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Back with our crystallish anime of this season! Although three episodes have passed already, not much happened due to the pace of the episode, so I’m not going to write much here.



After episode 3, we were presented with the existence of Ignauts right away. What are they? They are rebels. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Except they’re not cool. Despite of the rebel title they have, I don’t see like rebel-ish actions in them. I don’t see the other rebels. Yes, they did say that they are lacking in members, but the absence of other members make their actions look like child’s play. Moreover, they were ambushed easily, showing the lack of experience they have (which contradicts Demetrio’s character). Are they actually rebels or rebels in training? I don’t even know anymore.

Anyhow, the rebels have a main group consisting of four people. They are Demetrio, Felix, a woman who is half Zoozian, and another girly guy who can see the future. Not much is said about the latter two, but the audience were given a brief but time-consuming flashbacks on Demetrio and Felix. That’s why I remember their names, teheh.

Demetrio // The leader of the Ignauts, he is a noble who decided to abandon his way of living after his Zoozian friend was murdered by… humans kicking on him? I am no doctor, and I don’t like to make negative assumptions, but I was surely surprised since this is the first time I see a character dying because of being kicked. Well, maybe he was kicked so bad on his head he got a concussion. Anyway, seeing the injustice happening under the King’s rule, he decided to become a rebel. Quite a cool guy, with his reasoning and personality and all. He has a calm yet relaxed attitude, showing the amount of experience he has under his belt. Very logical and always think one step ahead too. Despite of his reasoning that still seems ridiculous for me (due to its presentation), Demetrio’s leadership ability was depicted perfectly in this anime. Which is weird, seeing how the Ignauts were easily ambushed and scattered under the leadership of Demetrio. So much for your charismatic personality.


Felix // The silver-haired knight, he is the all-power-but-no-brain person of the group. It’s not like he has no brain, it’s because he has this thinking that he’s going to follow Demetrio no matter what, thus the lack of leadership traits within him. Demetrio was the one who saved him from the harsh world of the street after all, so no wonder he sees Demetrio as his god.

Emilio, Shun, and Alicia

What about the rest of the characters? Well, Shun is given little or no attention at all with the exception of girly guy’s prediction of the future. Alicia is finally given some background story. Turned out she is Emilio’s friend who has the biggest crush on him. It’s also explained why she is persistent with Emilio. She saw the old Emilio, the non-emo Emilio who wasn’t pissed off at everything. She wants that Emilio back too, so no wonder she keeps following Emilio.


The highlight, however, is definitely Emilio’s character. Finally, Finally, he goes through some development. Instead of thinking with his emotions, he is thinking with his brain. Demetrio’s existence and question sure did shook him up. After all Demetrio’s question indirectly questions Emilio’s sense of responsibility. Will he take the throne if the king is dead? Even if he does, can he be a great leader just like Demetrio? Surely Emilio didn’t think that far ahead, showing the inexperienced and immature side of him despite of his “adult-ish” attitude. Moreover, Pascal tells Emilio to validate the truth about the murder, making Emilio hesitant and sees the “childish” reasoning he has. So yes, overall, Emilio’s character is slowly improving. Will this change the whole point (which is overthrowing the king) of this anime? No, it will not, but it’s definitely going to be more than just a mere revolution, seeing how they slip Emilio thinking about the future without Delzaine. There’s also the whole Warp Particle issue too, so some conspiracy is definitely happening right now.

Despite of the pacing, episode 3-5 were pretty good. I really like the highlight on Emilio and is starting to appreciate Alicia’s existence. The different perspectives from other characters were also helpful, as they indirectly shows the state of Endora under King Delzaine’s rule. Unfortunately, the flashbacks slow things down, giving little progress for the story. Three flashbacks in a row is kind of overwhelming too. Nevertheless, they helped the audience at seeing different sides of the characters. I see that the story is slooooooowwwlyyyyy moving in a better direction, and now they just need to execute it better. And better animation, please.

Preview: More about Alicia?



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7 Responses to “Endride – 04 – 06”

  1. zztop says:

    Although three episodes have passed already, not much happened due to the pace of the episode.

    Pacing is right – a tortoise would move faster than the pacing. Compare to Kuromukuro’s 1st 5 episodes, where quite a few things have been covered (namely the ancient MC adapting to modern life, and a bit on the ancient aliens).

    • BlackBriar says:

      Without a doubt Kuromukuro’s pacing is faster while at the same time steady enough to give acceptable coverage and show more appeal. The difference between that and Endride is huge and it’s even more baffling knowing both series are confirmed two cours.

      Endride: 25 episodes
      Kuromukuro: 26 episodes

    • anaaga says:

      I haven’t watched Kuromukuro, but I think we were already given enough coverage about Endride in episode 1-3 (plus sceneries), and delzaine’s rule in episode 4-6 through the flashbacks. So for the basic coverage, we have it already. But for the whole revenge plot thing, I’m with you

  2. Alexandre Martins says:

    It’s easy to die from being kicked. Kicking can rupture internal organs, and if you’re not treated, you can hemorrhage to death.

    • anaaga says:

      Maybe I need to rephrase it – the unrealistic amount (or maybe none at all) of injuries make it seem unbeliveable, it’s as if he was only lightly kicked. There is also the lack of blood which makes it questionable (though it is understandable if it airs on prime time). Although he was seriously injured, the depiction of his injured state says the opposite

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I’ve yet to watch episodes 04 – 06 but from what I’ve read on the post, very little has transpired throughout, a notion I find discouraging. So from here, I’m deciding to leave this series altogether. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be inclined to give it another chance when all the episodes are available. Because if the story’s this slow and uninteresting, it hardly merits a binge watch, much less a weekly one. So a 6 month following only to be left with dissatisfaction is definitely out of the question.

    There are more appealing series this season like Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Joker Game, Re: Zero, Bungou Stray Dogs, Sousei no Onmyouji and Kuromukuro that have earned my attention and time.

    • anaaga says:

      I am actually interested at continuing this series. I am genuinely interested in it. I guess it’s all about tolerance and preference

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