Mechanorn – 29


The last MechaNorn of 2015!

winter15-fosh Hey! Welcome back to MechaNORN and yes in case you didn’t know these two Mecha shows will continue through winter season! I wanted Macross Delta to be added to this, but ill have to wait for spring…anyway on with the post!


Extra Mecha Fun

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We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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7 Responses to “Mechanorn – 29”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Heavy Object – 12: Quite possibly the series’ best arc yet and getting better, leaving the feel this was only a half satisfying victory and everything isn’t entirely resolved. Going by Milinda and Havia’s conversation, there were two Objects in play instead of one. Just one was taking a backseat observing, giving coordinates while the other was doing the actual work in attacking. If you ask me, that means the observing Object may be a flying type and the first of its kind in the series so far. For the first time since the first arc, I’m getting some tension from the warfare and that’s a good sign in my opinion.

    Once again, our two boys prove that without guts, there will be no glory. Havia did good holding off Bilany Saronna and her men while Qwenthur was clever using morse code through gunshots to carry intel over to Milinda to deliver the fatal blow. Since Bilany Saronna is also of the Legitimate Kingdom and Havia crossed her, screwing up her plans for his own reasons and gaining credit in the process, it begs to question whether there’ll be any future tension born from it. A part of me is surprised she didn’t still shoot Havia out of being a sore loser.

    All that improved pacing and development and still the highlight was the end with Qwenthur doing what everyone else wish they could: Groping Frolaytia to get that douchebag monkey off her back. A nice, justifiable excuse, too. I’ve looked around and everyone is praising but at the same time, cursing him for that. Lucky bastard! For his sake, Havia or Milinda best not find out. Either one or both might shoot him dead. Though jealous Milinda can be adorable to look at.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think there were two objects at work this week at least that is how they are making it out to be and YAY finally Milinda did something! About damn time.

      I dunno if id say using the gun to mimic morse code as being clever or just plain silly? It was certainly silly for me…

      LOL yeah that Qwen x Frolaytia bit was CRAZY and he lives to tell the tale later? Wow if Milinda knew she would kill everyone…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I wanted Macross Delta to be added to this, but ill have to wait for spring…

    But you should still consider yourself lucky. You get a new mecha series every season. There’s no shortage of your “food supply”, Fosh! 😛

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sometimes I mean sure I do get lucky…

      Then again that isn’t always the case especially with the winter season only having technically two with Active Raid and Schwarzesmarken? Personally I didn’t care to much for Active raid…yeah it was kinda fun, but I think it’s lacking something? Also I couldn’t care less about Schwarzesmarken because I was bored with the other take on Muv Luv so I dunno it still would have been nice to have Macross to fall back on.

  3. Tenkuro09 says:

    I loved Gundam series, I’m not even surprise they get 26 epsides since last year.

    What i do worry is the story is in Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans is the 2nd Heroines life “Atra Mixta” who is a supporting character, As far as i know many Gundam series killed the 2nd rate Heroines in the process of the story which the only part i hate(specially when they are too cute to die).

    Judging from this character “Ein Dalton”(Hated Character on my list) the guy whose desire is to kill the Tekkadan children for vengeance no matter what, Makes me imagine: What if he meet harmless kids like “Atra Mixta” and bloody murdered them?! Its gonna be another Heart Breaking scene like Gundam Age and Unicorn that i recently watched…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Gundam seems to be one thing Sunrise can always pump out and make them somewhat successful even though I will say AGE and Reconguitsa were bad while Gundam Build Fighters managed to push two seasons out and make them hits at least I found them to be enjoyable.

      Right were all waiting to see who survives this whole mess when things get crazy in the episode 15 – 26 range! I hope Atra doesn’t get killed in order to cause Mika to react…

      I’m super curious about Ein! When will he get his rematch against Mika and will he get a Gundam suit of his own?? Yeah true if given the chance Ein might kill Mika’s friends to get back at him and then we will get another endless cycle of revenge between the two.

    • IreneSharda says:

      Atra is a wonderful character, and I’m still pulling for her in the shipping bid. 😀

      I hope she doesn’t die, but it will all depend on what the series will do in later sections and what direction the series decides to go in. So far, the series seems to be inverting expectations, so we’ll see.

      And yeah, Ein could be a problem later on. He’s so bent on revenge (a pretty weak one at that), that it’s definitely going to lead to trouble.

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