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Are you still still watching kiznaiver??

winter15-fosh Welcome back to more Kiznaiver! I know after the first episode most people had serious issues with Noriko’s experiment since it was forced upon the other characters and yeah for the most part I can agree;however without that event we wouldn’t have this anime and I just want to know why she did it and for what purpose? I know she said it was for world peace, but I just don’t believe her.


Shall We Play A Game?

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Honoka-“Yeah bro, I totally killed somebody.”

The theme of this weeks episode seemed to be about being truthful about yourself or was it about not keeping secrets? For the most part it played more into secrets with Noriko putting the other characters through some super extreme game where each person had to reveal one thing about themselves that nobody knew about and if they refused Agata would get hurt and of course transfer the pain to the others! So yeah that was quite the game, but honestly none of their secrets were all that OMFG except for Honoka who apparently says she has killed someone? Now we don’t know if she physically killed this person or maybe she pushed them to commit suicide? Either way the death of this mysterious person seems to be haunting her and why does she also seems kinda proud of herself after telling the others about her secret? Unless she doesn’t care? Whatever the case it will be interesting to learn the truth about Honoka’s past.

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Way to keep your cool there Niko <3

While we wait for that answer I liked how the other secrets weren’t all serious like Hajime being afraid of dogs, Tsuguhito being over weight back in the day, Niko not being able to really see fairies, Chidori having a huge crush on Agata and finally Agata said that he can’t connect to people or find any interest in them because he isn’t interested in himself? So yeah I think Honoka and Agata had the most interesting secrets revealed, but of course I assume the episode was more about them deepening their bonds of friendship and not about who had the biggest secret? That said I have seen a few people on facebook and Youtube saying that the secrets each character revealed were more hints to the seven deadly sins? The only ones I could see working with that idea working for are Tsuguhito as “Gluttony” because he used to be fat as a child and maybe Niko as “Envy” since she wanted to be popular and wanted to stand out? It might even be a stretch to even say Honoka as “Pride” since she looked kinda proud of herself for killing someone? I could be wrong about all of that, but hey it’s a lot of fun debating that subject.

The Rest

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Besides the twisted game Noriko put the others through we learned some random things like the fact that the mayor of the city knows about the Kizu project going on and he mentioned something about the path to the “Smiley, Happy Town for Everyone.” will soon be open? What is he even talking about? I assume he means if the Kizu project is successful he will support it for the entire city? He could be also responsible for approving Noriko’s decision to force these teens into the experiment or did Mutsumi Urushibara have a hand in that since she is the school’s counselor? Besides that woman we also saw Kazunao Yamada with the mayor as well! I guess we will learn what their rolls are later on. The last thing that caught my eye was the hint that Noriko might be the girl from Agata’s past or is that not the case? Then again we don’t really know much about girl from his past or if she is alive or not, but whatever happened to that girl seeing her fall or maybe her death caused his hair to change color! So yeah either Noriko is the same girl from the past or maybe they are hinting that Agata was apart of the first Kizu Project back in the day?

Extra Kiznaiver

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End Thoughtsheader-winter15-fosh

That was a interesting second episode of Kiznaiver! While I wasn’t impressed with the boring secrets revealed from Tsuguhito, Hajime, Niko, Chidori and Agata I did enjoy Niko’s big freak out moment after revealing her secret! Then again it didn’t last long because she bounced back really quickly. I’m sorta glad she didn’t fall into sudden depression mode after that! If she lost that hyperactive side to her character I would be quite sad! Besides Niko’s secret which was played up more for laughs much like Tsuguhito and Hajime I am curious to learn more about Honoka’s big secret, but what was your favorite secret this week and what do you think the major was talking about when he said the path to the “Smiley, Happy Town for Everyone.” will soon be open?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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3 Responses to “Kiznaiver – 02”

  1. skylion says:

    the secrets each character revealed were more hints to the seven deadly sins?

    This is a good place to start, and the clues you spell out seem to fit…but I hope, if this things does turn out to be true, they use it and then toss it aside. It’s not like The Seven Deadly Thingies are the only character trope you can hang a ensemble cast on.

    This episode did just the right job. It progressed the characters to both understanding the news rules they have to operate under and how they rebel against them in their own ways.

    As for the thing with the mayor? Feels a bit like some of the set up for Battle Royale…”oh, we adults have no choice, we have to do this, and it’s no surprise that one of us is very comfortable with the idea of torturing children” cause you have to set that bad guy up early….

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Interesting episode but I couldn’t help feeling disturbed from start to finish. Sonozaki is truly off her rocker. If I were one of leads and were withing five feet of her, believe me, I’d want to ring her neck for such immoral treatment. Somehow, this makes the madness in Deadman Wonderland feel tame and people were outright killed in that show.

    As for mayor, it’s probably some crazy utopia based on his views, most likely shared by the same nutjobs backing this experiment.

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    Poor Hajime…
    also, Niko is the best girl

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