Big Order – 05

big order 5003

When you try to make up for accidentally killing her parents by buying her food.

I remember the good old days of episode one. Big Order certainly had a bit (ok a lot) of senselessness then, but it still carried the ghost of a promise to become a competent piece of entertainment. Now Big Order is the equivalent of eating a whole box of mint oreos at 2am – nothing but momentarily satisfying junk food that you regret consuming immediately. Mint oreos aren’t even the good kind either. u_u

I get some strange kick out of seeing just how far this show sinks every week. Or perhaps it is remaining the same and my optimism and complete faith in humanity is what has been corroded over time. Whatever the case is, Big Order is completely stubborn on being the show everyone laughs at. Even more depressing, it’s not being hailed as the “so bad it’s good” show of the season despite these efforts, with Mayoiga firmly stealing that crown for itself, at least based on what I see anibloggers saying on Twitter. Big Order isn’t even good at being bad. So yes, Big Order is a Big Mess, but these messes do give me quite a bit to talk about…

big order 5001

(NOTE: If you’re desperate to see what you missed in the bath scene, it starts in the manga at the end of chapter 10. However, it looks like the anime decided it would be better to make it longer and include extra boob grabbing scenes…like…a lot more)

The episode starts off with content we don’t even get to see. It’s all rays of sunshine and blinding white censor bars barring access from any fanservice. It’s a shame because at least if I was distracted by actual boobs and not a completely white screen, I wouldn’t have to focus on the horrible dialogue. To no one’s surprise,  everyone who came in contact with Eiji is still thirsty as hell for him – but now we have to hear it explicitly stated. Iyo wants him and Rin contemplates being his wife. I’ll give Kagekiyo some credit for not swooning for him, but instead she seems to be completely submissive to Rin. Last week she was ready to kill everyone with a nuclear missile out of pure hatred, and now she’s treating Rin like a big sister. This is such a huge change in character I don’t know how they thought they’d get away with it and not explain anything.

Kind of like the way Iyo just stopped being pregnant and they glazed over it with the line “oh, the baby disappeared”??????


I was looking forward to that baby so much. I was practically buying cribs and lovingly dog-earing pages of baby name books. How dare they take this baby away from me when it was the highlight cliffhanger of the show? At least follow through with your horrible plot twists, Big Order!

big order 5000

Just look at all the fucks she doesn’t give (thanks for suggesting the screencap, skylion)

On the bright side, now that Eiji is not a teenage dad caring for his lovechild, that gives him complete freedom to go on a date with Rin. Wait, no, that’s the opposite of a bright side – it is a dark blight that brings nothing but sadness. I’ve complained about Rin flip-flopping between her emotions and motives before, and this episode truly exemplifies that. Rin blushes and squeals at the concept of having an indirect kiss via sharing soda with the man who slaughtered her entire family.

I’m sure the author would wave their hands and say “that’s how Eiji’s domination Order works!” but that doesn’t make it any less cringeworthy. It’s so cheap to make her fall for him just because he literally told her too, and it demeans any real agency Rin has as a character since all her actions are partially dictated by what Eiji has planted in her head. Rin has no real reason outside of this Order bullshit to be even remotely close to having a crush on Eiji at this point in the story, and yet here she is, completely infatuated with him.

big order 5004

The lovey-dovey date is cut short by the introduction of a new Order – Eiji’s father – who can apparently cancel out Eiji’s commands. Also, headphones. If you can’t hear your master barking orders, I guess you can’t follow them. It seems like a simplistic solution, especially since Eiji can command air pressure and gravity…and I’m pretty sure those “things” do not have ears to listen to these orders. Anyways, the addition of his father wasn’t a completely horrible plot twist, because it is interesting to see Eiji try and beat an Order who wields the exact same ability as him.

big order 5008

In a shocking turn of events, someone not voiced by Yuki Kaji loses a hand

Unfortunately, it also means a ton of melodrama is incoming as Eiji realizes who his father is. There’s also going to be some friction with Sena, most likely. For example, they check Sena’s Order compatibility to see if she would also inherit an Order like Eiji, but her rating is low since she’s not biologically related to him. However, I’ll bet you anything she ends up having an ability anyways just for the hell of it. That’s all I’ll talk about for Sena, conveniently side-stepping the scene where Eiji straddles her and she wraps her legs around his hips on a bed before the scene fades away. Yes. Let’s not discuss that one.

So all in all, Big Order is somehow getting even more ridiculous over time. I can’t analyze the characters because their personalities change with the wind, and half of the time the plot is so hare-brained that I don’t even want to recall what they’re passing off as a story. It’s pretty embarrassing. I really miss Mirai Nikki.

…And yet, I’m still watching and can’t peel my eyes away. Oh god, there’s something wrong with me, isn’t there?

big order 5002

If he can turn truths into lies, can’t he just rule over Japan by making it true?




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15 Responses to “Big Order – 05”

  1. zztop says:

    I wonder more than ever what the mangaka was thinking when he wrote Order. It’s like he’s throwing everything on the proverbial wall to see what sticks there.

    • skylion says:

      Actually the manga feels a bit more polished than the show…it has a bit more brevity and it a fairly quick, guilty pleasure sort of read in some respects. This adaptation looks to be stumbling around trying to stretch it out…

      • Overcooled says:

        When I was bumbling around looking for the bath scene in the manga, I noticed it seemed a lot more fast-paced as well. The golem vs nuke thing was over so fast, and without as much moping from Kagekiyo. Also, the art looks goofier in the manga whereas the anime is going for a more serious thing. That was just from the one chapter I flipped through though.

        …and yeah, I wonder what the mangaka was thinking sometimes too

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s official. In the contest to determine which is the most ludicrous, Big Order beats Mirai Nikki/Future Diary by a land slide.

      • skylion says:

        …then it buries you in that landslide, pulls you out again, tosses you into avalanche, and demand you bring it a cold drink, “since you’re out”.

  2. skylion says:

    All due respect, I’m going to have to disagree, OC. Mayoiga is pretty much an unfinished experiment, so there is no telling if it’s bad or good yet. But it is trying the patience.

    But, Big Order takes the cake. I genuinely feel the creators believe they are making the best show that’s ever been made. This attitude transcends So Bad it’s Good. It’s So Horrible it’s Awesome!

    I mean, extending the bath-house scene is a no-brainer for the anime, you have to add value. But! Holy Cow! So much Sunbeam-chan! She pretty much wants you to buy the BD. That’s the very thing that pushes into the horrible/awesome territory.

    I think it’s by design that every girl has a thirst for Eiji. That really does feel like an idiot boy with a sister complex and his attempts at using a super power cheat to get them to like him. It’s sloppy, and very over-cooked. Horrible!

    And of course it’s his dad! Why wouldn’t it be? No groundwork laid down in earlier episodes, hardly a mention of his parents. Horrible!

    I mean, why show Iyo’s baby? When you can just forget about it!? So Horrible!

    LOL. I’ll stop there.

    That image of Daisy is priceless isn’t it. How does she sit on that saddle like that? No effs give for animation!

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m basing my crowning of Mayoiga of the so bad it’s good status based on what I’ve seen twitter say. And no one has said anything about big order on my feed at all because everyone dropped it after the pregnancy episode (or sooner).

      Haha, a new label for Big Order. They really tried so hard to combine romance, action, superpowers and edginess into one show…I don’t know how well the BDs will sell, but I think they reallllly needed to throw in some last minute fanservice to at least try and get some people to buy it.

      Yeah, there was no clue (unless I missed it) leading us to think Eiji’s father or anyone in his family had anything to do with…well..anything. I’m not even sure if they know how parents and babies work based on how they just got rid of Iyo’s baby??? Maybe it’ll be back for revenge later somehow. I don’t even know.

      The head tilt mixed with her weird saddle pose makes for a perfect picture.

      • skylion says:

        Ah, we don’t need twitter, just our weird shows and our own weird eyes!!!

        • Overcooled says:

          Ahahaha true! I’m still on the fence with which one I like more. Speaking of which, I need to catch up on Mayoiga!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    In a shocking turn of events, someone not voiced by Yuki Kaji loses a hand

    Somebody had to end that curse.

    • skylion says:

      …it has been a while hasn’t it? But…he does play a supporting character in the slaughter fest that is Attack on Trains. He’s also the main in Kiznaiver – with that show’s central widget on his arm, and it’s begging to be gotten rid of…So don’t lose hope for a de-limbed Yuki Kaji cropping up in the future!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Pfft… I honestly can’t see how a show has anything to do with one’s faith in humanity. The thought of it is laughable.

    That Kagekiyo spa scene left me bitter. Damn you, sunbeam-chan, you saboteur!!!

    Well, whether she likes it or not, Rin is slowly becoming Eiji’s in more ways than one. Early stage Stockholm Syndrome? She is unwillingly bound to him. Anyway, Eiji gave Rin a cruel reality check at the castle. Celebrating his domain expanding, letting her walk around so she doesn’t have to stay glued to him at the hip all the time, declaring herself free. Then he shuts her down bringing up the fact she’s still captive. In other words, she’s not free at all. Her prison cell simply got larger and her chains extended in length.

    Iyo’s baby scenario was a total anticlimactic cop-out. Two episodes of build-up only to have it “disappear” in the end? That’s bull. I was actually looking forward to that subplot.

    The series sure had some nerve there with that implied sex scene between Eiji and Sena. If not for the fact they weren’t blood related, there’d undoubtedly have shouts of incest being committed flying.

    If he can turn truths into lies, can’t he just rule over Japan by making it true?

    If he could, he’d have done it by now without needing Eiji to do his dirty work. His power is most likely limited (Using it on people probably takes chunks of energy) and can’t cover much ground. It’s the entire planet he’s after.

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