Dimension W – 09 – 12 [END]

DimW (9)

I will miss Mira! She was such a fun character.

winter15-foshTime to say goodbye to my favorite anime from the winter season! I had a lot of fun with this one even though I will say this last arc dragged on a bit longer than normal, but this wasn’t an arc dedicated to just Kyouma’s past it was also about Loser, Mira and it revealed a very insane main villain named Schmeyer who was behind everything on Easter island.


The Truth of Easter Island

DimW (7)

Miyabi still has her head?! Then again it’s just a dream yo!

When we last left things off Kyouma and friends were about to fight Loser who managed to get his hands on five numbered coils! Oh and Kyouma was attacked by that giant blue ball of glowing energy which sent him to a crazy dream world? Thankfully the dream world managed to fill in some of the gaps of Kyouma’s mind or did it? The only thing it revealed was a possible darker side to his character along with Prince Salva who was also stuck inside a dream world, but with his side of the story we learned that Lwai protected Prince Salva from being killed and got hurt leaving him as a robot?! I will say these four episodes did a great job showing us that Prince Salva really isn’t such a bad guy after all.

DimW (6)

Props to Yuki Kaji for his roll as Schmeyer!

Now if there was a bad guy damn Schmeyer fits that role perfectly, but of course he didn’t start off as being a bad guy until his research on creating the ultimate coil was taken from him by New Tesla; however he did have crazy ideas and that resulted in him being kicked off the super science club with Dr. Seira Yurizaki, Dr. Shidou Yurizaki and I almost forgot Julian who we now know as Loser was also part of that team along with his wife Sophia. So what were they trying to create? I guess a super dimensional transporter for space related science; however messing with that technology caused the first sphere of living energy to be born, but in the end everything comes back to Kyouma who lost his memories on Easter Island, but he managed to remember just about everything thanks to Mira hacking Kyouma’s brain? I found that whole scene to be strange! I thought she could only connect to machines via coil ports and not humans? I suppose we don’t really need any real answers on that since it was probably thrown in to push the story along and I don’t blame them since we’ve had twelve freaking episodes dealing with the fact that Kyouma has amnesia.

DimW (8)

Yay we got the full story!

Although I have issues with the use of amnesia in this series and countless others I’m really happy that we finally have the full story about Kyouma’s past and how he was the one who stole the ultimate coil aka Genesis which sadly caused Schmeyer to get sent to another dimension, Loser to lose his skin and led to the death of his wife! Also he could have used Genesis to save Miyabi since it has the power to create anything from nothing? I guess hence the name Genesis if you are familiar with that chapter in the bible, but either way she didn’t want him to use it because I think it would have blown up the world so Kyouma ended up destroying it; however it was a choice Miyabi and Kyouma had to make together! With Genesis destroyed it caused Schmeyer to go a b it bezerk pushing try nd blow up the world! Thankfully everyone worked together to save the day, but unfortunately Loser didn’t do so hot in the final episode because he ended up dying! Damn that was pretty sad. I figured he would survive and one of the random hunters would have died instead? Ah well Loser was a great character and I’m sure Elizabeth isn’t going to stop being a hunter anytime soon.

DimW (10)

Rest in peace Loser…

With the story surrounding Genesis complete we now know why everyone was desperately hunting for Genesis especially Prince Salva because he planned on using it to save Lwai from living day to day as a robot! Speaking of robots we learned that Mira was ultimately created to be Miyabi’s new body if the operation was successful, but even though it failed it led to Mira being born and her meeting Kyouma and Mira managed to restore his missing memories as well as fixing his cold heart.

Extra Dimensions 

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Final Thoughts


Well damn that was quite the ending for Dimension W! I loved how the story surrounding Kyouma’s past memories with Genesis, Schmeyer and Miyabi wrapped up nicely even though it’s still so freaking sad that Miyabi and Kyouma couldn’t be together! I know that is just part of the story to give us some drama, but damn those two were so cute together in all the flashbacks; however with the operation a failure it ultimately brought Kyouma and Mira together which helped Kyouma get over his hate for coils and changed him for the better. I’m thankful that Mira wasn’t simply used as Miyabi’s replacement even though her body was going to be Miyabi’s if the operation was successful, but yeah props to the team for not making her romantically interested in Kyouma because that would have ticked me off! I don’t care too much for robot x human romances *cough* Plastic Memories *cough* anyway for all the good things Dimension W has going for it I was annoyed that it relied so heavily on the fact that Kyouma has amnesia! I just think that is a dumb and lazy way to tell a story, but of course I’m not a professional writer so I don’t know if I can critize them for using that as a central plot point. So what is the future of Dimension W? I have no clue other than with the way things ended it looks like they could do more of this later on? Then again I loved how it just ends with Kyouma and Mira going on another mystery together leaving the true ending up to us as fans.

8/10 Would head pat Mira again <3 <3

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3 Responses to “Dimension W – 09 – 12 [END]”

  1. Highway says:

    I thought that the show came together pretty well. It didn’t get too caught up in its own importance, the way a lot of shows of this style do. Kyouma’s history was always important, but it never became this angsty “I can’t sleep at night” thing. They also handled Mira’s story pretty well, at least for now, in that she was the robot body for Miyabi, but not some reincarnation of Miyabi. That still leaves some narrative space for why Mira’s such a different robot for a possible future story.

  2. skylion says:

    I felt the end was a bit to longish. They spent lots of timing working on other characters and their motivations and such, and then they just dumped Kaji Yuki’s instant bad guy character in there…it felt really weird and artificial compared to, say, Kyouma’s motivation.

    Which I’m glad they developed the way they did. In the beginning it looked like they were setting up his hatred for the coils as something overly simple and dumb…IT KILLED MY DOG/GIRLFRIEND/CAR and now I’m GARRRRRRRR towards them. I liked that it was weird, messed up, involved crappy futures and possiblities and how they had to deal with them.

    Which is great, cause that’s the show I wanted from the second arc, when it looked like they were really going to explore what weird science really is. They gave themselves the license to do weird shit and in the end they did really good weird shit!!!

    Plus Mira is awesome no matter what!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Wholeheartedly agreed on the 8/10 rating. Despite the story unraveling into incoherency towards the end of its run, Dimension W proved itself one of the Winter 2016 season’s enjoyable series in my book. Whether the reasoning was from the stylish futuristic storyline or its cast of likable characters (Elizabeth, Loser), especially our leads Kyouma and Mira. Not that I’d put much hope into the possibility but the ending makes me believe there may be room for a continuation.

    In my opinion, the incoherency began when they finally began to give clarity on Kyouma’s backstory through the Easter Island incident and then suddenly injected Yuuki Kaji’s Haruka Schmeyer as a last minute antagonist, where I felt it would have been better placed somewhere at the beginning. Because up until that time with the chosen direction, you’re given the impression New Tesla Energy is the one to be taken down in an uphill fight but instead, it ultimately got revealed as a bystander in a series of unfortunate events. A possible good twist, yes, but was done terribly late and so the result of it all felt rushed.

    Also, at the time, it was difficult to understand why it was that Miyabi couldn’t be saved. So I had to give that piece another going-over. My conclusion came to her somehow knowing about the incoming tragedy and chose to sacrifice herself so Kyoma could destroy the Genesis coil.

    Seeing that Schmeyer was the cause of Easter Island’s misery and a student whose project was denied by his mentor, it wouldn’t come as a shock if it somehow turned out he was the one who orchestrated the deaths of Yurizaki’s wife and daughter out of revenge.

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