First Impressions – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

It’s time for Gundam shirtless men addition

winter15-foshWooooooooooooooo! Time for a brand new Gundam series and I really hope non-Gundam fans will check out the first episode and who knows maybe you might find it to be interesting? I know most see Gundam as something you can’t get into because you haven’t seen the past series, but fear not you don’t have to! Seriously you can watch this without prior knowledge of anything Gundam.



Anime War.  Anime War never changes, but there is an addendum to this. Anime War may never change, but sometimes that plucky band of orphans/rebels/middle-high school students piloting super weapons that can take on an entire army are actually worth watching!


spring15-irenes It’s Oliver Twist–in space! –with guns! “‘Ello, Gov’na! May I please ‘ave some ‘ore?”


Sadness in the future

gundam (6)

The main characters table.

Fosh// Oooooh man I remember seeing the trailer for this new Gundam series and getting so hyped for it, but I also had the same feelings toward Gundam AGE and Gundam G no Reconguista whenever I saw those trailers way back and since I finished those I think it’s just about any hardcore Gundam fan will tell you both of those past series were terrible! So why did those suck so much? Id guess the lack of a serious stories for both? AGE was mostly from the perspective of children for ever arc, but I did enjoyed their unique multi arc story which followed three generations of one family of Gundam Pilots. That idea about each generation getting to take this Gundam that was passed down from family to family and upgraded it was cool; however AGE was still aimed at a very young audience like fourteen id guess especially given the fact that every main pilot was about fourteen? Also since nobody really died AGE it wasn’t really taken serious at all.

Reconguista on the other hand was really confusing and most of the time it was hard to tell which side was evil and which side was good, but going into the first episode of Iron Blooded Orphans it will be hard to tell if this one will be a success or will it? I have high hopes that Okada Mari can do something special for Blood Orphans. I think she will do great because she has worked on some mecha series in the past like Aquarion EVOL, AKB0048 and M3 The Dark Metal yeah I know most people dropped that lame series super fast, but if you managed to watch that all the way through you will know she made that series super tragic! So she did what she was hired to do and how could we forget she also did WIXOSS, AnoHana and Nagi no Asukara which all had tragic stories.

gundam (10)

Atra Mixta has a crazy name, but she is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto <3

So what will make this new Gundam sad and tragic? Well for starters the main cast seems to be mostly consisting of childhood soldiers which means most were probably taken by force or their families are all dead? Typical stories I know and the fact these pilots were experimented on to become mecha pilots, I did notice they have these tubes hooked into their backs whenever they go into battle which power their suits and I think the fuel is probably their blood given the name of the series Iron Blooded Orphans. Aside from that we have that whole political side involving a princess from Mars? Yes I know everybody and their grandma is sick and tired of hearing about freaking Mars every time a space themed anime comes around, but think about it in real life were always talking about living on Mars in the future so you can blame NASA and the damn news for that or maybe writers just play it safe and pick Mars because why not?

Anyway I don’t know how much were going to get from the princess character, but I have a feeling her story won’t hit for a while! Until then we will get to know more about Mikazuki Augus, Orga Itsuka, Biscuit Griffon and maybe Atra Mixta? Speaking of Atra she might be a possible love interest for Mikazuki even though everyone is going to assume the OTP is the Mars princess Kudelia Aina Bernstein and Mikazuki; however DO NOT go into this seeking romance especially since Okada Mari is behind the scenes and Gundam isn’t really known for couples surviving! I’m looking at you Gundam 00! Anyway I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and with twenty-four episodes the plot is going to take a while so sit back and enjoy the show.

Oliver Twist in Space

gundam (15)

Welp someone isn’t going to be in the second episode!

Samsura// This.  This is exactly what I want out of a good wartime mecha show.  We get the characters backstory told through a short flash back where there faces tell you more about their personalities than any transparent dialogue could.  The titular giant robot shows at the very last moment, in a scene so good that I immediately started looking at per-ordering the gunpla.  We get a naive princess shot down in only a few lines of dialogue, a bunch of absolutely horrible (and goofy looking) military commanders that absolutely no one would mind if they stepped on a land mine.  Plus, just the right amount of plucky orphan death.

So what is going on with Oliver Twist in Space?  Well our band of orphans are a bunch of cannon fodder mercenaries with implants jammed into their spines so they can be better pilots (and so we can see their abs).  They are living on Mars, and the martian people are sick and tired of being exploited for the benefit of the Earth.  You see, this is turning the paradigm made by Aldnoah Zero on its head.  Really big ideas we’re working with.  Anyhow, as we soon learn, some people aren’t that interested in Martian independence.  Sadly, these people are from an organization called Gjallarhorn, and they have no problem kicking around a bunch of sad but loveable orphans.  Kicking them with giant robots…

gundam (4)

Blaw blaw escort mission blaw blaw

One thing that I love about this shows righting is how absolutely horrible every adult has been.  Literally, the more lines these people get the more scummy they become.  But lets talk about characters who will actually stick around.  First we have Mika and Orga.  Mika comes from a long and distinguished line of emotionless mecha pilots, with that lovely spice of loyalty.  Orga has a bit more meat on his bones, as the Artful Dodger figure to this band of street rats.  Orga is both the fearless leader of the group, leading the boys into battle, taking orders from the higher ups, and he clearly is a man who plans ahead.  He quite happily sabotaged his horrible subordinates and has no regrets about using possibly forbidden technology.  But how he feels about Mika is still a bit complicated to piece together.  I get the distinct impression Orga is frightened of Mika, probably because of his emotionless nature.  I trust Mari Okada (the main writer on the show) to use this character dynamic to great effect.  I look forward to seeing how these characters interact with other people like the instantly likable Biscuit, the obligatorily naive Aina.  Plus that girl with the crush on Mika we haven’t met yet.

gundam (12)

I hate that strange pointy piece of hair on Orga’s face…

Aside from some good character writing, what else does this episode offer?  Well the factions are a bit confusing at this point, I’m not sure if the guys attacking and that Gjallarhorn group are all united, or if there are anymore key figures to meet on the Martian side.  But that stuff all comes in time. Most importantly, this episode’s second half is almost purely dedicated to one great fight sequence.  The initial confrontation between the Mobile Workers is fast paced and exciting.  Seeing Mika literally drive circles around the attackers while Orga commands the troops totally got my blood pumping.  I’m already in love with the OST, which so far has really served to make the battles even more intense.  The fight was good, I care about the characters, nothing more to say than go and watch this.

A letter to Sunrise

gundam (1)

I hope Sunrise heard you Irene! I really do.

Irenesharda// I have been a Gundam fan for a long time, a little more than a decade now I think, and so I can’t help but be interested every time the long-time franchise puts out their newest offering. However, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a Gundam series that I’ve been excited for. I don’t come to Gundam for the mechs themselves. I do like their power and their look, but my number one interest in Gundam has been and always will be, the story. I love the space opera, the wars, the politics, the characters! That’s what I come to any mech series for. The mechs themselves bring such a new life to the fighting within the world, so I take time to check each one of them out to see if any of them are worth my time.

For the past few years, Gundam has been striking out on their main series offerings. Their latest, G-Reco was one of the biggest missed opportunities in a long time, and it was disappointing to say the least. However, even so, I was excited for their newest offering: Iron-Blooded Orphans and hope that this time…just maybe, my excitement wouldn’t be in vain.

Thank you Sunrise, for not disappointing me.

Brothers in Arms


Just a couple of bros~

Truly, Oliver Twist, was the story that came to mind when I began to watch this. I was reminded of Fagin, Dodger, Charley, and Oliver, or at least their slightly more moral counterparts, within the main hero team of this series. The “Iron-Blooded Orphans” the series is named for, happen to be the young child soldiers/orphan slave workers of Chryse Guard Security Company (CGS), in a future world that is holding onto a fragile peace. It’s your usual start to many a mech series. A huge war occurred more than 300 years prior to present day, which has since been called “The Calamity War”. Most people in the series just refer to it as, “the war”. Since that time, the world changed and the governments and nations we know today are gone. Now, there’s new ones, and one of those governing bodies seeded a colony on Mars, the aforementioned Chryse. However, after time went by, those of Mars have become tired of how they are ruled by those from Earth, and tensions have become high as the Martians of Chryse are pushing for independence from the motherland.

There’s actually quite a bit of exposition in this first episode, but it’s done in a slightly different way than other series, like Heavy Object, have done. Instead of a huge chunk of narration, we are introduced to pretty much all of our main and secondary cast in a single episode, and the writers just let them all go at it. And it’s through their semi-natural dialogue that we get an idea of the story’s setting and the outline of the plot.

gundam (3)

Such a cool looking Gundam.

But getting back to our young orphans, we have our two main characters: Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka. Short on stature and but not on ability or nerves, Mika is our MC hero ace pilot of the series, and for right now, I like him a lot. He’s a boy of a few words, and he doesn’t seem to possess much emotion at first, but you can immediately see that he shares a very close bond with the other orphan boys of CGS’ Third Group and with its leader, Orga. From the very start of the series, we see both Orga and Mika as childhood friends that have been together for a very long time, having gone through some very hard times together. Orga immediately is seen as an ambitious, yet responsible leader type, who looks out for all the men under him. He takes his role as their leader seriously and wants them to have a better life than the crappy one they have now. Mika is extremely close to him, and will follow Orga anywhere. This isn’t a knock to Mika himself, he knows his strengths and he trusts his best friend completely.  

The boys of the Third Group aren’t treated very well, to say the least. They work for CGS with little to no pay, to the point where they are considered completely separate from the First Group who are actual “employees”. They are housed on base with several boys to a room, with lousy conditions and very few comforts. They get the worst of everything from clothes to food, many of them muscular and wiry from their hard labor, and yet still malnourished. They are given the worst and most dangerous jobs, and are thought of as “rats” that are just there for their boss’ and his underlings sick enjoyment, as well as to serve as human shields. And worst of all, saying that they are “iron-blooded” is actually a more literal term than originally thought, (well, more literal than the fact that ALL human beings are in fact “iron-blooded”, which is why our blood is red in the first place)  and that it’s because they were forced to have their bodies mutilated in order to implant an anachronistic,  interface piloting system into their very spines that connects to the mobile workers they used out in the field. The higher ups refer to this system as the space rats’ “whiskers”.

One thing that’s immediately obvious about all these boys in CGS’ Third Group is that they are all very close and very loyal to one another. They are a band of brothers who through their similar circumstances, will fight and die together if necessary. From the very young to the older veterans, they look out for each other, and watch each others’ backs. And that’s going to be very important in the days to come, as the arrival of certain young miss, turns their day to day lives upside-down, and is about to give them a chance to find the freedom and lives they desire.

A Martian Princess

gundam (11)

She sure is cute, but how long will it last.

I was quite hesitant when introduced to Kudelia Aina Bernstein. After “the show that shall not be named”, I’m wary of any blonde princess or princess-like figures from Mars. And while I’m still cautious in regards to her character, she hasn’t set off any alarm bells as of yet. Gundam usually has a few female characters, and as of recently many have had a “princess-like” character. Kudelia (she’s not really a princess, but is the daughter of the Martian Representative to Earth), is the supposed leader of the independence movement in Chryse. I think they might be confusing “leader” and “icon” of a movement, since we haven’t really seen the girl do anything really leaderly concerning the movement, but maybe we’ll see more in the future. Her part in this is so telegraphed that you could repeat it in your sleep. She’s on her way to have peace talks with Earth, but someone close to her sells her out, and Earth’s military force “Gjallarhorn”, wants her for themselves, so they stage a plan to kidnap her from her current mission, etc. etc. You guys know this by heart by now.

As for Kudelia’s personality, she’s a normal rich girl who has what I call, the “Princess Jasmine Syndrome”. She wants to see the world outside of her rich familiar walls and she acts like she knows what’s going on out there, but really has no clue. This is nowhere more apparent than when she crosses paths with our titular orphans. Her scene with Mika is one of the most powerful in the episode, and serve to show the gulf that stands between her and the human rats of Mars. Mika is a grounded, down to Earth character with very little tact. When he does say something, he just tells things as they are without any coat of sugar or verbal cushion. Kudelia wants to share the pain of these boys, but that is an incredibly presumptuous idea to have. How can you share in someone’s pain if you don’t know even half of what they’ve been through? Mika’s hands are dirty in more ways than one, and he’s seen and done things that she couldn’t even dream of. They were never equal to begin with, and for her to assume so on first meeting without even knowing them, was incredibly naive.

Her naivety becomes more obvious when the Gjallarhorn military attack the base to take her away and set up CGS for the fall. She has no idea that a trap was even a possibility, and didn’t even think that her life could possibly be in danger on this venture. It’s up to those around her, from her maid to the orphan boys to keep her alive and safe. I can’t blame her for being sheltered, but I’m hoping that this entire experience will be quite the eye opener for her so that she can be a better leader to this cause of hers.


gundam (7)

Sunrise is watching you Shaft.

The fight between the CGS Third Group orphans and the Gjallarhorn troops is the highlight of the episode and it excites me for the action we will see in the series going forward. Mika is definitely the best fighter of the group, and as the MC, of course he was going to fight this series’ main Gundam unit, the Barbatos. However, I like that he doesn’t suddenly get the knowledge of how to operate this 300+ year old mech that they’ve been using as a souped up reactor engine for the base, but that he’s been training in the field for years, and that unlike his other orphan brethren, he’s actually had the interface implant surgery 3 times, and his abilities and reaction time has improved because of it. So it makes sense that he become the new Gundam pilot.

Orga shows his natural leadership abilities during the battle, leading his men like a general leading an army, and he has a charisma about him that inspires his men, giving them the same determination that he himself holds. He’s not at all surprised when the president and the First Group all skip town and leave them to die while they get away, and instead of getting angry and having tech-wiz, Biscuit Griffon, blow up all their vehicles, he uses them to his own advantage to lead forces away from his own boys. Orga takes care of his own, and he’s not afraid to do what’s necessary to protect him and his. All Orga desires is to find a place where he and his men can belong, and by God, he is going to live and do all he can to achieve that dream.

Now that the main Gundam is out and the obligatory one-dimensional bad guy #1 is dead, it won’t be any time at all before the Gjallarhorn forces back off and regroup. What shall happen in the aftermath, I don’t know. Will Third Group continue with their mission and take Kudelia to Earth as was their mission? Or will they decide not to now that their boss has skipped town? And piloting the Gundam seemed to take quite a physical toll on Mika. What are the costs of piloting such an ancient weapon of war? And will war be upon them faster than any of them thinks? What will be the cost to defying the Earth Sphere’s military strong-arm of the law?

Fk Ya Extra Gundam Manservice

gundam (5)

Who needs shirts while piloting robots?

gundam (8)

Dayum son so ripped.

gundam (13)

Someone is missing nipples! I guess wait for those BD specials.

gundam (14)

How long will the blonde guy survive?!


gundam (9)


End thoughts 


That was fun and I still fully believe you can watch this without seeing any past Gundam stuffs, but between Gundam Blooded Orphans, Heavy Object, Aquarion LOGOS and Comet Lucifer this is a fantastic time to be a mecha fan! Then again most are probably only watching one of those series on that short list of giant robot themed anime, but yeah this new Gundam has some promise behind it and it looks visually stunning! I just hope that we aren’t blinded by the pretty artwork or shirtless dudes without focusing on the important stuff! THE STORY and I swear if anyone says this new Gundam is a straight up copy of the show that shall not be named yes I’m totally taking a page from Irene! Just because there just so happens to be a dumb princess from Mars ill smack you through the monitor! And yes I know most series today are clones of something.


I’m just so excited for this new series that I’m positively giddy. It’s been a long time since the premiere episode to a Gundam series has made me so excited, and I can’t wait until the next episode. For the most part, the majority of our characters are pretty likable, and while the story itself is rather standard, I don’t mind. For Gundam, it’s what works and I’m fine with it. My biggest interest is the characters. The orphans are all a cool and interesting bunch of underdogs that you want to root for and see them shake off the chains of the crappy life they’ve had up until now. I don’t know the whole story behind Mars’ independence movement yet, but as we get a bigger picture of what’s going on there, I’ll be able to form a better opinion of what’s going on on that front. Kudelia isn’t bad, she has plenty of room to grow as a character and I hope she takes advantage of it. My only question now, is who shall be this series’ Char Clone? Practically all Gundam series have one, and there are some pretty prime candidates seen this episode, but we’ll have to wait and see what is to come.

If the episode or even my review of it was just a little too much for you to understand, and you happened to have missed the trailer, the setting, backstory, and bios of the characters, as well the pretty sweet OP song, Raise Your Flag by MAN ON A MISSION, is here for your enjoyment.


OK, I have a little more to say.  Without naming names, what separates this show from its lesser companions?  Priorities.  What is the priority of this Gundam?  I’d say that the priority here is establishing a character dynamic first, then focusing on world building.  Now I can understand that this is a personal preference thing.  Some people are more interested in seeing an interesting world at work than character dynamics.  I don’t buy into that.  A show were I want to know what happens to its people next immediately gets viewed in a favorable light and gets much higher priority from me.  I want to see what happens to Mika and Orga, I want to see Aina’s end of innocence, I want these characters to talk and share their philosophies.  And I have a good feeling that Iron Blood Orphans won’t betray my expectations.


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42 Responses to “First Impressions – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans”

  1. zztop says:

    Who needs shirts while piloting robots?

    3rd Company’s too sexy oppressed for their shirts.
    Too sexy oppressed to own any shirts;
    too sexy oppressed to wear any shirts!

    Orphans will be 25 episodes; time to buckle up for the ride.

    • IreneSharda says:

      Well that’s not too bad. Not the 50 episodes I’m used too, but 25 is good. Unless perhaps they’re deciding on doing a S2 with another 25 episodes, which has been done before.

      • Highway says:

        I say 25 episodes is a lot better for someone who’s not a Gundam fan, because you look at 50 and think “That’s an awful lot of commitment to get through it” (even though watching a show isn’t a commitment). It feels more manageable, and a good amount to put a coherent story in without dithering around.

  2. IreneSharda says:

    I actually just had this conversation on animesuki about whether or not the orphans driving shirtless is considered “manservice”.
    There’s not that many female Gundam fans, so I had to represent! And the conclusion I came to was a large “No”. It would be different if we had Char, Zechs, and half the casts of SEED and 00 piloting shirtless, then you might have a case. But a majority of these kids are muscular but small, wiry, and malnourished. It feel nothing but sympathy towards them especially when I know exactly why it is they drive shirtless and what they went through to be that way. I do however, appreciate their inner fortitude considering what they’ve gone through.

    • Highway says:

      I have to say that it’s still fanservice (not that I mind it). It’s not like they don’t have shirts at all. And it’s not like concessions can’t be made for their body modifications in clothing. Plus, there are multiple reasons that guys would want to wear shirts going into battle, number one being that they absorb sweat, and number two being that they provide protection. Even a thin shirt will be better than no shirt if there is flying debris.

      I mean, those pilot suits in Cross Ange were fanservice. I don’t see that there’s a difference (except that it’s culturally allowable to show bare-breasted men) either in the application or in the background of the characters.

      • skylion says:

        Fanservice is one of those very few things that I get lazy in my classification; which for me is the old chestnut of ducks, looking, talking, walking like. This show “duck’d” it, and so it was it.

      • IreneSharda says:

        I have to respectfully disagree. (Surprising, I know.)
        As female fanservice in my own humble opinion, if that was their intent, it woefully failed and thus I cannot refer to it as such. It would be like seeing an emaciated Fantine (Les Mis) in her worst days and considering that fanservice.

        They have shirts but they can’t wear them while piloting. They have these giant appendages attached to their backs that will not function in the tank tops they have, which, along with their jackets seems to be their only clothing. No woman could ever pilot these things unless they wanted to pilot topless (or if she had some backless top). The location of their implants blocks anything from being on their backs, they would have to have specially made shirts or suits that I can 100% bet their boss is not going to pay for, considering he barely cloths, feeds, and houses them. They don’t seem to get paid, or at least not the same way the actual “employees” do, so I doubt they could afford it, even if they cared to.

        • Highway says:

          You destroy your own argument: There are plenty of backless shirts they could wear. Cut the tank top lower. Put a hole in the back below the collar. Clothing is not rocket science. Heck, take one of the t-shirts you get and cut a hole in it. There’s enough clothing budget that they’ve got heavy coats and stuff.

          The point of them piloting topless is for a little sump’n sump’n. It’s so they look good. And those guys do look good, whether you personally like it or not (my wife wholeheartedly approves of that look 🙂 ). I’m saying, from a sweaty guy’s perspective, I’d want a shirt, even if it had a hole or something in it. Cause otherwise, sweaty seats and ewww.

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            depends on their comfortability; perhaps they feel more comfortable piloting shirtless man

            • IreneSharda says:

              Well, now I think our definitions of fanservice are so completely different that they might as well be different things entirely. I don’t consider anything you just listed as “fanservice” in the slightest?

              Vistas? Really? I think our opinions and thoughts are so far apart, we might as well be two different books, forget different sections.

            • Highway says:

              But that’s what I’m saying: Your definition is limited only to things that people try to shame others for liking. But why is it any different? Shaft puts head tilts in *because fans like them*. PA Works throws in a shot of a beautiful sky because people like me love to see them, and I watch PA Works shows because they put them in.

              My question for you is “Why is there a difference between a head tilt in Koufuku Graffiti and a swimsuit in Prisma Illya?” I would imagine you’d certainly say that the latter is “blatant fanservice”, but so is the former (and is even more unnecessary and gratuitous). They’re both expressly put in the show to appeal to the watchers, because people are wanting to see those things.

            • skylion says:

              So now we can get down to cases: this show. Are shirtless dudes fanservice? I do,on occasion, swing-bi, and yeah, I see them as “blatant fanservice” of the same sort as when Illya revealed, quite by accident, that she was wearing nothing under her yukata.

          • IreneSharda says:

            I did not know there were easily available backless shirts to the denizens of guys on Mars. You don’t normally see backless tops for guys, I was using the example for hypothetical boys. Those boys look like they are wearing what was left over from the Salvation Army.

            Most viewers I’ve seen seem to understand why exactly they they have to drive shirtless, but if you can’t see it, that’s you.

            I don’t think of it as fanservice, not only because of the way it was portrayed, but also since it’s in a show that’s not usually aimed at women in the first place. However, you know that the two of us can argue this back and forth for decades, I’ll just say that I as a woman, do not view it as such. 🙂

            • IreneSharda says:

              ^I meant to say, “hypothetical girls”.

            • Highway says:

              Most of my point is that your definition of “fanservice” is too limited. It’s not limited to solely prurient, gratuitous design choices. The people who try to limit it to that make it into something to be shunned or denigrated (which is what they’re doing when they say “that show is just fanservice”). Yet, at the same time they won’t recognize that the things that are put into a show that *they* like to see are also fanservice.

              Yes, I’m arguing that almost every design decision comes back to some sort of preference, and that’s the point. It’s a product made by people to specifically appeal to some people in order to sell things. And the things they do to specifically appeal to people are, by my definition, fanservice. If these guys spend a good portion of the show topless, I’m sure that’s not hurting some folks enjoyment of the show, and is something that can tip the scale into whether they keep watching and possibly buying it.

              Now, it just happens that I’m arguing that there *is* an element of the gratuitous in this show. What, they don’t have scissors? Or knives? Saying “oh, they *have* to drive shirtless because of connections to a small part of their upper back” is making excuses for it. If they wanted to have those guys wearing shirts, they would. But they don’t want to, because why do that? That doesn’t help the show. It’s not that I don’t accept that there are reasons for them to be portrayed that way. It’s just that those reasons are weak justification, because if there was a will, there would be a way to show it differently.

            • skylion says:

              ::cough:: Strike Witches ::cough::

            • skylion says:

              I know what you mean. In both Calvary and Asterisk, the opening situation when the male lead saw the female leads near starkers, it could all be chalked up to circumstance. I mean, no one really wants fanservice, right? The producers just have to make due with the footage they find, they don’t create it for specific reasons.


            • IreneSharda says:

              I guess to everyone, their own standard. By your idea, there could technically be fanservice any and everywhere depending on how you looked at it. I don’t really agree with it. To me, it all depends on the situation that the story puts forth and the logical reasoning behind the choice for whatever was done.

              By my own standards, a series like Cross Ange would be an example of blatant fanservice, and something like Kamisama no Asobi (or pretty much anything reverse harem), would be an example for blatant “manservice”.

              As you say, it’s all about the perception and standards of the individual. Yours and mine just happens to differ slightly in certain circumstances.

            • Highway says:

              That is *exactly* what I’m saying: There is fanservice any and everywhere. Those beautiful vistas and skies in PA Works’ productions. The head tilts and power lines and cell towers and all the other Shinbou-isms in Shaft productions. The exactingly accurate locations in KyoAni productions. Rie Kugimiya shouting “urusai! Urusai! URUSAI!” The opacity of the “clues” in Rokka no Yuusha that mystery fans ate up. Nana Mizuki singing the OP to a Sunrise mecha show. The examples go on and on.

              They make these decisions to appeal to the viewer. All of it. Why does it take on a different name when it’s the thing that others try to shame you for liking? It certainly shouldn’t.

            • IreneSharda says:

              Ah! My response went in the wrong spot. It’s up there.^^^

          • IreneSharda says:

            It’s funny, I think this is the most comments any Gundam series has gotten on here. And of course it would be Highway and I arguing back and forth. 😛

            The question of is it or is it not fanservice/manservice?

            The answer?
            The Greek had it right: It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Fashra3 says:

    Why do i see harry and brandon from gungrave anime here. i hope they didn’t take that route. it really hurt my hearts seeing the relationship of the two characters if they potray it in mika and orga.

    • IreneSharda says:

      I really hope they don’t turn out like those two either. As of right now, I don’t think they will, especially considering their past, and that they’re in a more moral field and situation than in Gungrave. However, we’ll have to see what the story holds. Gundam usually isn’t that dark though.

      Also, welcome to Metanorn!

  4. skylion says:

    Perhaps it was Okada Mari’s time. I would imagine they have tons of Gundam in rotation; heck that doesn’t take much as they have constant multiple streams of the francise, so let’s not get our hopes up. She could have written this ages ago.

    But I can see some Okadaisms already. The waifish possible female love interest, the naive teenager (princess), and even the possibility of both male leads having a major falling out as the show progresses; there’s just to much bro-love going on there, it’s practically screaming them being on opposite sides of the fence.

    But this was a good, not at all goofy, intro into a new show. It has some shades of Firefly to it; and since flans will never get another one of those, shades of it enough.

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:

    After “the show that shall not be named”,

    F you Inaho. F u.

    So in this Gundam… what solves everything? Minovsky Particles? GN Particles.

  6. Painboy says:

    Finally some proper mech on mech action.

    I do hope this is good. The last mech series I actually liked was Broken Blade. That was awhile ago. Most of the other recent ones all kind of fell apart. Since then to get my mecha fix I found myself digging up the old Patlabor stuff.

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