Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo – 07

KonoSuba - Puffball attack

“C’mere you little puffballs!”

winter15-highw Ugh, I realized when I typed up the title of this post that we’re now more than halfway finished with KonoSuba. Nooooooo, we can’t be! We need more! Even if it’s Snow Sprites.

I Think We’re Seeing a Pattern Here

KonoSuba - Aqua repents quickly

Aqua is definitely quick to change her tune

Once again, Kazuma and party are hurting for some money, a fact which Aqua repeatedly tries to make Kazuma feel bad for. However, he’s got a convenient riposte that’s always at the ready: It’s her overspending and debt that means “they” are always out of money. That one always manages to interrupt her narcissistic begging for compliments… and money. But no matter whose fault it is, the fact is that they’re always broke, so it’s time to see about a quest to get some money.

KonoSuba - Megumin Destroyer

“It kinda moves around like ‘this’…”

I like the repeat of desires for each character every time they’re trying to figure out what to do. Darkness always wants to pit her pure immovable object against the corrupting irresistible force, hopefully to get a bit of a thrill out of it as she goes. Megumin always wants to show something else who’s got the bigger boom, and Kazuma just wants the rest of them to not be, well, themselves. They did throw in a nice little side reference to The Destroyer this episode, complete with Megumin’s perfect description, and aside that it’s “oddly popular with little kids”. Of course, that’s not odd at all, because everyone wants to see some giant steampunk mobile fortress, no?


KonoSuba - Darkness forced to yield

“Oh yeah, Kazuma, make me submit!”

Somehow, everyone’s oddly fine with going after the Snow Sprites, tho. Even though they all seem to know something Kazuma doesn’t about them. And for once everything seems to be going just fine, as they massacre a bunch of harmless little puffballs. Spring’s definitely coming earlier, isn’t it! Uh oh, the boss showed up. And *then* Aqua drops that little bit of information she should have earlier: The reason that noone does Snow Sprite kill quests is because the Winter Shogun is crazy powerful. They almost get away with it, too, showing remorse to the Winter Shogun by lowering their heads to him, but Kazuma forgot to drop his sword, so he ended up dropping his head.

KonoSuba - Eris is fuwafuwa

Eris is a fuwafuwa little goddess isn’t she

And then we get the other little bit of fun this episode, as Kazuma has a chance to go back to life in Japan, meeting Eris, the junior goddess to Aqua, who will send him back to a life with a well-off family in a peaceful world. But Aqua steals his chance from him, even bullying Eris into sending him back to the world of adventurers. But the reaction from everyone when Kazuma is resurrected is actually pretty wonderful, with everyone really happy to see him alive again. Too bad they had to abandon the quest and get no credit for killing puffballs.

KonoSuba - Everyone's happy he's back

Everyone seems genuinely happy he’s back


The parallels between Kazuma’s little mini-crush on Eris and Kyouya’s crush on Aqua were kind of fun to see. We finally see the goddess who is the subject of worship in the adventurer’s world, even getting the money named after her, and she’s pretty cute, although you’d think that of Aqua if it was the only time you saw her. I actually really thought it was nice how concerned Megumin was about Kazuma. She really is the best character in the show.

KonoSuba - Aqua's new pet

But someone’s got herself a new pet!


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6 Responses to “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    I like that Megumin got herself a “winter coat”. They say an ermine is a stoat with it’s winter coat on, so what would they call a winter Megumin?

    So, do you think we’ll see more of Eris in the future. She looks like a cautious one…she’s not a usurper technically, but Aqua looks like she treats her like one. I was kinda upset she wasn’t like the Eris I’m familiar with, but I don’t really expect them to be up my weird tree….

    • FVA says:

      Aqua treat Eris (and other gods) like shit. there a reason during the first episode the angel (with other gods consent) give a greenlight the moment Aqua said yes. Her Pride is truly her downfall. Eris is your default game over npc (best goddess) and with a party like that kazuma already make an appointment

  2. ProtoSovereign says:

    I think they still earned something from the quest since they did actually vanquish around 15 or so snow balls. I hope that made you feel better 😀 they just didn’t rack up the number of kills they were hoping to get. Also Darkness was concerned too didn’t you see that silent hug? (I still peeves me slightly that they changed darkness’ chest plate into a ‘breast’ plate, but then again I’m also pissed they made Aqua mini skirt into a micro/non-existant skirt but that’s hardly revelant) Sometimes silence speaks louder than words right? Idk if Aqua was worried though… I mean Aqua knew she could easily resurrect him and she’s a goddess and… she’s Aqua right? You’re right about it being so nice that they care about each other so much, Konosuba nails the comedy but also has a makes fairly good work of the characters and plot too. What an all star series! :3

    • Highway says:

      There were a couple shots I saw when going through for screenshots and I don’t know if you can call what Aqua wears normally even a “miniskirt”. It’s more just a frill that kinda covers up that she doesn’t wear panties. You could spend pretty much the whole show trying to see / not-see.

      Yeah, they weren’t clear about the quest results. It said retired, instead of completed, but they did mention some reward. I think that’s kinda “not important”, as far as the show’s concerned. Aqua’s always going to need money, Kazuma’s always going to need money because Aqua spends it all, and Darkness and Megumin are going to want to be with them because they like to.

  3. Highway says:

    Honestly, from the front in those angles, I can’t tell a difference. I think the issue is more the times when the camera is behind her, which there probably aren’t a lot of in the LNs.

  4. zztop says:

    I actually really thought it was nice how concerned Megumin was about Kazuma.

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