Dimension W – 05

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Don’t squeeze Mira she might pop!

winter15-foshTime for more Dimension W! Last week was part one of The mystery hidden in lake Yasogami and now we finally get to wrap up that story and boy was it a strange one…


Mystery Solved

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 It’s the Sega Dreamcast of the future!

So the mystery surrounding 189 numbered coil has been solved! Kinda?! I’m still a bit confused on how the 189 numbered coil works, but I think it had the power to create alternate worlds? Yeah again I really have no idea how it actually works; however we did get a really interesting flashback on how the area got flooded back in the day and how Shijuro Sakaki and Haruka Enamori “died” I guess Enamori aka Marisa simply fell and bumped her head before she had a chance to warn everyone else and it was revealed she has amnesia about the past? So did Sakaki just assume that she died next to the 189 numbered coil? While the coil can create different worlds I suppose it also could create alternate versions of people which explains why there were two different Sakaki characters? One from the past and one from the present? So basically his past self traveled from another world to kill his present self? Wow that sounds so damn crazy or is it? Anyone seen the movie Looper? Anyway we also learned it was actually the maid who was probably mind controlled? So I guess she was told to swap the water in Sakaki’s office because apparently the coil effected all the water from the past allowing those creepy “water ghosts” from the other side to attack and murder people in the real world? I loved how purified water was the only way to defeat them! They should have called it holy water or something to keep with the whole supernatural theme.

The Rest

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Loser has a few kids in the world!

While the main mystery was solved for the most part we had some odd reveals like Elizabeth working with Loser? And did she refer to him as father? So wait a minute was she the “boy” that was with Loser in his introduction episode or no? It could just be a sister and a brother? Whatever the case I guess it would make some sense if he had some children running and I wonder how big is Losers number coil hunting group actually is? I mean now that we’ve seen how dangerous and powerful one of them can be now we know why everyone wants them! And I suppose it would be hard for one dude to find all of them so hiring help is to be expected. Oh and I think Loser was either in disguise as the male butler or was that another robot? He did have a very machine like voice. As for Mira besides running around naked just wearing a jacket she had to fight her way out of her dream with the help of Elizabeth’s knowledge of robots of course, but we didn’t really get anything new on Kyouma’s past which is fine I think were slowly figuring out why he hates coils so much every week! Because wow they are really really dangerous.

Extra Dimensions

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End Thoughts


Hooray mystery solved and good bye ghosts! This was a interesting arc and I’m glad it didn’t take three or four episodes to solve the big mystery, but oh my god was it a little bit confusing especially the whole Enamori and Marisa part near the end? So Enamori is the alternate version of Marisa then is that what they were trying to say? And wow that almost rape scene with the journalist and Enamori was crazy, I knew there was something up with that journalist in the flashback! Before I wrap up I liked the short scenes with Mira and Kyouma especially every time he bopped her on the head I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s only hurting him and I guess Mira will learn to have her tail pop up from behind her and not in between her legs when hooking up with random coils huh? Speaking of that I wonder what she was doing with the coil? I can only assume she is downloading the data or the blueprints for the numbered coil? If she is going to be doing with every other numbered coil they find I guess that could explain why New Tesla Energy would want to get their hands on her.

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Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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22 Responses to “Dimension W – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    I think number 189 can creates wrinkles or disturbances in spacetime, if that so happens to duplicate events or people then that’s just it’s strange charm, and it looks like it does create an alternate spacetime. It get’s that charm from people in distress, and that kinda sorta creates an opportunity for them to “correct” a the thing that causes them distress.

    So far what we know about the coils and numbers are that they’re plot devices that explores different sorts of weird science fiction.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      “So far what we know about the coils and numbers are that they’re plot devices that explores different sorts of weird science fiction.”

      essentially; this is pretty much why each episode is titled as a file. Dimension w is a sort of a x-files like series with the intent to look into the different kind of things the w dimension is capable of. It’s up to Kyoma and mira to investigate these strange phenomenon, put a stop to them and collect the coils Kyouma and Mira are Fox Mulder and Dana Scully respectfully.

      • skylion says:

        Oh goodness, an X-Files comparison. Well, I happen to like DimW’s character considerably more than than the very very dull agent’s Scully and Mulder. Whether or not this show becomes so tediously formulaic is to be seen…..

        We could go with my favorite weird-ass series and that would be Fringe, before it too got really wonky and couldn’t find a landing to stick….

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          ahhh, fringe is also a good comparison. And yes, kyoma and mira are a far better duo. It’s also refreshing to see that mira can handle her own. Even when she called out to kyoma to come save her, she ended up saving herself, which put a smile on my face. Kyoma doesnt see it now, but mira is the therapy he needs to feel close to someone again; ironic since she embodies everything he hates. Kyoma apparently had a hard time readjusting to the world after the war and coil incident, shutting himself away from everyone. it looks like through mira, kyoma will actually have someone to confide in again. Plus they are the perfect due because both of them have attributes that dont make them human; kyoma with his superhuman abilities and mira with being a robot and everything. From the snippets of flashbacks, it looks like kyoma lost someone important.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    A good arc and I loved the sudden supernatural feel enhanced by the entire area, especially when it all occurred at night. The fact the water ghosts can only be hit with water unrelated to the lake means even the lake was much a victim as the students.

    As I thought, what was happening to Mira was in her mind. It begs to question how long she’d have lasted that psychological torment if she was human. Glad to see she escaped from being chain bound. No idea what that chick’s deal was but it was as though she wanted to pull her apart from all directions.

    My theory on Number 189 is when it went out of control, it created parallel worlds, paradoxes from that single spot like a check point. From there, it had endless event possibilities. Much like playing a game, you’d have a different outcome depending on the choice made. For example and as shown, in one world, Shiro chose to sacrifice his friends in exchange for saving Enamori but does the opposite in another. And this is all from just 189. Albert already elaborated each Number has its own varying effect.

    Kudos to the sneaky story writers because I didn’t expect to have Loser skulking around or Elizabeth having ties to him. Loser had a robotic voice wearing his mask when he raided the museum in the second episode so I’d say that was him there in disguise.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah this was a fun mini arc just to explore what a numbered coil is capable of doing since Loser mentioned whenever they get out of control it’s serious! And now we know why.

      Same it shows Mira is able to fight for herself without Kyouma or anyone else helping! Well besides needing someone to reboot her lol

      Right that is p much what it does from one point in time it creates branches opening other possibilities for you and alternate copies as well since the past Shiro killed the present Shiro! Yeah it’s CRAZY, but it makes me curious to see what the other numbered coils can do.

      I KNOW! I didn’t think Loser would be around but he is after all the numbered coils so it works and this new mystery on Elizabeth also has me curious! As for her true gender imo it doesn’t matter if its a boy who cross dresses or a girl who does the same I don’t care long as there are reasons to do so.

  3. sonicsenryaku says:

    this is what i had said elsewhere as an explanation to those confused about what happened this ep: (im not a manga reader by the way…just a guy with too much time on his hands who loves dissecting what he watches/reads)

    when the incident happened 21 years ago, parallel realities were created because you know, that’s what the w dimension does. One reality in which shiro saved enamori, and the other being the one where he didnt. The dimension in which he didnt save enamori existed because the numbered coil remained active. Mira explains that memories and events are usually backed up to the w dimension. Most of the time, this information eventually dissipates. At times, those memories or events can split into alternate realities; however, even those can be fleeting before converging back with reality. This dimension existed longer than it should have because the coil remained turned on.

    The older shiro who saved enamori, figured through professor kuroda, who was his professor in college and teh guy assisting them with the numbered coil project (that name seems like it’s going to be important in the future) that enamori’s memories ended up being tied to the coil and the w dimension as a result. This most likely happened when she hit her head and so her memories were stuck in limbo between their world and the w dimension. After the older shiro learned of this, he decided it would be best to keep the coil on and hide it somewhere safe. The younger shiro had always thought that enamori passed away…because well, she did and as such, he couldnt perceive her ghost because she thought that her frozen body within the coil was the enamori that existed in the older shiro’s dimension.

    Keep in mind that younger shiro probably wasnt aware of the reality split till some time later. Anywho, older shiro had also decided to keep the coil on because he felt that this was atonement for allowing his friends to die that day. he felt that if they could at least live on in another dimension, then that would make up for his “sin” of not saving them in his reality. However, the ghost were under the impression that shiro did this out of spite and cowardice of facing his past; the years of being in the w dimension drove them mad. When Mira broke the casing to the coil, revealing that young enamori was never encapsulated in it, young shiro was able to see young enamori again, but that’s because he now understood that enamori was saved.

    The ghost young shiro sees are the memories that older enamori lost after her accident (whenever older enamori dreamed, she would see the alternate reality through the younger enamori ghost) the memories that were in limbo between the w dimension and their dimension. After mira stabilized the core, the realities converged back into one, therefore things have gone back to normal. No more alternate reality, no more ghosts of yasogami. Older enamori knows who she is and a numbered coil has been safely retrieved by fox mulder and Dana Scully..i-i-i mean kyoma and mira..the end.

    And mira was transported to the past last ep because of her coil (connects things to the w dimension) and her mind accurately being able to depict the events of 21 years ago. keep in mind that sasaki’s novels are probably based on the violence that occured/was occuring in the past dimension)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep pretty much what everyone else is saying about the whole alternate world and alternate versions of past characters being re-created because of the numbered coil! I love how each of them do something different at least I hope they are different? I’m curious to see the others and what they can do.

  4. IreneSharda says:

    Ok, the whole ghost story thing was pretty confusing from beginning to end, and in the end, I really don’t think I want to know. Especially with that weird ending in regards to the maid being the daughter of the dam worker that the guy killed.

    But whatever, it was good to see the action parts. Mira continues to be that “piece of junk” and Kyoma still pretty much cares less about her even after all that she’s been through, but they still have an interesting dynamic.

    But to the most interesting part and what I didn’t see coming at all, was the butler actually being Loser in disguise, and Elizabeth being his daughter (or was that his son in disguise?)! Does Loser have both a son and a daughter? Or is it just the one son that was dressed in drag? And is that why Mira said there was something familiar about Elizabeth?

    I knew Loser would probably be on the scene since a number was involved, but he completely tricked me in where he actually came in. It would make sense that a man who had lost his face would learn how to adopt many, many more.

    Also, Albert was rather cool this time too, we learn that he was the sniper member of the Grendel group, and he sure is accurate from long distances.

    All in all, this was only an okay arc, but it gives us more ideas in terms of what the Numbers can do.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      his “son” has always been his daughter in disguise as a boy back in ep 2. i had even made a mention back then that his “son” seemed really feminine for some reason. It makes much more sense now, particularly why Mira mentioned last ep that she felt that had seen ellie before. If mira had kept scanning last ep, she would have been able to put 2 and 2 together but ellie stopped her. It seems that her role in this arc was to show off the reveal that she was the “boy” in ep 2 that her and loser are still after numbered coils.

      • BlackBriar says:

        At this point, it’s all theory until we get an irrefutable confirmation. Nothing more assuring than hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

      • IreneSharda says:

        I’m not so sure about that, considering how the son looked and the girl looked, it actually makes more sense to be the other way around. A boy with short brown hair hiding in the shadows to help his dad, putting on a disguise of a goth loli collector, hiding his brown hair under a blonde wig, who goes out in society as a girl to hide his identity and connection to his father, makes more sense than it being the other way around.

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          and i would have been on your side about that, except ellie clearly has boobs…and they arent just stuffing. It’s clear that they are anatomically attached to her body. She has cleavage; she has side boob. There’s more things that point to her being anatomically female than male. Also consider the fact that it could just be hair dye as well for the hair and not a wig. For all we know, the girl does have long hair that she was hiding underneath the hat all nice and rolled up in her boy disguise.

          • IreneSharda says:

            It would be very hard to hide all that blond hair under that brown hair and a cap. I would understand if it was the old girl hides her long hair under a paperboy cap, but the girl usually doesn’t have short hair under that. And then also, what would the point be anyway? She would be in a tower with no one else. No need for a disguise.

            They could actually be tricking us as well. Elizabeth shows up again in episode 6 and she now has a whole new hairstyle but still acts as girly girl, which is still at odds with the boy persona from episode 2. I’m beginning to think that there really are a pair of twins. One boy, one girl, and that’s why their eyes and faces look similar.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Well like I told BB above I don’t really care if its a guy or a girl who cross-dresses as long as they have a real reason? I assume it’s to keep Loser from being tracked if Elizabeth gets kidnapped or what not! She does have a knowledge of robotics so I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if she created a robotic “brother” as a puppet for certain missions or if she’s a robot herself? We don’t really know and I can’t shake the fact that she didn’t want Mira scanning her.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    ANN News: Yuuki Kaji Joins Dimension W Anime Cast

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I saw his name recently added to the MAL cast list for Dimension W and by the looks of his character design I’m going to guess hes a bad guy or another surprise Grendel member from Kyouma’s past.

      • BlackBriar says:

        ANN News: Dimension W to Premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami Block on February 27

        English Dub Cast:

        Kyoma Christopher R. Sabat
        Albert Eric Vale
        Mira Jad Saxton
        Loser J. Michael Tatum
        Mary Stephanie Young
        Koorogi Josh Grelle
        Shido Jeremy Schwartz

        Wow, my hunch on the First Impression hit the bull’s eye. Christopher Sabat is playing Kyoma!

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah this is p awesome! They are actually getting the dub on TV two weeks before Funimation streams it, but I sorta wish they would do another Space Dandy thing where they air it dubbed the same week it airs because were going to be on episode seven before they get started.

          Yaa Chris Sabat works! 😀

      • IreneSharda says:

        I’m thinking another Grendel member. Though looking at the past photo that they keep adding members too, There’s only two members that would fit that build that are standing in the background.

  6. Nerazim says:


    but on a more serious note, are we sure Loser was the butler? i can’t remember that reveal happening, and i remember in the manga (mostly because the english released chapter was pretty recent, so it’s harder to forget this bit) that it was implied heavily that Loser was one fo the policemen… but then, the policemen also had slightly more fleshed out roles in the manga, so…

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