Dimension W – 03

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Mira-“Gosh I hope nobody thinks i’m strange…”

winter15-foshThe adventures of our coil hunters continues and this week the episode seemed to take things a bit slower with the focus being spent more on Mira adapting to her new life with Kyouma, but hey it’s always great to change things up from week to week instead of it being the illegal coil of the week.


Robots with feelings

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Mira had some great reaction faces this week.

Being different is a tough thing to deal with when you’re just trying to fit in with the rest of the world and just like Mira this week I think most of us can relate to dealing with that at one point in our life unless maybe you are the coolest person in the world with no problems fitting in? Either way it’s an easy subject to add to a character to make them a bit more relatable to the audience. I love how Dimension W added that to her character and given the fact that she has to keep her secret about being a robot from everyone she meets except for the kids she saved this week is also interesting; however she really has no idea how to be human since nobody is around to teach her or did Dr. Yurizaki teach her a few things on pretending to be a human? I imagine he did at some point, but yeah those kids we saw in the first episode found out about her being a robot after she got head knocked off in front of them! I’m a bit surprised those kids still want to be friends with her after seeing something that disturbing! Just kidding I think any kid at that age would love to have a robot for a friend or will her new friendship with Shiora Skyheart actually work out or not so much? I mean why else did they point out the fact that Shiora is the granddaughter of Claire Skyheart aka the new Tesla COO? Now I don’t think Shiora will her grandma about Mira being a robot for any personal gain, but they are setting something up for later or are they planning on having Mira risk more than her head next time to save those kids to prove to Claire that she isn’t an evil machine? Whatever they plan to do with Shiora and Mira at least we can all agree that it was kind of nice to see Mira make some friends.

More Kyouma

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I’m gonna guess that Kyouma has lots of nightmares…

We didn’t really get a whole lot on Kyouma this week besides a few bits and pieces of his broken memories from his dreams and we quickly get reminded that he doesn’t have much experience interacting with Mira or people in general given his loner personality, but that is to be expected since we really have no idea if he lived with anyone before or maybe he was always that way? Besides the odd interactions with Mira we learned a bit more about the number coils that Loser was hunting! Basically they are experimental coils and they pull more energy from deep inside the W dimension while normal coils only pull from the surface? I can almost bet that neon green coil that Dr. Yurizaki had was one of those numbered coils, but at least we have confirmation from Albert Schumann that the illegal coils do in fact cause black holes to appear. Speaking of Albert what was he talking to Claire about regarding Kyouma or is it someone else? If it’s Kyouma what are they going to ask him to do? I’d imagine he will be asked to find Dr. Yurizaki or something related to him at least. And one final thing what was going on at the end ?! Was that robot killing that random human or did something else kill him? I guess were gonna find out next time.

Extra robots

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Now I know that wasn’t the most amazing episode of Dimension W so far, but I think it was nice to see things take a break from the coil hunting of the week even though we really haven’t seen Kyouma and Mira find any illegal coils yet! Maybe were getting a short breather before it actually turns into coil hunting weekly? Either way I guess these kinds of episodes are to be expected; however this was more about Mira adapting to her new surroundings with Kyouma and making friends with some kids and sure it was the usual antics of a guy living with a girl such as walking in on someone in the bathroom! At least Mira didn’t scream and slap Kyouma across the face! That and Kyouma isn’t the type to play into those harem tropes like falling on top of Mira like Rito of ToLoveRu or some other trashy harem lead character.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Dimension W – 03”

    • BlackBriar says:

      Normally, that would be followed by the typical “No!” then a slap to the face. If it happened here, we’d be hearing Kyouma’s spine cracking again from the twisting.

  1. BlackBriar says:

    A change in pacing but enjoyable regardless and a good means of seeing our two leads get to know each other since they’re supposed to be a team. Always interesting to see that a machine is trying to be what it can’t.

    I’d call Shiora hiding Mira’s secret coincidental. What are the odds the grandchild of a New Tesla big shot hanging around an underprivileged part of the city? It’s still cutting it close, though. If any one of them suddenly comes down and catches Mira off guard, it’s not going to be pretty. Unlikely but nothing’s certain.

    At this point, we can be sure Albert Schumann is trying to recruit Kyouma for something. The first episode, he made it clear he’s intent on making Kyouma his pawn. Claire Skyheart strikes me as different. She’s aware New Tesla isn’t good at heart and shows remorse acknowledging she’s part of a company that wronged its own founder and doesn’t blame him if he was simply out for retribution. Seems she wanted to meet Kyouma to confirm something herself.

    What we also got from the exposition is that the “Numbers” coils, where power output is concerned, makes the official coils look like disposable trinkets. We saw the unsightly damage the Dimensional Collapse from an illegal coil wrought and that was a “Class “C” accident”. Imagine if one of the numbers caused one.

    • skylion says:

      Normal coils= somewhat sensible energy program, Numbers= teh evuls of unsustainable fuels i.e. Cthulhu rising from the ocean…

  2. skylion says:

    If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a duck; unless it can survive sudden head removal, then it might be a robot…duck.

    Mira probably picked up “human stuff” as she went along, and how well she picked it up is up to how much the writers want to exploit either her ignorance or how well she gets it. But hey, she’s got a good head on her…shoulders.

    …and Shinoa for the win!

  3. HannoX says:

    I’d say Kyouma has a severe case of PTSD from his time in Grendel.

    I liked this episode. You need one of these downtime episodes from time to time and it gave Mira some character development. Plus with the addition of Claire Skyheart we got a hint of things to come in the plot department.

    I agree Shinoa for the win. I’m sure she’s not supposed to be slumming in the more questionable parts of town, but it just shows her spirit and how she’s not going to let the rules no doubt set for her rule her life. I think we’ll be seeing more of her and her friends. I certainly hope so!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Whoops, there. The granddaughter’s name is Shiora, not “Shinoa”. Perhaps another character was coming to mind…

  4. IreneSharda says:

    This was a good down time episode, every series needs one of those every so often. I still remember that as being one of my only complaints about the second half of the original FMA, it kept ramping things up to the point that there was no down time at all for large chunks of episodes. If felt as if you were going to get a heart attack from all the tension and rapid pace.

    As for the episode, I think we needed some down time between Kyoma and Mira and how they are now trying to get along together, despite one being a luddite and the other a sophisticated android.

    I thought Mira was adorable. I can’t say that she really has to learn to be human persay. In fact I find it very interesting how much Mira has been put together to be as human as she could possibly be, and because of that she really wants to be treated like one. However, there are moments that she’s reminded that really is just a large well put together piece of hardware. And you feel a little sympathy for her when she smiles that sad smile, like she’s a female Pinocchio that will never be a real girl.

    As for Kyoma, it’s probably a bigger adjustment. He’s got such a dark past and is really against coils and any future tech. He doesn’t think Mira should need anything, but thankfully she can speak up for what she needs. The scene on the toilet was actually kind of funny as instead of playing out how a normal anime cliche scene would have, she actually explains in great detail as to why she would have to use the toilet in a very AI-fashion, while Kyoma is just listening, not getting the least bit flustered, since in his mind, it’s basically like seeing Robbie the Robot in your bathroom.

    It will be interesting seeing the two of them influence each other and get used to each other being at their home.

    I am wondering what Claire and Albert were talking about with Kyoma and when she said she met another beast of Grendel, was Albert part of Grendal too? I knew the two had know each other from the past, but I didn’t know he was part of the same special ops group.

    Also, the part with the Numbers was interesting. So, the Numbers were what was used before the main towers were built and they are very powerful. I’m really interested in seeing what Loser wants with them and how they will figure into the plot.

  5. Nerazim says:

    YES, Dimension W is probably one of my most avidly followed anime this season, alongside Boku dake ga Inai Machi (aka ERASED), and it’s honestly more interesting than anything i’ve tried for the last season as well.
    Mira is BEST ROBUTT GURL, and… and… idk what else to put in my first comment there in so damn long…

    it was a little disconcerting to be reading Fosh’s super question-fest style again (almsot sounds like you’re confused half the time, mate, tho i must admit it’s grown on me), but i’ll get used to it again in no time :’)

    • skylion says:

      Hey, welcome back to Metanorn Nerazim. I fished your comment out of our spam filter. If it looks like some of your future comments don’t show up, please let us know, our Spammy is quite hungry most of the time.

      LOL. That’s Fosh’s style dude. Just like mine is being an overbearing arse!!!!

      • Nerazim says:

        thanks for the welcome, and i’ll drop a note if i see it (it appears fixed to me though).
        Spammy’s probably asleep…
        i hope…

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