Big Order – 08

big order 8001

Food fixes everything

Big Order is not as good as Mirai Nikki and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is not as good as Attack on Titan.  The struggle for determining a formula to know which anime will be good before they air continues…

I like Big Order when it goes full-fledged hammy with an extra side of cheese. The whole concept of this show has become so ridiculous that I’ve grown to look forward to what mishap we’ll bear witness to each week – such as pregnancies coming and going. The past 2 episodes have taken away a lot of that much needed silliness, leaving nothing but serious attempts at a proper shounen battle show. And as much as Big Order tries, it’s not clever enough to do anything seriously (aside from being serious about being goofy, which is an entirely different thing).

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Part of what dragged this episode down for me was that Sena was essentially the main character for all of it, and she isn’t exactly interesting. Her sudden, dangerous streak last week seems like it happened eons ago, as her base personality is still rather bland and meek. She’s just not very exciting. In a shocking turn on events, Rins has become rather boring as well. It’s like she’s been declawed. Now that her revenge isn’t within her reach since Eiji is so far away, her hatred has dimmed. That anger towards Eiji was her entire character, and taking that away leaves her as an empty shell. Now she hardly even talks about him, and instead just goofs off eating food with Sena. Yawn.

Sena’s big plan to clear her brother’s name also didn’t really pan out well. She tried to use a media broadcast to make everything hear how Eiji wasn’t at fault for destroying Japan, but that backfired. I mean, obviously. The guy’s power is to dominate people and Sena has had a big, shining cross stuck in her eye for quite a while now. You’d think she’d be a little more aware that her actions could be easily manipulated at any moment. Still, it was a valiant effort, and I think just about any plan would have failed considering the opponent she’s up against. It’s just kind of boring that after all that fuss and so much screentime devoted to the build-up to the interview and the interview itself that the status quo is the same: everyone still hates Eiji. What’s the point then?

big order 8004

The bath scene censoring sunbeam strikes again!

The more interesting (read: less boring) part of the episode is watching Eiji barge in to save Sena. He gets his arm cut off (AGAIN) as well as his leg, and ends up not saving his sister at all. However, he somehow manages to prove his worth as a heroic idiot through all this. Controlling his severed limbs using his Order was a pretty badass moment, I will admit. Unfortunately, that means he has to be nursed back to health, which also means that Iyo is there to make babies with him when he wakes up. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iyo and the way she effortlessly brings in some soap opera-tier drama to the mix! It’s just creepy the way she always forces herself onto Eiji just so she can have her own child.

I don’t have much else to say about this one. Sena and Rin have become too dull to really comment on. Eiji is a raging siscon who acts on his ideals, so there’s not much else to him. Everyone else is just weird as fuck or painfully normal. 2 episodes left, and I have no idea how on earth they’re going to try and end this. We still haven’t seen that guy from episode one who is literally a plank of wood in a suit! There’s still hope for us all, I suppose…

big order 8005

I think this one needs to go through the first aid course again



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10 Responses to “Big Order – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    The show is so much better when it damns the logic and just embraces the insanity. They clearly know how to have fun, but darn it, they can’t seem to get rid of the last bit of brain in their collective skulls.

    I can see where they wanted to go with Sena, trying to make her power play a bite more than she could muster, all in service of making her brother abandon all other plan to save her, thus making his fall and rise that much better. But it comes off way to clumsy, doesn’t it? Ah well, it doesn’t take total enjoyment away from the spectacle.

    Next time I fight a bunch of guys with swords, who just so happen to dismember all my limbs. I’m gonna still fight and take their swords, and use those swords to pin my limbs back on and fight more. With swords! Cause I took, like, all of them!

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s running low on insanity lately too! Almost made up for it at the end though, but not quite.

      It would have been possible to really do something interesting with Sena, but yes, it was way too clumsy. They might have time to redeem her though! Maybe.

      Haha sounds like a solid plan. Swords is the solution to all problems!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Respect to Sena. She played the game with ferocity and a plan but in the end, you can’t beat an underhanded snake on his own turf without an ace in the hole.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Food fixes everything

    Would someone tell the creators stop trying to steal Shokugeki no Soma‘s thunder?

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Big Order is not as good as Mirai Nikki and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is not as good as Attack on Titan.

    For the first two, at this point, comparing them is a very grave sin. For the latter two, it’s counterproductive and killing it for you because you’re bothering yourself to even compare them at all.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Spammy problem.

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