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Some promises are meant to be kept.

Where did the weekend go? There I was, bumming around the sofa because I was basically exhausted last week. I did get a lot of rest but didn’t do anything productive except for maybe reading One Piece manga. Anyways, on to Noragami, things sure escalated quickly. Compared to manga, the anime progress has been quite fast but I’m pretty sure it’s all good for viewers due to less drama. Seriously, there are time that you don’t need too much drama in your life. No dramaaaaa please!

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At a glance, the relationship between Hiyori and Yato is more than complicated. Hiyori has given Yato a lot of boost since he met her. She basically made him homier than the idiot delivery god he started with. Even helped deal with Yukine’s initial problems. She basically has been the voice of reason throughout and in some case more than a sidekick to support him in his endeavours. However, what does the future hold? The dreamers have already paired them together and I love this duo but how can a human even end up with a lesser God, who doesn’t even have a proper place among the gods? He strives to be a famous god but will he ever achieve that status? But then he found Yukine and he sure has turned out to be an amazing shinki. It took him time to get to this place from all the angst in season one but his recovery was influenced by Hiyori as well. In a way, this trio function as a dysfunctional family that just comes together nicely (so apparent in the ending theme), so whatever happens, these three will always share a special bond.

On the other hand, Suzuha sure kicked the bucket hurriedly, even when he had all the traits of a likeable character. But then all those smiles and flashbacks were death flags when you have a character like Kugaha lurking about in the shadows. Noragami is sad when you see it in this view, which I never paid attention to before as I like such stories but yes, its not all flowers and butterflies. People and shinkis die. Pretty sure even gods can die if killed in this scenario. Things are not black and white alone and a lot of things simply run by emotions. The shinkis’ deeds affecting their gods is indeed a very nice touch. Even when half of the characters are dead and unseen by humans, there has been a lot of humanisation of shinkis in their pain and past/present regrets. They are not just tools rather humans with an added feature to protect/destroy. This really becomes a highlight of the story. After all, you end up empathising with Yukine losing his friend and hate Bishamon for her silent tyranny.

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The Bishamon clan is just a group of scheming wives. Everyone wants Mr. husband’s Bishamon’s attention and would do anything to get it. Some are just plainly ignored, while others play some part or the other in the whole scheme of things being her armour. However much she hates Yato, she should look into her own collar to see how she has just been collecting loners and misfits into her fold. Gods are supposed to be caring and to their shinkis, more like a parent/guardian. Has she been doing her duty properly? No. Yes, she’s an amazingly powerful god, who can smite the baddies in a jiffy but sadly can’t maintain her own household. It shows you how lonely she is even in a crowd. Kazuma is probably the only one who gets her and there is familiarity between them but still, she can’t look at her own actions objectively. The reason Kugaha could cause all the background drama without much effort. Their system of overpopulation with flat hierarchy crumbled under very small pressure.

So, I am sure no one was surprised on his open rebellion against Kazuma. After all, the tête-à-tête between Nora and Kugaha was no big secret. It was easy put two and two together about Nora scheming with him. Nora manages to be as revolting as ever with her cryptic talk. I swear, I want to punch her every time she’s on screen… Not to mention, I am quite unhappy with the kidnapping of Hiyori. Really, she is the last person to be involved between Yato and Bishamon but then again, she is important to Yato so this was an easy choice. Besides, I really feel bad for Kazuma, who became a bad guy for doing the right thing. He saved Yukine and almost saved Hiyori as well; too bad, Kugaha hoodwinked him with his mumbojumbo but hopefully not for long.

I am liking the progress so far. Also, the character growth is most welcome. Even when the story didn’t dwell too long on Suzuha and the hoard of Bishamon’s shinki, you could see them getting depressed and even cornered in not getting her favour. But man, there is so much wrong there with how she treats them. She can at least smile and not be so distant but oh well, that’s how she is. Don’t expect any cuddles!

It broke my heart to see Yukine lose a friend, who had given him normality after a long time. He had every rights to scream at Bishamon as someone should really lay it on for her. Yuki Kaji got some nice screaming dialogues… heh, it’s his turf alright.

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Next time, we will be getting some much needed background about what really transpired between Bishamon and Yato. And even if I dissed Bishamon a bit too much, she has a reason to be distant from her Shinkis. Stay tuned for next episode with Kara!


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12 Responses to “Noragami Aragoto – 03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, everything is going to hell real quick and I’m pissed so much is falling in place for Kugaha so well. I’m tempted to slug him one when it does. Even Kazuma’s fallen into a trap. Hopefully, it means Kugaha’s comeuppance will that much more satisfying because the guy is proving to be quite the dirtbag. Oh, let’s not forget Nora who’s overdue for hers since last season and still hasn’t experienced retribution.

    Kazuma certainly has made events seem twisted up saying Yato’s actually Bishamon’s savior. So I’m guessing him destroying her Regalias back then for a yet to be elaborated reason was a good thing. A reason she, herself, isn’t/wasn’t aware of. Which is weird because since the first season, you’re given the impression these gods know everything there is when it concerns Regalias.

    • Kyokai says:

      I know in the first season, there was a bit of subtlety but this time around, things did escalate quickly, which is fine by me. I hate the concept of Noras in general and this Nora sure is hateful. It’s funny how I come to hate most of the characters voiced by Rie Kugimiya. >> And yes, I would love Kugaha’s ass kicking soon!

      Episode four tells you everything you need to know what transpired. Gods should know everything but here they are not that omnipotent. Problem with Bishamon is the number of her shinki. They are just too many for her to trace, who is causing her the most grief or corrupting her without knowing. On another note, wasn’t Kazuma cuter with long hair? Aaah, it’s sad how he changed with time. :/

  2. skylion says:

    Given how much Yato strains with Yukine’s weight, you have to multiply that with Bishamon. The distance is understandable, but really no one forced her to acquire such a large regalia. Kugaha and and Kazuma might even be working towards the same ends, freeing the shinki from her. But one obviously has his own oars in the water.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The distance is understandable, but really no one forced her to acquire such a large regalia.

      The last spirit Bishamon saved within these first three episodes, prior to that, Kazuma asked her “You’re going to save yet another spirit?” He knew she had long passed the acceptable quantity of Regalias. There is such a thing as being too nice.

      • skylion says:

        There is also overestimating you own abilities. If we’ve seen anything about shinki, you get the whole package. Fetters to our mortal world and all. No end of trouble that.

        • Kyokai says:

          Bishamon is a very powerful god and the reason she can still take in a lot of shinkis. But yes, she is definitely overdoing it. Her character is flawed yet vulnerable. Her past loss of family of shinkis make her save every possible corrupted soul she comes across that she can save. She can’t save everyone and should have known better but oh well.

  3. akagami says:

    Next time, we will be getting some much needed background about what really transpired between Bishamon and Yato.

    Hmm, you don’t say? I liked that part from the manga, maybe I’ll pick this back up (2-4, here I come!!!) Let’s see if it sticks this time, as I like some of the cast, and maybe I’ll warm to the rest ^^

  4. akagami says:

    Hmm, enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd episode more than the first, as there was less focus on Yato being Yato. Not sure why he doesn’t realize being all secretive with Yukine isn’t helping matters. Sure, throwing people off a cliff might work in some situations, but only if you have the skills to be able to navigate through that situation. Yukine is still pretty much a newborn child.

    Also looks like Kazuma has too much on his plate. After serving as her Regalia for so long, he should have realized that there would be some dysfunctional aspects within the Bishamon family. That he missed so many clues and let himself get hoodwinked means he needs to establish a larger circle of trust and operations than just himself.

    Go Hiyroi!!!

    • akagami says:

      Also, I might be in the minority, but I like Nora, after Hiyori. She’s crazy twisted, in a no-idea-what-she’s-thinking way. An interesting villain, unlike Kugaha, who is a megalomaniac who happened to be the trusted doctor. He doesn’t even have a good back story or motive.

      Speaking of, I’m curious if he’s become a Nora. Clearly Kugaha isn’t his name anymore, somehow. Can shinki revoke their own name?

      • Kyokai says:

        Yato is a protective person even with the silly delivery god visage he keeps playing at. He genuinely cares about Yukine (like a parent), and tried to protect him from the bad things but of course to no avail.

        Kazuma was a bit distracted with the whole Yato business. As well, he trusted on all shinkis under Bishamon’s protection. He never thought any of them would rebel against Bishamon herself. This clearly tells you he just slipped up due to trust.

        I love Hiyori as a character. Nora, not so much. But yes, she has a whole personality and a backstory to match her growth. She is not as pointless as Kugaha but then again, he has a purpose in the story as well. Now, let’s hope Bishamon wakes up to the reality and things work out in the next episode.

        • akagami says:

          I feel Yato is like that over-protective parent, who says “No” without explaining the why. Although its effectiveness is debatable among children, let alone teens (not from experience, thankfully), I imagine it would only work in situations where there is absolute authority. Sheltered kids just get that much more shell-shocked by situations.

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