit more than anything. This is my Fate of choice, and it’s relative clarity is the biggest reason why…OK, you know I’m lying about that last part. It’s the LOLis….we know that…So, I guess I’ll see you…

3rei 01-012

Oh, him again…

Enjoy the ED before you go…


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24 Responses to “1rste Eindrücke – Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei”

  1. belatkuro says:

    RIP Matsuki Miyu. I teared up a bit when I read about what she was putting up in her blog when she was fighting her disease. I did like the irony of casting Kakazu Yumi as replacement. She was Hisui in the nonexistent Tsukihime anime while Matsuki played Hisui in the other works like Melty Blood and Carnival Phantasm. You could say that the old Hisui replaced the new Hisui for Sapphire.

    At least the didn’t spend much time to bring back the story in the correct rails. Though I still think the reason for how they went back in Mt. Enzou is pretty contrived. The place distorting like that and the bad guys appearing was due to the clash between Gil and Illya. It takes something as big as Ea to wreck space to another world. Having the distortion linger around doesn’t make sense when Ea isn’t around anymore and it sure looks like the enemies aren’t the ones who did it.
    In short, I still don’t like how they ended Herz.

    But that’s that and now we’re back to the manga story. Which I think they will cover a bit fast given the preview. If it wasn’t 12 episodes for this season then it’ll be super rushed which I wouldn’t like. They showed a lot of parts that happen later on which I wanted to be covered properly. We’ll see how the pacing will go from the next episode.

    Prisma collab with FGO when? I’d like to get Caster Illya or Archer Kuro, though with my luck, I wouldn’t be able to get them.

    • skylion says:

      Yes, Matsuki is missed here and elsewhere. I don’t know if they’ll every make another Haiyore! Nyarlko-san, but perhaps Kakazu could replace her Kukko as well. Shimonenta even?

      See, all stories are contrivances. It’s stuff people make up. You want to have a story where Goku beats up Superman, then you make that story up, and you make it up the same way you do every other story, you create story beats. That is the fundamental change from one situation to the next.

      It takes something as big as Ea to wreck space to another world. Having the distortion linger around doesn’t make sense when Ea isn’t around anymore and it sure looks like the enemies aren’t the ones who did it

      See, that is something that someone made up. Ea being able to do this, that or the other thing is a plot detail in service of the story beat; in this context it’s getting Illya from here to there, in another context it’s something else. That is all you have to do. One contrivance is as good as any other so long as the story beat is maintained. The rest is a bunch of crunchy details at minimum.

      As for what happens next, I’ll just keep tuned. I’ve second guessed many times before and have been upset doing so as I feel it’s not a best way to meter expectation. Just let the story tell itself…

      As far as a collab goes? Fan-art is still a thing? I see a bunch of that…

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        At least you are not showing the FGO Shuten Dodgy Doji cosplay one.

        Ea is the solution to everything.

        • skylion says:

          Nah, the Shuten cosplay is just gratuity for the sake of gratuity; it doesn’t really have any taste.

          But Ea is really the dodgy one…

    • BlackBriar says:

      She was Hisui in the nonexistent Tsukihime anime

      Hmmm…. I see you Type-Moon fans are still heavily in denial on that topic. It’s got to be a burden.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      The only person they could pull without doing a mass reauditioning of the role, which I would have prefered. As I mentioned downbelow, at least it’s not Kohaku. The travesity that would be a flat Kohaku…

  2. MR.KLAC says:

    give saw this yet illya in another world earth part of me like don’t be barry allen of the season.

    i know give whole watch the flash s2 with whole multi-verse doing & mention “spoiler” trigger finale.

    part of me wonder if going happen again but iilya version s4 on it?

    • skylion says:

      I don’t think Prisma Illya is going to have a bunch of universes. I’ll go ahead and spoil since I’ve read all the manga so far, and she doesn’t go all Barry Allen/Flashpoint. I think that 3rei will even have a S5…

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Let’s be quick. 4 games are currently occupying most, if not all of my time. Killing aliens, Axis crushing the puny allies, enslaving other aliens and launching rockets are taking priority.

    As expected, the delayed transition from Zwei! to Dreii! leaves something to be desired. Flows much smoother when Hayate and Shana Female Gil and Vita Clone appeared right after the battle and brought back their princess.

    Sapphire slightly sounds flatter than before but luckily for most, it is still Sapphire. Fortunately, Kohaku is still here. God, Kohaku did not sound like Kohaku in that non-existent abomination.

    The OP song is nice; the animation (for it and in general) could use improvement. Suspicion is that Silver Link is stretching itself thin. Still would buy BDs so that Illya would not have to resort to pimping herself out.

    From the OP, this will cover exactly 29 chapters. Because it is the only logical way to end it. Fans of Drei!! Deux would have to contend with more SoL in any future season. This also sets it up nicely to either i) close the anime series or ii) more SoL and naked Kuro and Illya in baths and handmedown pajamas. Errata there.

    Also, human parts apparently sell well next week. And now, onto the rest of the FIs.

    • skylion says:

      As for the flow, I talked about that last year and have to admit the whole process is getting to be a hell of a chore to explain. The broke it down to resolve a television series…which isn’t a manga….case closed.

      The new VA for Sapphire will probably be fine, if fans stop being tedious wankers about it…

      I agree, that OP needs some work in smoothness of deliver. It might be a style choice to underline how crazy it’s gonna get, but that’s a weak tea answer, I’ll admit. I don’t honestly see how you can get that Silver Link is stretch thin from that but fans to like to wag chins unnecessarily sometimes.

      From the OP last year, and it’s hints of Alt!Shirou, Herz! should have dipped into 3rei’s storyline. But didn’t. OP builds moods, not exacting hints…I think 3rei has a large enough story to cover two 10 episode series, but that’s just a surface guess. I don’t think it needs the filler from last year, but we’ll have to see.

      More tastefully naked Kuro, Illya, and Miyu is always welcome in form of OVAs. Of all the writer’s posts around here you can admit it in mine!

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        If you read that far, you’d realise the depth of the cancelled comment.

        12 + Show ▼

        PS. KoGil is in contention of replacing Illya as my top character! Rank A+ Charisma~!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    4th season start and it already jumps into the action. A good sign. According to Type-Moon chatter, 3rei!! is the most highly regarded arc for the Prisma Illya franchise, so I expect to be thoroughly entertained.

    Obviously, Illya got sent to the world Miyu apparently originated from. Though it begs to question if it’s her alone or did the others got caught as well and scattered about. Then there’s the two kidnappers. I guess the reason they took so long to get Miyu is because they don’t know their way around Illya’s world and wanted to move discreetly.

    Heck, Illya could almost (but not really) replace Shinobu

    Traitor…. You disgust me… I’d sell you out just to see you get the retribution you so rightly deserve!

    Ruby needs to be under surveillance. Those who correct themselves after almost calling someone their toy are not to be trusted. I immediately recalled Maria saying the same of Kurumi in Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 2.

    It’s not an exact match but Yumi Kakazu makes for an acceptable choice in taking over Sapphire’s role after hearing the late Miyu Matsuki for the previous three seasons. The slight difference is Kakazu’s voice for Sapphire is much deeper. Yet it’s still possible to make a positive character ID just by their voice.

    Side note:

    *sees over 10000 comments*

    Hey! What are you doing on my hill top?! *reaches for a metal pipe* Get back down! Down, down, down, down, down! 😉

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Swaps out Shinobu for Illya. 😛

    • skylion says:

      This first episode established the size of the stories’ shape, later on we’ll fill that in. So lots of your suppositions will get be addressed sooner rather than later…

      Again, as far as the VA for Sapphire goes, it’s one of those things that I fully support fans expressing themselves, but with decorum. I can’t say it’s flat or not, she barely had two lines this time around, but it’s fine. Please, let’s continue to be gentlemen and ladies…

      As for whom I support. I’m a writer here, it’s natural for me to support two characters. Would you call Fosh a traitor to the Railgun when he has Ika’s colors? Nope, you wouldn’t dare.

  5. thorgriim says:

    It’s a strange thing how someone I never met can make me get a little teary eyed, and I’ve only know her voice from only 2 series, Fate Kaleid and Haiyore both in which ive enjoyed hearing. Matsuki Miyu, you will be missed!

    This episode just left me wanting more, like right now! “heavy breathing(gots to know more!) I don’t wanna read the manga just yet, though I could start with the first 2 or something hehe. Not much to add really, I enjoyed this episode, right off the bat we are droped right into another world rather than wait around for a few episodes to get to this point. horrYay for auto-skip! anyways Can’t wait for more! I hope it’s as fun, loliness and awesomesauce as you guys sorta make it? seem? =D so much has happened and so many questions, that I somewhat might already guessed it?!

    jagged toothed LOLi was pretty intens-ly entertaining! a drawing of her is a must!(maybe), and archer/gil? which ever seemed kinda cool! This show can’t throw enough LOLi’s my way! on that note I am very interested in the blonde girl for some reason, (I gots to know who she is) Also this new world we’re in! is there an evil Illya or is it miyu thats the illya of this world?! XD

    Which ever the case, I’ll make my residencey here in the comment section for this series! so Take care of me Skylion-senpai!~

    • skylion says:

      OK, you can read maybe two chapters at most, Okay?

      I’ll be here, look forward to seeing you again.

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