Mayoiga – 06


Hey, at least his shipment finally arrived.

In making this post, I found that all of my screencaps were flashbacks or people running from things. …Though I suppose that was the majority of the episode anyways.

Wow, where do I even begin with this episode? Things got weirder. Mitsumune’s kidnapping team certainly experienced a lot of things. Some of the past experiences seemed more brutal than others, but I guess it’s nice that there was a variety of things that traumatized the characters into searching for a new life. All of it is psychological from the characters whose backstories we’ve seen, and I guess it gives more insight to the characters seeing if they were traumatized by boob implants, or from being bullied and shot at right under a bee hive. This makes what Maimai saw make more sense though, since she seems to be held down with her past with her ex.

Though with the bus driver, it’s interesting that where everyone else seems really scared of whatever they see, his vision of his daughter doesn’t seem that malicious at all. Instead of being frightening she seemed normal, and he was the one chasing her. Though maybe that doesn’t mean a lot, since Yottsun didn’t seem too disturbed when he disappeared (according to what we were shown anyways), but he seems to have died regardless.


A large portion of the episode was just showing a bunch of character’s backstories, which kind of explained a lot about the character’s personalities that we’ve already seen. Mikage seems like the keikaku doori type, but his urge to be on top seems even more driven in Nanakimura due to his past failure that was shown. Why Nyanta loves guns so much was kind of addressed (though you would think that maybe after the bullies shot at her, she wouldn’t want to touch them or something like that). Jigoku… likes the army and survival a lot, I guess.


Lovepon’s life seemed pretty sad. Though of course, her reaction of wanting to execute everyone for anything is pretty extreme and she should still probably be locked up more than Jack. Though Lovepon’s whole family seemed like it had issues. The father obviously was awful for leaving them in debt, but what kind of mother expects their adolescent daughter to save her when she seemed capable of saving herself? She was just running from her problems and throwing everything on Lovepon. Though seeing how Lovepon is in Nanakimura, she seems to have maybe run away herself.

Though with all of these really specific things happening, it’s clear that whatever is going on is targeting the individual’s fears. …As Koharun explained at the end of the episode when finally explaining the song. It probably would have been better if she had bothered to explain this to everyone before weird things started happening so they maybe could have planned around it (or you know, not argued as much and blamed people who clearly weren’t involved), but following the usual horror movie logic, the explanations only come in after everyone is royally screwed/deeply involved. Masaki’s case was another thing Koharun probably should have mentioned earlier, but didn’t.

Is she really a ghost though? She came on the bus with everyone else, and she seems corporal since she threw up on the bus driver on the first episode. She did try to tell Mitsumune something in the last episode, but it seems like the reveal about Masaki was maybe just a cliffhanger to create interest for the next episode. If she really is a ghost that holds all of the answers and people can get them out of her, that kind of ruins the whole “mystery” part a little early considering that we’re only halfway in. …Or if they try to draw that confrontation out for another half of a season, things are going to get really tedious.


Whatever the case though, it seems like even in groups, whatever is happening to the characters is going to happen. So much for safety in numbers. Maybe it only works in small groups though, since Maimai was only in the cave with Nyanta when they encountered whatever they saw, and the kidnapping team was pretty small and separated fast. The group that tried to leave still heard the noises when they were walking around, but nothing seems to have approached them during that time. I’m sure they’ll address this later though.

There were kind of answers this episode as to what everyone was seeing in the previous episodes. Though maybe not the eye Mitsumune encountered, since it doesn’t really share features with the penguin we’re seeing now. But of course, this explains nothing about why they’re seeing these things. Or what Masaki has to do with anything. …Or why Koharun decided to travel to a village with such a creepy folk song attached to it (by mysterious email instructions no less). Though I suppose for most horror movie plots to happen, the people have to have the right mix of curiosity and stupidity to get involved in the first place…

…But more than anything, I just can’t get over how Jigoku was being chased around the forest by a boob implant. Sure, it was scary with the mechanical legs and all, but man this show is ridiculous. …Though surprisingly, the CG aspect didn’t seem too out of place here for me, since it made it jiggle really fluidly which was interesting to watch and made it more obvious that it was silicone.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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12 Responses to “Mayoiga – 06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Mostly a flashback episode but fulfilling in getting us to understand this collection of misfits. Lovepon and Nyanta have backstories I’m sympathetic with the most since they’re understandable. The former is one forced to tolerate a scumbag taking advantage of her mother and the latter is a lonely girl who wanted to get back at her tormentors.

    So as far as one can tell, Nanaki Village is on grounds where people’s personal demons manifest. However, whatever Mitsumune’s seeing leaves a big question mark. I wonder, though. If those are simply illusions to induce insanity or can they actually touch the one they’re tormenting.

    Koharun is nowhere being subtle singing that creepy song out of the blue around already disturbed group members. If I were there and she did that, my reasons for trusting her would diminish.

    Overall, still enjoying the creepy atmosphere. Masaki allegedly being a ghost, along with previous happenings make it more and more apparent something supernatural is going on. We’re still no closer to finding out who lured everyone out there. So hopefully we’ll finally get clarity.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Or why Koharun decided to travel to a village with such a creepy folk song attached to it (by mysterious email instructions no less).

    I’ll bet the day Koharun got and read the e-mail, every warning bell in her brain went off. But what was caution must have quickly turned into curiosity and it took over when she was provided with her missing pieces. Curiosity killed the cat, people.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      Or, secretly Koharun is just as if not more insane then the other people that came on this trip :O. Jks aside though, those guys all have quite crappy traumatic pasts esp Nyanta and Lovepon.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Who let the Daemonia loose?

  4. Highway says:

    Mikage has been my most disliked character for a while, and this episode sure didn’t do him any favors in my eyes. He’s been the most unreasonable person this side of Lovepon (who is just a whackaloon), and while it’s too bad that his screwup cost him so much, it was his screwup. He just seems to want to take everything out on everyone else.

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy in general for the Axis of Idiocy (Mikage, Nyanta, Jigoku, and Lovepon). First, you can’t “make” anyone talk. Second, I think Mitsumune is really just as feckless as he looks. And “Let’s just leave him to die in a fire” is just a forfeiture of humanity. So screw those guys.

    Of those four, I thought that Lovepon’s backstory was probably the most tragic. She didn’t ask for any of that, and ending up abused by some low-life priest isn’t a nice life. She’s just ended up retreating into her mantra, and she’s not even someone who could execute anyone. She’s like a fire: fascinating to watch, dangerous to be around, indiscriminate.

    • Karakuri says:

      Axis of Idiocy. I love it. And yes, screw those guys.

      I do think Lovepon is dangerous in the sense that her mindset of panicking over everything doesn’t exactly help tense situations when the rest of the group can be easily influenced. Of course, some characters have a better head on their shoulders than others, but overall, they’re pretty much all idiots and Lovepon doesn’t help.

  5. skylion says:

    At this point, I’m wondering how much Okada and Mizushima is just messing with us in the most absurd fashion they can get away with.

    These backgrounds were just barely coming out as trite and overused. Just stock “tragic” backgrounds with the names of our characters slapped on.

    Is Okada having it out with her detractors, essentially corralling all of these sorts of overly dramatic backstories into one place and having them kill each other off? Is there a voting mechanism for the fanbase, to have our favorite come out ahead? Or is she laughing at the audience, as well?

    I guess I’ll keep going one more episode…

  6. Overcooled says:

    Silicon boobs were the monster all along…

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