Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 03

…yeah, she don’t like dogs…

So how crazy was it this week? Pretty darn crazy….

plot mover meets plot device…

There isn’t really a great deal to catch up on as far as plot is concerned, at this point it’s pretty basic. This is fine for the first portion of the series, as it’s good to have a familiar structure to hang their own story points. As it stands we have many factions doing all of the en media res planning they have to do to keep up their end of the plot. We have the police force that looks to be loyal to Uzal and her plans. We have parts of Team Fetish with their own agenda. And we have a shadowy stranger who has his own plans to set in motion. This is fairly boilerplate stuff.

If anything Nene’s oft-mentioned aunt Takumi Korobase is the one to watch for the time being. Unless I miss my guess, she’s a contrast to Nene. Whereas our main character is a human brain inside a fully cyborged body, Takumi is a computer brain with just enough meat to connect her to a limited cyborg body. Or something like that. To me the important part is the reticence Nene feels over her own body; she claims to be unable to know what is real at times. Takumi also lays down a plot thread in the moral resistance the rest of the world feels about cyborgs. Which to say again, both ideas are fairly standard boilerplate stuff in a Shirow production.

…I totally don’t blame Takumi…

Thankfully the rest of the program is pretty much all Rokudou, as we get to learn a great deal about the characters in just how they clash with the environment or with other characters in the most broad of comedic moments. For me the most notable is how much importance that Takumi places in Uzal’s mechanization, assuming that Clarion’s obsessiveness about keeping people away from her ears just has to be a well constructed subterfuge, and it may just turn out to be just that subversive in terms of subtext.

As of right now, that wave-form remains collapsed, but it’s fun to approach the box and contemplate the radiation in there. I also enjoy how many of the holograms in the show are looking to be “solid light” which underscores and plays into the Magical Girl vibe they play with from time to time in Nene. Of course, only Takumi was using it this episode…but it’s there to manipulate. So I look forward to that being part of the system. I like it when magic and tech blend in appearance, and they’re doing it with some neat designs here…

…now it comes in remote control!!!!

But at last we have plans opposing plans. I didn’t really know that Uzal’s glasses would be that important, but they might just be a MacGuffin? Just like Clarion’s ears? It hardly matters as now we have to keep up with the little lion that could in BUER? His much larger counterpart is probably not out of commission, and probably has more functions than just kill kill destroy destroy…

This episode’s only real pause was probably the commercial break. Which I thought was a really cool way to emulate how fast paced cyberspace can be with pretty much always on cyberbrains and always on backstabbing plots collide. But if we can take away one good plot point it’s the difference between the type of cyborg Nene is and the type that Takumi is and how something like Clarion can fit in the middle. They already broached that Clarion can be accessed “wirelessly” and boy are they really hitting home how “hackable” those neckports are, and how bendable reality can be when all these ideas clash.Things are brewing and bubbling this episode, and they haven’t settled down yet. I rather like that sort of feeling and I’ll be back next time to see what’s up…

kpandora 3-1


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6 Responses to “Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 03”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    “This is a story of girl meets girl. It is not about anything else” – Intro.

    I expect the grand finale of Archer Vs Caster. Somehow.

    Takumi = legal LOLi. Also uses the future version of Windows.

    I am actually enjoying this despite the lack of a hardcore plot. It’s amusing and at time things get ridiculous. Like the huge washing machine-dryer. I wouldn’t mind that. I also wouldn’t mind putting my consciousness is a LOLi Ghost Urn. >_> Beginning to understand the title.

    • skylion says:

      I think it will have something close to a hardcore plot. We can see some of Shirow’s influence already, but thankfully it looks like Rokudou has the biggest say in how the story moves. So don’t be surprised if while watching they rope-a-dope us with massive plots while plying us with loli…

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    Uh…Miss me guys….Um anyways

    I think that Clarion Girl is such a…uh…rabid cat, that who doesn’t want to touch her “ears” by anybody…Hmmm, I wonder whats in her ears anyway?

  3. Highway says:

    The ear thing could just be programmed to be like a real cat. They don’t like having their ears touched either.

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