Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 09

Shimoneta - Anna's waited for this day...

It’s finally the day that Anna has been hoping for

winter15-highwTime to draw out the enemy.


Just a Little Teasing

Shimoneta - Turning the tables

Oh, Anna…

With their count of effectives up to four, SOX is now able to come up with some more intricate plans, or at least ones that split their efforts more than they did before. So while Kosuri and Otome get stuck planting more materials around the school, an activity that seems like more of an excuse to sideline the aspirational Kosuri for a while, Ayame is distracting the Prefect squad and Tanukichi is lying in wait to abduct the panty-snatchers. But Ayame’s thinking two steps ahead with the initial plan to use Tanukichi’s boxers, a trap that ensnares the predictable Anna. She’s even more sidelined when Gathered Fabric’s kids (and how are they recruiting these school members from under SOX’s noses?) steal his boxers from her, and start her off to get revenge.

Shimoneta - Anna has sunk farther

Anna stoops farther, just getting Tanukichi’s gym clothes.

So Ayame’s plans upon plans actually do have a point, or at least she’s good at making up an excuse and changing it on the fly. And this time they actually do catch quite a few of Gathered Fabric’s goons, although it seems too easy. But things go awry after catching 10 of them, when Tsukimigusa is mistakenly caught by Tanukichi… and his secret is revealed. Not that it’s really a secret, more of an order. He’s been ordered to be a girl, along with a bunch of other rules about his conduct around Anna and what order his directives are in. As Tanukichi pointed out earlier, it’s like some weirdly awful Three Laws of Robotics. And Tanukichi has to sacrifice another pair of underwear to Anna to get away from her, even though she still thinks he’s an imposter.

Shimoneta - The afternath

The aftermath

A Bit Off the Rails

Shimoneta - the disturbing reveal

They managed to make Tsukimigusa a sympathetic figure here

Things end in a bit of a downer, with the Prefects all being doused by the sprinkler system, which is what brought Tanukichi and Tsukimigusa together for that reveal. And with the early end of the operation, Ayame is looking for reasons why things didn’t go perfectly. She doesn’t really believe Tanukichi’s information about Tsukimigusa, and then gets worse news from Kosuri. But Kosuri thought she was being helpful: She took it upon herself to set off the sprinklers, a direct attack on the prefects, and also took it upon herself to go talk to Hyoka and try to convince her to help with their operation. But Hyoka sees through the manipulative Kosuri, and rebuffs her entreaties. And that causes a direct problem for Ayame and SOX, because that’s in contravention of their mission. It’s showing a direct link between the students and SOX, and also causing harm to the prefects and the student council. But that gets set aside as they get an invitation from Gathered Fabric to meet…

Shimoneta - Obvious who's in favor

Kosuri gets jealous of their camaraderie


It took me a while to figure out why there was some discord between Ayame and Tanukichi at the end of this episode, but I was glad to see everyone point out the overreach that Kosuri committed. She has a different agenda, and wants much more action and direct opposition. We’ll see if they can get Kosuri more in line with their views, or if this causes a bigger schism. And we’ll see if they can conquer Gathered Fabric, who has a lot more people at their disposal.


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6 Responses to “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 09”

  1. zztop says:

    In the manga version, Oboro’s reveal as a boy is even lewder.
    He’s wearing panties, and his arousal’s even more obvious.

  2. skylion says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the meanings behind Kosuri’s plans. It seems that the show wants her to convey a real world idea, but not outright message. It’s a very selfish form of activism to be sure, though. But then, Ayame could be painted with the same brush.

    I’m finding that Anna’s characteristics have outstayed the welcome. I said in the beginning, that there was something behind her “purity”, but I had no idea they would try to milk the one note so much. It looks like the show is even aware of this, to a point. They’ve given her a drab, personality free minder, just to make sure she at least stays within some confines. Seems much ado to me.

    • Highway says:

      The way I’m reading Kosuri is that she wants action. She wants to hit back at The Man. She wants excitement. And she thought SOX would be a place that was doing that. Instead, they’re just kinda doing this low-level sneak-around education thing, not really trying to get in the “bad guys” faces. So she’s trying to push the envelope, to get them going the way she wants.

      I am feeling like they have flanderized Anna a little too much, especially too fast. She went from “Pure as Ivory Snow” to “Pervier than Blue Snow” instantaneously. I think it’s better when she’s kinda reined in a little by Tanukichi, like when she got pouty a couple episodes ago, or this episode where she tried to wheedle a “reward” out of Tanukichi. I kind of wonder if she might be a casualty of the slow pace of LN adaptation. If they were going through 3 or 4 books in a season like a lot of adaptations, instead of just 2, maybe she was just this bad this book, and it wouldn’t feel as much like an anvil over the head.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    She went from “Pure as Ivory Snow” to “Pervier than Blue Snow” instantaneously.

    Heh. Fear the power of hentai. Even so, purity is much sweeter and tastier.

  4. JPNIgor says:

    I really wonder how one gets good at wrestling out of being wrestled around by some weird pervert.

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