Big Order – 06

Okay, who let someone from Yuri Kuma Arashi escape to this show?

 Is the Order a rabbit? This week there’s no Rin and all Iyo, which is fine by me. She doesn’t get pregnant this time around but she certainly does try!

Since Rin is busy being willingly kidnapped, it’s up to Iyo to fill the void of the sidekick trying to get into Eiji’s pants. The results are surprisingly pleasant, as Iyo makes for much better company than Rin. At first I couldn’t help but sigh at what seemed like another date episode right after the stilted one with Rin. However, Iyo’s affections for Eiji at least make slightly more sense. Instead of a complex love-hate relationship, Iyo simply fell in love with Eiji since she’s been desperate for marriage and Eiji was probably the first boy to ever treat her nicely. There’s also the whole thing where he got her pregnant for a moment, which is one hell of a way to bond with someone. Iyo is earnest and straight-forward, and her interactions with Eiji are much more satisfying since it feels like the two are making genuine progress towards getting to know each other better. With Rin, any and all progress can be erased at the drop of a hat since she falls in rabid frenzies of hatred at the slightest trigger. It’s a pointless cycle. But with Iyo, there’s hope (so of course they’re gonna kill her at some point, I’ll bet.).


Another great date idea, Eiji

The episode does start off poorly though. It’s Iyo’s big chance to shine in her own episode without Rin and all she can think about is marrying Eiji and popping out babies in this situation. No other input about her life, desires, and dreams outside of wearing a white dress. She’s not even thinking about an actual feeling of love half the time, she’s just so focused on that end goal of marriage and kids. It’s kind of scary. It was only when they met Kamimusubi (after some unfortunate stripping which once again takes the escalation of their relationship VERY OUT OF ORDER) and started acknowledging each other directly that I really got into the two working together in a way I didn’t feel with Rin.


The light…it’s too blinding…!!!

Eiji and Iyo work well as one unit akin to the predictions in Mirai Nikki. In fact, Iyo’s power is exactly that – a future diary that gives her predictions. The downside to it is that she’s not physically strong enough to be able to do anything about knowing where the ball will be, so that has to be up to Eiji. However, Eiji needs to have these predictions communicated to him, and that takes time. They go through several different plans until they somehow manage to distract Kamimusubi with Eiji’s avatar. It’s a pretty dumb plan, to be honest. The king of dumb plans has to be their next move, which involves fusing their avatars together by wishing for the same thing. This is where the episode got really, really good (and by that, I mean really, really bad).

I’m still not sure I didn’t hallucinate this, but out of nowhere a guy on a surfboard surfs his way into the cave by controlling water and attacks everyone with a harpoon. The designs and concepts of Orders really know no bounds. So of course, this is the perfect time to reveal a brand new component of Orders that has never even been hinted at before – they can fuse together. Or rather, Iyo’s avatar becomes an “add-on” to Eiji’s, because we can’t have any doubts at who is pulling the most weight here. If Eiji isn’t the hero, the whole power fantasy thing falls apart, afterall! Anyways, the two manage to ward off the diver using air pressure, future predictions, and an improvised FISH GUN. Eiji may not be able to control water (although air, another of the 4 elements, seems to suit him just fine), but he can still control sentient beings such as fish. Truly a highlight of the series. I don’t know how things can possibly go up from here.



This means that in the future, Eiji can potentially fuse with other Orders. It’s an interesting concept, although kind of useless considering each Order generally has an overpowered ability that doesn’t require any other boosts.  It only becomes applicable here because Iyo’s ability is more of a support one instead of the usual ones like “I can destroy literally anything I touch”. Just look at the next guy who pops up – a man who can cut anything through dimensions. He uses this to kill Kamimusubi so Sena has a smaller chance of being cured, which basically means Eiji is going to wage war against them. Otherwise, the next time he finds someone to help Sena, she’ll just be cut to ribbons again.

Big Order is moving forward with some hectic ideas. Eiji has to conquer Japan…but he also has to save Sena…and he has to get Rin back…and he has to find out what the fuck is up with his dad suddenly being the final boss of the show. All this combined with Orders being used in new ways every episode. It’s not like Stands in Jojo, which have very defined rules, but can be used creatively in different situations. Orders can pretty much do whatever the writer says they can do at a given moment. That’s why fusion suddenly barged its way into the picture. With only 10 episodes total, I’m curious to see what other crazy way Eiji dominates others using his Order. Better get my popcorn ready.


RIP diver guy. If only we had more time to get to know you…



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6 Responses to “Big Order – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, along with fanservice, I wish they would ground that with other facets of character, as there really are few excuses these days. So yeah, not saying it can’t be there, but at least give the character other access points to the story other than being MC Toy Episode 3 and 6, right?

    I almost think it’s better that we don’t know the limits of the Orders. Well, it’s better in terms of the show I’m watching, at least. They’re Get Out of Jail Free cards for the writer. I think we can all agree they horde those on this show, and then binge spend.

    FISH GUN!!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      It is kind of sad that a character is only defined by their relationship to Eiji…it’s like they have no other defining traits. I’d like a little more depth too…

      Ah, I see what you mean. More room for crazy moments and escalation later on for this kind of show. Very true!

      • skylion says:

        Well for the Order’s I think it’s best used as a Get Out of The Hole I Wrote Myself Into….but only if it is going to move the plot forward. I mean, that’s the reason the sonic screwdriver exists in Doctor Who…move the plot forward, can’t do wood…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Okay, who let someone from Yuri Kuma Arashi escape to this show?

    I not only thought of Yuri Kuma Arashi but that also seems like a sentence you’d find reading a hentai manga.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    An episode a little lower on the absurdity meter (not much) and mostly focused on Iyo. It works enough. I do feel sorry for Iyo, though. Poor thing. She does everything possible to get Eiji’s attention and what he does is keep talking about Rin, another girl, in front of her face. No way that isn’t discouraging.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      XD man yeah I was shaking my head so much. Eiji kept talking about how IF it was Rin she wouldn’t be troubled by all this hardwork. He was phrasing it in a nicer way but the msg was pretty clear, “Iyo you’re a burden, I would be nice if I didn’t have to escort you” and that’s pretty harsh.

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