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I love this new team up, but Kyouma on the other hand does not.

winter15-foshWelcome back readers! Last week we talked all about Kyouma’s past where he met Miyabi and how he joined Grendle, but this time were back to the main story and finally exploring Easter Island with all these new hunters.


Easter Island Adventure

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Kyouma-“Look Mira no hands!”           Mira-“OH MY GOD WHY!!!!!”

Hooray we finally get to explore Easter Island and the mystery surrounding it! Well kind of? This is the second half of what appears to be a three to four part arc or will this just become the final arc for Dimension W? I suppose it would be silly for the to add a one shot episode after they solve the Easter Island stuff, but what did we even learn this week? Honestly there wasn’t a lot of shocking reveals besides a few odd things happening on the island. Like the fact that robots and machines are moving around trying to kill all the new hunters, that orb of living energy likes guys and probably takes your soul if it touches you, Lwai is in fact the true prince of Africa while Salva Ene Tibesti was adopted into the family and Kyouma is still very traumatized about being back on Easter Island. Now let’s talk about the new hunters! Well namely one aka that one hunter who looks like Will Smith and said “A simple operation.” towards Yuri Antonov ? What does he mean? Is K.K. a collector of human body parts or is he collecting mechanical body parts instead? I’ll go with mechanical body parts for now because why would he even need with human body parts in the first place? If he is collecting body parts in general can you imagine how he would react to learning that Mira has a mixture of both? I sure hope he isn’t some creepy body part collector! Also what’s the connection between Easter Island and that freaky sphere of living energy? Is it some kind of coil guardian of the island or does it have no connection with the island at all? On the other hand it appears that Loser understands what that sphere might be, but since he kind of knows I assume it’s another numbered coil? And finally what up with that dead zone Kyouma raced through? I wonder if it’s like a doorway into part of Dimension W? I mean when they passed through that zone we all could tell it effected everyone differently so maybe; however after passing through that odd zone Loser popped up at the end? I hope they team up and find out the big secret of Easter Island next week.

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End Thoughts


Well this was a decent episode for Dimension W, but certainly not the best and I guess this episode was technically a bit filler-ish? Especially at the start with them following Salva Ene Tibesti’s story on how he was adopted and Lwai being the real prince of Africa which is fine, but as far as the Easter Island stuff goes I sorta of expected things to play out that way because it would be kinda silly for Kyouma to arrive on the island and solve the mystery in ten or fifteen minutes; however we are starting to get an idea why nobody visits Easter Island because wow the whole area is quite dangerous for both humans and robots! Like that dead zone that knocks out coils and messes with humans, that random killer sphere of energy and you also have to deal with those other giant freaking robots that want to smash you. I just hope this Easter Island mystery story is worth spending three to four episodes on because it looks like were going to be seeing it for a few more episodes, but hey at least these new hunters are interesting! So far I like K. K. who really really I hope isn’t some creepy body collector and I like those chubby siblings! Especially that Debbie Eastriver character because I just love hearing Misaki Kuno‘s voice pop up randomly in any anime and her character is attracted to Kyouma? Sorry Debbie, but his heart is already taken by a headless woman! So which new hunter has you interested?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Dimension W – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Move over Lake Yasogami, Easter Island is the show’s new hostile ground. An untold number of robots, scattered spots of nothingness and a hazardous roaming sphere definitely outdo a couple of water-based ghosts. If the episodes 4 and 5 were cropped to get us here, then the deed is easier to overlook.

    As I thought after learning he has an artificial body, Lwai was originally human. Not likely the same case as Miyabi but something severe must’ve happened to him as he’s still so young. And Salva may not be such a dirtbag after his backstory. I immediately thought he’d be filled with jealousy when the king got his blood related child.

    Also good that Loser still has relevance during this arc. Going by his short flashback, Easter Island was his home or at least where he and his family was stationed if it turns out he’s a former New Tesla employee, which the odds of that are 50/50. And apparently where he and Elizabeth are standing is part of their old home as the ruins are not much different from what he recalled. If Loser is indeed a former employee and New Tesla hasn’t picked up on him up to now, it’s probably because they thought he was lost in the island’s coil disaster.

  2. HannoX says:

    I think the sphere is from Dimension W. Perhaps a sentient energy being? So was it sucked into Easter Island or did it come there for some purpose? If it came there deliberately it may be to shut down the coils sucking energy (living beings?) from its dimension.

    I just can’t believe taking energy from Dimension W. isn’t going to have bad consequences somewhere and it’s about time the story let us know what those consequences are.

    • BlackBriar says:

      If you mess with something you shouldn’t, one way or another, you’ll have to pay a price. What happened to Easter Island at all clearly counts as one of those consequences.

      • HannoX says:

        Yes, but so far those negative consequences have been confined to Easter Island and the people who were there. I don’t think that’s enough to get the world to give up limitless energy. People are going to think, what’s past is past and there’s nothing we can do about it, so let’s just enjoy all this lovely energy.

        There’s just got to be more bad things about coils than what happened on Easter Island. Maybe the price of energy from Dimension W isn’t killing sentient beings. Maybe the towers are on the verge of doing to the rest of the planet what’s already happened on Easter Island.

        Remember, we have a coil-hating hero. Sure, we’ve been shown that he blames coils for lopping off his girlfriend’s head and killing his teammates. But in this kind of SF show it’s practically a given that hero who hates coils (or whatever the brave new technology is) is right to hate the new technology for more than just his personal reasons. It turns out to be a threat to the entire world!

        My biggest worry is what happens to Mira if coils have to be shutdown.

        • skylion says:

          I think the dangers from the limitless energy towers in DimW will be revealed to be roughly the same vague undisclosed weirdness that was revealed as the danger the same limitless energy towers in VividRed Operation had…only with less symmetrical docking…

        • BlackBriar says:

          My biggest worry is what happens to Mira if coils have to be shutdown.

          Unless another incident of Easter Island’s scale or possibly greater happens and by all efforts can’t be hidden from the public, I don’t see coils ever being discarded. Unless a new, safer means shows up in its place. Dimension W’s world as it we see it, coils are deeply intergrated into society, gnawing into everyone’s individual lives. It’s become an entity that can’t be let go due to the conveniences it brings.

          Even if some do figure out the consequences, by the human nature of habit, they’re likely to use them anyway. It’s like a smoker deliberately continuing the habit despite already knowing it will eventually kill him.

  3. Nerazim says:

    “that orb of living energy likes guys”
    “blames coils for lopping off his girlfriend’s head and killing his teammates”
    i just love how you guys put things…

    i really hope Loser and Kyouma work together, at least somewhat, i think it’d be an interesting combination and i really want to get more of Loser’s background shown.

    i really don’t think they’ll stop using coils at all at the end of the series, i more think that there’d be changes to the laws concerning them and some change in New Tesla Energy’s management that reveals a lot of previously hidden events to the public. they may disassemble or destroy the numbered coils though. if they get rid of the coils completely then Mira’d be dead, for all intents and purposes, at least in her current state, and we can’t have that happening. i mean, they haven’t been hunting illegal coils very much in screen time, she hasn’t solved the mystery of Dr. Yurizaki’s death or the mysterious “double coil” used to create the blackhole-like phenomenon in the beginning of the anime that set all of these events into motion (story-wise).
    I’d like to think that Loser is, himself a former Beast of Grendel, or at least a member, because we have no idea how he knows about them at all other than “NTE has been hiding crap like this forever”.

    ‘Will Smith’ is a mass murderer/serial killer, out to destroy all collectors. i refuse to accept anything else.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Dear Fosh,


    Am lost for words.

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