Big Order – 03

big order 3006

“So why did we choose this collapsing tunnel as our route?” “It’s all for the ratings”

Boy oh boy do we have a lot to talk about this time. I’m looking forward to reading the comments on this one…

I’m not sure I like the way these battles are structured. I much prefer the idea of a bunch of kids scattered across Japan being given superpowers and then searching out other Orders to kill on their own. Having them grouped into small armies takes the fun out of trying to figure out who in the crowd is really an enemy. I much prefer the tactics that take place on a micro scale of one-on-one battles compared to the tactical planning behind a co-ordinated military strike.

big order 3004

So it’s a little weird for me to see Eiji trot out with a team of throwaway soldiers (who inevitably abandon him anyways). Why even bother having it staged as a war when Eiji is just going to fight a golem exclusively with other Orders at his side anyways? This format also has the disadvantage of introducing us to the whole council of 10 bad guys at once, which is a bit too much to swallow. There hasn’t been enough time spent debriefing us on what the hell is going on and who these mysterious people are. There are too many unknowns here, as some of the members seem to have conflicting motives. Most of them seem to hate him and see him only as a puppet. Others, like Iyo, hop in and try to help him out. Being a false King (basically he’s a glorified puppet with his sister as hostage) could be an interesting position with many possible story routes, but right now, it’s too muddled. The problem is that there is still no explanation for why all the characters in the show act the way they do towards Eiji. The dynamics make absolutely no sense.

big order 3002

Yuno = white panties. Rin = black panties. This is crucial character building.

Take a look at the chemistry between Rin and Eiji, which had already gone to hell in a handbasket last week. It’s still a horrible, as Rin claims to want to kill Eiji, and yet she’s constantly acting like his jealous girlfriend. It’s like the author wanted to make a badass girl who wanted to kill Eiji and then decided to also make them pitiful and clingy. The two sides of Rin are at odds with each other and they simply don’t work as multiple aspects of the same person. Not here. Not like this.

As a result, it’s impossible to pin her down.  She seems to flit between loving and hating Eiji at a moment’s notice. Either way, she’s devoting so much attention to him (and him alone) that at the end of the day, all of her actions lead to stroking Eiji’s ego. That’s the entire purpose of her character. This episode, Rin but was reduced to being little more than comedic relief. Yes, she admittedly works well as a gag character given that Big Order seems to be going for an absurd, so bad it’s good route. However, most of the time it seems like we’re laughing at her being exploited in some rather sketchy ways.

Let’s review, shall we? Rin starts off the episode with the briefest of fanservice scenes in lacy black lingerie – the choice of assassins everywhere for maximum dexterity, I suppose. Then she’s nonchalently killed by Eiji as a pawn to trick the prime minister into thinking Eiji betrayed everyone. Afterwards, she revives and has this lovely interaction: getting viciously jealous of Eiji speaking to another girl despite the fact that she’s supposed to hate him. She’s really, really, really getting the short end of the stick here!


big order 3007big order 3005

I know every relationship has its ups and downs, but this is just crazy

The whole show seems to have this problem when it comes to understanding what personalities and normal human interactions are like. Iyo’s appearance this episode was also a mess. She immediately went ga-ga over Eiji, and it’s still not clear why she’s helping him. I know they don’t want their King (i.e. pawn) to die so soon, but she seems a lot more personally invested in helping Eiji and even consoling him. But since until now we’ve only seen her as a stoic fortune-teller, now I have no idea which side is the real her.

This brings me to the “incident”. I can just vaguely call it this and I have complete faith each and every one of you knows what I’m talking about, unless for some reason you didn’t watch the show. Or if you blacked out towards the end because you couldn’t take any more. Anyways! The episode ends with the wonderful cliffhanger of Eiji getting Iyo pregnant by touching her hair ribbon. At first I thought she was mistaken about a mere touch getting her pregnant, as a sort of joke at how shrine maidens may not get the best sexual education. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Iyo’s belly ballooned out with comical speed and she went into labour a few minutes later. Eiji got a girl pregnant. In episode 3. By touching her hair accessory.

big order 3010big order 3013big order 3011

So if he wore a condom on his hand, would it have been okay?

At this point I sincerely hope Big Order is intentionally going for bad ideas. If not, this was a huge miss. The writing is horrible writing, there’s no sense of how real people interact with each other, the girls are treated like dirt, and we’re stuck with dumb-as-bricks plot twists. Even schizophrenics can communicate with more sense that the disjointed nonsense that comes out these characters mouths. Just think about how much worse this is going to get too! Just wait, watch Iyo’s baby end up as like a dragon or a smaller version of Iyo or something equally stupid. This is a messed up show and I feel messed up just watching it.

Despite all this, it’s fun. It’s fun to see how utterly low a show can sink and how it can do almost everything wrong. Don’t try and cover it up with smooth jazz, Big Order, this show makes zero sense! Mirai Nikki was dumb, but at least it had a discernible structure.

…Anyways, I can’t wait to see what this shitshow has to offer next week. It’s like watching a car crash into a wall over and over again.

big order 3012

I guess she wished for rock hard nipples and it came true




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15 Responses to “Big Order – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    The lack of structure is in a huge amount of competition with it’s lack of theme, it’s uneven tone, and its troperific characters and actions. That is a messy race to the bottom, for sure.

    But…there is a huge amount of perverse fun watching it; far better than Mayoiga

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s like watching a natural disaster…and even that has more organization than this. But you can’t look away from these sorts of freaks of nature either…

      I’m trying to figure out which one I like more, Mayoiga or Big Order. They sure both love to be bad lol

      • BlackBriar says:

        In the department of amusing nonsensical chaos, I’m liking Mayoiga more than Big Order.

  2. Highway says:

    I guess she wished for rock hard nipples and it came true

    Maybe she got those old-style implants…

  3. ProtoSovereign says:

    I believe the origin of the lacy black lingerie is from the mythical black ninja jumpsuit. Clearly solid black colours are the apex of stealth in any and every environment. As for Iyo’s interaction with Eiji, its probably the only one that makes sense to me atm. (I’m not even going to go on about Rin seeming to have split personalities when it comes to dealing with Eiji) My theory from the hints is that Iyo divined with her order that Eiji would be her chosen one or something that’s why she gives him the special treatment. (the ribbons thing was absolutely retarded though XD)

    • Overcooled says:

      Yep, she’ll just blend right into the crowds with that get-up ;D

      True, Iyo might see that Eiji is a decent person from her divinations. Although I guess she didn’t see far ahead enough to know that she’d get pregnant…

  4. zztop says:

    I wonder what Iyo will give birth to…
    Some mind-bending abomination?

    • Highway says:

      Don’t make me link that terrible birth scene from the original V. 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      I have a feeling whatever it is, it won’t be normal…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Given the stigma the world has given Eiji, it will probably herald the end of the world…. again.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It’s clear this show has no shortage of oddball lunatics. They’re all over the place. While I’m losing coherency as to what the hell is going on, I’m less bothered by it than I should be thanks to all the random craziness at every corner.

    Iyo’s means of getting pregnant was the most face palm worthy. Maybe someone should have suggested she wear a hood or anything similar.

    • Overcooled says:

      A hood would work. And she took the ribbon off to bathe, she should just not wear it at all if that’s possible!


        I think, since the ribbon moves on its own, that it’s actually part of her body. Anyway, once again put out of a show by he total lack of understanding of human psychology and interaction. I neither believe nor accept that because they’re fictional characters you can make them act anyway you want, which is what the author seems to think. They have to act like actual people, otherwise they just get boring. Same for the story.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      So many problems with this story we don’t even know where to begin XD just look at all the comments we’ve made.

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