Bakuon!! – 07

Bakuon - Nice Race Lap Counter

Today at the chariot races…

winter15-highw Ladies, Start Your Engines!

It’s Race Time!

Bakuon - Race outfits

Maid costumes for extra service

I find it kind of fun that in this month of May, when my thoughts are occupied by a lot of racing, that even Bakuon!! pulls out a race. But before you get to the racing, you have to get the betting done. As is pretty standard for this show, we get another round of fanservice, this time with maid costumes (over motorcycling leathers for the race). And their efforts to drum up interest actually work, with nearly the whole school coming out to watch them. Even the girls who were not interested in motorcycles before the girls went around the school had picked their side and were ready to root for their girl.

Bakuon - Hane's Wings

Hane finds her wings

Engineered Result

Bakuon - Hijiri's outfit

Hijiri’s outfit was almost as ridiculous as the vs Excitebike Panel

Despite Onsa’s surety that her Sanma could beat Rin’s Katana and Hane’s Su-Four, the whole race was even, and it was pretty obvious that it was going to come down to the very end in a close finish. They did have a bit of fun with the girls all racing safely, not taking the jumps even though Hijiri tried to pump up the excitement. The girls wouldn’t even use her “Panel That Somehow Cools Your Engine When You Go Over It,” not wanting to subject their bikes to something so sketchy, even if it made Hijiri suitably pouty about all the time and effort the Minowa Group put into it.

Bakuon - Schemey Sensei loses

Best Laid Plans and all that

In the end, wanting to win, even Hane gets a little racy taking the last jump, and Raimu-Senpai even using the Cooling Panel to try to keep her scooter engine from catching on fire. And at the line, it’s a close photo finish, with the result being a win for Rin, possibly giving her just the little bit of reward for always being the butt of the jokes. And of course it takes a little out of the Principal, whose 3 million yen bet on Raimu-senpai is lost, after lying to her parents that she’s going to use it to get married. But Rin, who had the worst odds at the beginning of the race, ends up paying off pretty well for her supporters.

Bakuon - Photo Finish

Just by the smallest amount


A fun race, and I think they pulled it off pretty well. I thought they’d have either Hane or Raimu win the race, Raimu to preserve her reputation or Hane because she’s the every-girl character, but I can’t disagree with the result of letting Rin have a little bit of vindication for her Katana love. And it looks like soon we’ll get a new character showing up, as Yume’s friend Chisame likes motorcycles and is going to the school next year. But there’s probably some friction there since she doesn’t think bikes should be ridden on the road. Will she be someone who’s only road course racing, or perhaps as a motocross enthusiast?


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9 Responses to “Bakuon!! – 07”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Rinrin! Victory for the best girl! *hugs* I support you! Even if I’m not going to buy a motorcycle.

  2. skylion says:

    I still don’t know from bikes, but seeing an old (very old) gaming convention come into play was quite special.

    Will Raimu ever not be the show’s exaggeration point? Like, will she ever get a sweet moment in the spotlight? Or would that warp the other characters and cause them to act to crazy?

    • I’m becoming convinced that Lime is a kami, but I’m not exactly sure what she’s a kami of. (Her name is shown in this episode in romaji, by the way.)

      It’s possible she’s a kami of losing races, which would be interesting.

    • Highway says:

      They probably don’t have enough time in the show to give Raimu-senpai her due, but I would imagine there has been the time or two she has in the manga.

  3. Marina says:

    Laughed quite a bit this episode, and absolutely loved seeing Raimu-senpai handicapped by a scooter. I knew she’d catch up, but her choice to go over the sketchy cooling pad was the perfect way to end the race.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, you knew that she’d catch up, and I honestly thought they’d have her or Hane win. I thought the cooling pad would keep her engine from catching fire and she’d win. Didn’t quite turn out that way.

  4. Namaewoinai says:

    So The Suzuki Fan Girl Won the Race (in a very slight margin) and she fearlessly want to endorse about Suzuki, but the people are…Kinda no interest of having motorbikes instead, they want to have automobiles more, (Yes, Suzuki is a Motorbike and a Vehicle making company, Same thing as Honda) Hmm…How about a Grand Vitara or a Pilot oops….XD

    OK Satirical stuff aside. I begin to think that this show is indeed like K-ON! but of course it’s more of a motorcycle that rock instrumentals and also look out for this girl she might show up so soon!

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