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If this show was similar to Hannibal, this would have been a nice foreshadowing

winter15-kyoI’ve just finished rewatching the Hannibal triology and somehow this seemed mighty appropriate. Anyways, long time no see. Even when I’m on hiatus this season, I grabbed this opportunity when Cools offered, unlike Highway, who was involuntarily pushed into it (bad skylion!~_^). Luckily, I get the curry episode, one of my specialities as per my family. Don’t worry, you are in good hands!

The Next Challenge

Shokugeki no Soma 19-00006

Continuing its shounen streak, the next boss of the story is Eizan. His character is definitely not original (yankee hairstyle, gold rings with leopard print shirt… ugh), and it pains me to hear Sugita voice him. But we all know that even the worst characters have some redeeming quality in Shokugeki but will this super-exclusive Alchemist Consultant have any? You’ll have to continue to watch to find out. After all, Isshiki worked hard in giving Souma his rightful place, unlike Erina whose tsundere outbursts just piss me off.

On the matter at hand however, most of the Polar Star students have been selected for the Autumn election and should be frantically preparing for their ultimate recipe. A good cue for Souma to learn more about curry spices and for Megumi to stop shaking. This was more of a foreshadowing episode, where the groundwork was laid out and new faces were finally introduced from just cool looking shadows in the background. Nakiri Alice and Ryo we have met (all that slapping really made me want to slap her!), but this was a first for Hojou Miyoko possessing the incredibly long ahoge and the spice master Hayama Akira to shine.

Unlimited Curry Works

Shokugeki no Soma 19-00039Shokugeki no Soma 19-00037

Of course, I had to use this pun… It fits SO WELL with Junichi Suwabe! Don’t ask me about the actual UBW because that abandoned post just had too many issues. Anyhow, we meet the scarred kouhai of papa-Yukihara, who was as bad as his son in tormenting others with his experimental dishes. Shiomi Jun is the popura-version of Megumi with the modification of a fierce punch. It seems the spice force is strong in this little one and her truckloads of knowledge were shared exclusively with her student-assistant Akira. Their relationship is not a simple student-teacher rather skewed with Akira being the more responsible one and taking care of Shimoi rather than her playing the adult part.

Finally, it seems that Souma has found a proper nemesis in his own year, whose knowledge surpasses him for the next challenge. Spices make the world go round in the curry department and Hayama knows them my pure smell, a formidable quality indeed. Knowing Yukihara however, he will counter with everything he has and then some but this will be a few episodes’ worth and most probably the end of this season. Enjoy while it lasts!


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I’ve been an avid reader of the manga, even before it was green-lit to be animated. I love it not only because of equality of fanservice but the real cooking mechanics. Everything is real about cooking and yes, few spices or even ingredients can make or break a dish. And that is what happened in the last episode when a shopping district stood up and slapped a fast food franchise right on its face. It was a good sight to see. However, that setup was very short-term compared to the Autumn Election, which is going to be the next challenge for Souma and team. With the groundwork done in this episode, we should have an interesting bunch of episodes next.

I hope the DVD sales rake up enough for the studio to work on another season because this was pretty brilliant and deserves a continuation. And while I’m at it, I’ll showcase some of the recent curries I cooked because it’s relevant! (Beef, deer, chicken, salmon and kangaroo curries right from my table).


It wasn’t much!


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17 Responses to “Shokugeki no Soma – 19”

  1. zztop says:

    If this show was similar to Hannibal, this would have been a nice foreshadowing.

    True, it would have been a nice foreshadowing on WHO’s becoming the main ingredient in the curry.

    Perhaps a nice Eizan or Alice curry? Those two have been quite rude to Souma after all…(`∀´)Ψ

    • Kyokai says:

      This would have been an entirely different genre if the theme was cooking humans. Aaah, someone should make this happen! xD

      Eizan and Alice are good contenders. If you ask me, I’d prefer an Erina curry… I hate her character soooo muchhh! >>;

  2. Samsura says:

    I have eaten all those meats at one point or another except for Kangaroo. I am super jealous! I would totally eat a Kangaroo with a wallaby chaser. Though your curry does look delicious.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Speaking of which, the only country in the world that eats and exports its national animal.

      • Kyokai says:

        @Samsura, Oishi nikuuu! Meat curries are so much better than veggie but yeah, try some kangaroo if you get the chance. Theirs is the leanest meat available and pretty delish too.

        @DGK, yep and they are proud on their farming ways too.

  3. skylion says:

    I grabbed this opportunity when Cools offered, unlike Highway, who was involuntarily pushed into it (bad skylion!~_^)

    But I’m so good at being bad…

    You know, with Eizan’s design I feel kinda cheated that they didn’t go full crazy and give him sharkteeth! But, you never go full crazy…I hope he can live up to Sugitan’s pipes.

    When I first saw, well heard and saw, Shiomi I was convinced (by the Popura similarities) that she was voiced by Kana Asumi…but alas, such is not the case…

    Things gonna get spicy! To bad I can’t really eat most curries..

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, yes you are. 😛

      Eizan was definitely type-casted the hell out but oh well, you can’t always have original characters all the time.

      If not Kana, there is another Asumi (Seto), who is voicing the super-strong purple ahoge character. She’s definitely expanding her range, which is always welcome.

      If you have an issue with chillies, why not just try something simple with the garam masala only with a dash of ginger and garlic? Let me know how curry journey goes.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    That knife looks like an Azoth Dagger… Is he a Magus?!

    • skylion says:

      …no, it’s just an overplayed, “tools are a reflection of the man, so ergo the tool reflects the man” cliche…

    • Kyokai says:

      This one is too big to be the Azoth dagger. 😛 If a cooking anime took the magical turn, it would turn into a weird fusion of Herbology and Potions lessons from Harry Potter.

      @skylion, sometimes cliches are good. 😛

  5. belatkuro says:

    This show add more high caliber seiyuus in the mix. Seto Asami, Takahashi Mikako, and Suwabe Junichi. I’m not really sure about the last one for Hayama as it doesn’t quite fit but I’ll get used to it. Suwabe sure is busy this season.

    Hayama is somewhat a fan favorite in the manga. I have some issues with him though but that’s for later.
    And I’ve only had chicken curry at home so I can’t really judge how each curry would be different with changing small details. This will be interesting for Souma to fight someone on his own specialty, and someone with a much more broken talent than Erina’s tongue. Smell is pretty much connected to taste after all.

    PS: Can I get a title change to ‘Random Editor’?

    PPS: Anyone playing Grand Order? I have the worst luck in gacha rolls. Too many Black Keys. I want to get a Jeanne. I do have Saber Lily though but she’s more of a trophy waifu and hardly useable in battle.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Ahhhh, Kyokai!! Don’t you know it’s dangerous form to put up photos of good looking foods? The show itself gets you hungry already if not careful. You’ll be responsible if anything happens. 😛 The thing about curry foods, make sure you’re not wearing anything bright when eating. Because the stains never get out no matter how hard you try.

    Finally, the Autumn Elections arc is beginning to unfold. There was so much positive and anticipating talk that I gradually got eager to see it myself. Just looking at the selected students, this should prove to be the series’ best yet.

    We got glimpses of Akira during the end of the camp arc so I was curious to learn what kind of person he was. Well enough, his charisma compliments his arrogance that it doesn’t come off as grating. Then again, the majority of characters in the show are arrogant in one way or another. Mostly those in their respective cooking fields.

    Then there’s Jun. Not quite the kind of person I expected when Joichirou recommended one of his old colleagues to Soma but she’s “dedicated” to her work so I guess it’s good enough. Still, she’s currently 34 years old and looks like that?! Excuse me while I put up an electrified barbwire fence around her to keep skylion at bay.

    Nakiri Alice and Ryo we have met (all that slapping really made me want to slap her!)

    But he’s not objecting to the slapping and the end result is encouraging her in continuing the act. I doubt he’s enjoying it but Alice has probably done that so many times that he’s become numb.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Oh, and for the record. Jun is continuing the Hestia legacy: Being a well endowed loli. This definitely works!!

    I just know this is going to stir up the LOLi Defender. Ah, but who cares? 😛

    • skylion says:

      I rather like Jun, the brainiac spice girl! But, I’m not instantly smitten. Had she been voiced by Kana Asumi, it would be a much different story. As it is I still have the real Popura-chan!

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