Jitsu wa Watashi wa – 05

Jitsu wa - Action

Jet Coaster Ride!

winter15-highwThis week’s a little bit of a step back, so let’s have a couple enjoyable stories. There’s still some character development, and it provides a nice bridge from what we’ve seen to where we’re going.

It’s Not As Bad As You Think

Jitsu wa - A rare meetup

Totally safe in the sun… for now

One of the more charming parts of the show, I find, is the ‘debunking’ of vampire traits that ‘everyone knows’, and the way that Youko passes them off as if she’s hardly even heard of them, or that they have some different meaning to her. The biggest one so far has been that sucking blood is more of a loving intimate act than an aggressive one. But we’ve been getting more information about the vampires in the show as we go, and this one dealt with Youko’s sunlight sensitivity, and not wanting to get really tan as she walks to school. It did take the kind of silly tactic of having Nagisa ‘train’ Youko to avoid the sun.

Jitsu wa - Of course I have

The best laid plans are derailed by an idiot

But what we also learned was that just like the sun doesn’t turn Youko to ash, the other traditional threats to vampires aren’t really that big of a deal. Garlic doesn’t make her go blind or recoil in horror, it just makes her eyes water a little (doesn’t it do that to everyone?). And crosses don’t physically harm her, they just make her a little angry when she sees them (something I can totally understand 😉 ). But neither of those things actually affect her life like the sunlight. Of course, the kicker in this story is that Youko is an idiot, and apparently had never heard of sunblock. But she’s certainly a lovable idiot. Serendipitously, that sets up the second half of the episode’s story.

Jitsu wa - Thrills for Asahi

Asahi gets a thrill

Thrill Ride Monster

Jitsu wa - Getting closer

Asahi is less scary than a haunted house, at least

Now freed from the tyranny of the shining sun, Youko can indulge her other wish: To go to the theme park. I really like the way that both Nagisa and Youko are trying to help Asahi with his romance, and that Youko’s attempts are so characteristically poor, and this one was the same result, as Youko had invited Nagisa along to try to set her up with Asahi, but Nagisa does her one better and cancels to set it up as a date. It ends up being a fairly typical date for these two, even if Youko doesn’t acknowledge it as such, but it shows that a nice rapport is developing between the two of them.

Jitsu wa - Looking kinda similar

I like how they’re cute as well, but kinda dorky

And it gives us the background that Youko’s mom is also a human, and met her father at the same school and they liked going to the same theme park as a couple. Even Youko can’t miss the verisimilitude in the situations as she talks about them falling in love, but hastens to aver that she’s not interested in Asahi like that. Even though it certainly seems like she’s getting more like that, given their time together and her enjoyment talking to him. And even though nothing would make him happier than her seeing it like that. But there’s news that worries Asahi, when he finds out that not only is Youko’s childhood friend a boy, but is also a werewolf.


I’m really liking the way the show plays the characters off each other, especially with the ad hoc alliances that keep popping up and shifting around between two members of the three friends to help or correct the other one. And it really is sweet the way they’re playing the romance angle with Youko and Asahi, in that he’s very aware of what he would like, and actually does advance their closeness some, but doesn’t push it. It’s a very authentic thing, although sometimes that doesn’t end up the way that one would want. But he’s also happy to see Youko be more happy, and I also wonder if the rest of the school is noticing these three spending more time together, and the softening of both Nagisa and Youko when they’re in a group. I think it would be fun if the rest of the school warmed up a bit to the two of them, one who was seen as cool and distant, the other who was seen as ramrod straight, and neither one really approachable, because they seem to be enjoying themselves more due to their friendship with Asahi.


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6 Responses to “Jitsu wa Watashi wa – 05”

  1. HannoX says:

    The two best parts of this episode: (1) Youko’s reaction when using sunblock was mentioned. (2) Youko telling off the “vampire” in the haunted house. Yeah, come on, guy. If you’re going to play a vampire you should get it right.

    • skylion says:

      …it’s the next step in vampire evolution! In popular fiction they’ve gone from Victorian metaphors for Rippers and consumptives, to stupid sexy sparkly misunderstood monsters. Now, they are just like us, the same if not a bit misunderstood…

    • Highway says:

      Seriously, it’s totally common sense.

      Really, tho, I do love Youko’s repeated invocation of “Common Sense” about vampires. It’s just this beautiful blind spot in her character that I think hints at so much. And it leaves them room for a similar thing with Nagisa, who has also jumped on Asahi for “common sense” but then backs off, saying she shouldn’t yell at a human for that.

  2. skylion says:

    As this show goes on, I get the distinct feeling that the creator(s) genuinely love their characters; and at the same time love the narrative devices they employ.

    That’s a bit over the top, so I’ll say they respect these things. They really pay attention to why they want to tell a story in the first place; not just to put twenty or so odd pages into a cock-roach killer Weekly Magazine.

    …and I’m feeling so sorry for Class Rep. Tragic unrequited love done well…

    • Highway says:

      I agree, this is really what you can get when you care about the characters first, and listen to the story they tell, rather than a show where they want to tell a story and just make the characters get there come hell or high water. And when you want to know about the characters, then I’d imagine that it comes easier to produce that story.

      I like that Nagisa isn’t completely head over heels in love with Asahi. It’s more of a light crush on her friend. Doesn’t merit beating herself up over, but she realizes that she’s not really getting what she wants. I think there’s also a component of self-punishment, because she kind of realizes she missed her chance, and maybe even feels guilty about hurting Asahi before.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Quite a surprise finding out Youko is half human. A passable note on her part. I’d imagine because she’s a hybrid, the genetic bonding left weaknesses on both her species sides either dulled or rendered ineffective.

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