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Something tells me this isn’t working

 Do you think the fact Bird (tori) is the decoy (ootori) was an intentional pun?

For me, there were two very distinct parts to this episode that I either enjoyed or felt completely indifferent towards. One chunk of this week’s plot is Mythos making a major move to essentially control all of Japan, using Bird as a decoy. That was cool! I love learning about Logos! But that just made me realize how little I care about Unit 8, especially since I started to feel like I’d be fine if they just disbanded forever and we got a story about Mythos taking over the world instead. That’s not a good sign when you feel like every single main, heroic character is disposable.

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I rag on Active Raid all the time, so I’ll start with the good news for a change. Bird and Mythos meeting up was a nice start to things, mostly because it provided such a great contrast to the hijinx with Dog last week. Dog was smart in very specific ways, but as a person he lacked some basic aspects of common sense. Basically, he comes across as a self-absorbed idiot with nothing but recklessness fueling his day-to-day actions. It’s no wonder he was cut out of the equation so soon. However, Bird and Mythos talk as equals, indulging in much more complex conversation about ciphers, riddles, and world domination. I originally thought Mythos might be using Bird too, but it seems more as if the two truly do stand on equal footing. They have a mutual goal, and that’s why Mythos has respect for Bird.

Having Bird hand himself in may make it seem like he’s still a pawn, but I don’t think Bird was particularly opposed to this. He’s one of those weirdos who just wants to see the world burn, hence why he joined up with Mythos in the first place (after solving a puzzle to prove his worth as a partner, of course). Bird is here for the long-run, and he will do whatever it takes to see Mythos’ plan succeed. I think this makes Logos a more interesting concept as being less of an organization and more of a one-man Kickstarter of sorts. Mythos wants to achieve his goal…donate your time and effort and help him achieve it! (There are no stretch goals though, unfortunately.)

active raid 10002active raid 10007

I really liked seeing the two meet and talk about things so calmly. Everything was explained with a surprising amount of nuance, especially the way they handled explaining Emily. It turns out that Emily was never real (gotta love future technology), but just a holographic copy Mythos made of the real Emily – who either died or became separated from him somehow. She was only shown in the smallest of glimpses, and I appreciate the scriptwriters not having Mythos stare right at the camera and go “This person is not real. That is why I can blow up this building now”.

The hacking plot is admittedly kind of silly. Mythos just taps away at his laptop and all of a sudden he’s in charge of everything in Japan? That’s a bit far-fetched, even if you have Orochi to try and explain it all away. But hey, I’ll take a bite since everything else has been going well thus far. Or rather, almost everything else has been going well.

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All her hard work didn’t pay off

The dilemma of Unit 8 being disbanded was the worst “twist” of the episode. It just made me realize that I really and truly do not give a single fuck about Unit 8. I just wanted more about Logos and less about Kazari crying tears of guilt for spying on her newfound friends all this time. Active Raid went for a character of the week approach, but because it didn’t put enough emotional weight into any of the episodes (except one), I still don’t feel any connection with them. Train girl is still just a stereotypical train otaku without any other depth. The quiet computer girl is secretly a fancy gambling superstar, but that’s just useless knowledge since we never see her other persona. I mean, I don’t even know their names. Isn’t that sad? I can remember the names of 10 different teams of however many people in a sports anime, and yet the characters in Active Raid are so underwhelming that I only remember Kazari’s name.

So far, Logos has been the highlight of the show. It’s the underlying thread that has kept this mess together for so long. I’m honestly worried for the finale because I imagine it will try to go for the emotional route, while I sit here with my reptilian heart, unable to be moved. It’s gonna be bad. But hey, maybe it will end up being all about Mythos and I’ll end up liking it. Maybe Sena and that sadistic girl will get back together. Maybe we’ll get another robot dance number with Amu. I never know what this show will do next, so anything is possible!

active raid 10003

5 minutes into “Tell me the latin for I love you” and chill and he gives you this look



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9 Responses to “Active Raid – 10”

  1. zztop says:

    The question is whether they’ll end the Logos arc for this season, given tis buildup to a probable endgame.

    Because if they end it, then they may be planning a new conflict for the upcoming Season 2.

    • BlackBriar says:

      My bet is on the remaining episodes showing Logos gaining the upper hand and close in a cliffhanger fashion until we see what happens in the second cour.

      Because if they end it, then they may be planning a new conflict for the upcoming Season 2.

      I don’t see that as plausible because that would be just building up the new threat similar to what Logos got in this cour and I don’t think that will be of interest. Like “Same routine, different antagonist”.

      • Overcooled says:

        I think both options (Logos being in season 2 or a new villain) are viable. I actually get the feeling they’ll get rid of Logos and give us a new antagonist. But really, it’s almost impossible to say for sure right now so this is all just speculation.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Well, that was an unexpected move on Logos’ part using one of the leaders as bait. More so Unit 8 got disbanded right after but given the brewing trouble, no doubt they’ll be reinstated soon. Even now, the Logos leaders give the impression they’re just playing a game.

    Rin’s sister, Hinata took not one but two blows in the form of reveals from Rin and Bird. Wouldn’t be much of a shock if she develops reluctance in trusting people after this as a result.

    Looking at the final minutes, my guess is the story will continue in a way that will have the 12th episode end on cliffhanger in order to have us looking forward to the second half.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, no doubt Unit 8 will get back together again at some point. Maybe that’s another reason I didn’t care so much about them breaking up – because I knew it would be a temporary thing.

      I didn’t even know what to say about the stuff with Hinata. That poor girl must be so confused after being blindsided so much in one day. That was crazy. Why did Bird even rope her into the whole mess?

      There’s always a cliffhanger…

  3. Hunter says:

    Considering I’ve disagreed with your attitudes towards previous episodes, more often than not, I certainly can’t share your inability to remember character names and seemingly random or unnecessary jabs.

    I wouldn’t even call the Unit 8 being disbanded a “twist” because it was a more or less logical outcome. Which is a good thing if you ask me.

    That said, Asami did have a valid individual reason to feel concerned about it, but the episode didn’t focus on the dramatics. In fact, everyone else in the Unit wasn’t really too bothered and took it like professionals. Which is why I can’t really see the point of your complain about the episode trying to be “too emotional” or something. That wasn’t the impression I got.

    If nothing else, I do agree that it was nice to see Logos getting some attention lately.

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, that’s ok, it’s good to have people comment with different opinions. No one has to hate the same things I hate!

      Eh, this episode wasn’t too emotional for me, I just get the feeling the finale might try to go for that sort of thing. But Unit 8 disbanding was depicted as an event that was supposed to be shocking, and I didn’t feel like the sudden decision had any weight behind it to make me feel any urgency. It felt like a frivolous turn of events just thrown in to create tension, but without any real thought involved.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Hey, OC. Here’s something you’ll like. The Psycho-Pass movie is available. {link to download site removed by Highway}
    If you have both anime seasons downloaded, then this completes the set.

    • Highway says:

      Please don’t post links to download sites. It is far too easy for them to be infected with malware, and far too easy for our site to be associated with it. Thank you.

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