God Eater – 02-03

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Never fear, the underboob is here.

Episode 4 has been set back, so this is a really good time for me to finally catch up to episode 3…

I was beginning to think that they weren’t going to include the devouring function of the God Arc in the anime (which would leave some blank holes as to what the title even means). I guess in the anime, the sword users like Lindow don’t have the devouring ability either. Maybe it will pop up sometime in the future as a convenient power up since that was its function in the game…

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Anyways, so far they’ve left out a part about how Aragami eat everything to evolve (thus the game mechanic of the God Eaters -who have Aragami DNA- eating the enemy = bullets). This is kind of weird since they mention it right at the beginning of the game, but with the flashbacks of experimentation with the oracle cell, they might just go into that with more detail later. Possibly even further than what the game explained, since in there I’m pretty sure all they gave was “these monsters just kind of showed up one day and it was terrible” and it looks like it might have been Johannes and Sakaki’s fault. The plot probably should have explained what Aragami even are in the first episode to ease people in more, but at least they’re kind of explaining small things along the way.

Though why they didn’t brief Lenka on what being a New Type was is beyond me. I highly doubt that the military in real life arms it’s soldiers with one type of weapon and then goes “oh yeah, it also has these other features we never told you about” after someone accidentally discovers them. Or at least, not if they wanted to be efficient or avoid any accidental friendly fire. It’s understandable that they never trained Lenka in gun skills if they wanted him to get his sword skills down first (especially since he doesn’t have all of the skills he needs because he’s never used his God Arc before and still hasn’t passed training), but they should have at least warned him that his God Arc could transform. Especially since that’s what makes him so special. It’s not like the higher ups in Fenrir wouldn’t have known, since they were aware of Lenka’s potential in the first place.

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Shocking truth!

Lenka is still pretty tolerable. He never finished training, so that’s a pretty goo explanation as to why he has such a hard time in his first fight. Plus viewers most likely want to see the main character go through some growth instead of being overpowered from the very beginning. Lenka became way more competent when he joined up with Alisa, but maybe the explanation for that is because he got to see what a New Type can actually do with their powers as opposed to being thrown into training without even being told that he has a sword/gun hybrid for a weapon.

This is probably just me coming out of Owari no Seraph, but it’s nice to see Lenka face consequences for disobeying what everyone told him. He almost lost his job because of ignoring Tsubaki, and thanks to him trying to do things all on his own, Eric ended up sacrificing himself to save Lenka. …Then the third episode happened and no one suffered anything for not really following orders. But here there was a probably a difference in Alisa doing her own thing and Lenka doing his own thing, since Alisa isn’t new to the job and is therefore less likely to make a mistake. Plus apparently nobody seems to screw up too badly in the show when they’re doing something to save someone else (minus Eric). Hopefully the plot involves more team work though like at the end of the plane fight. That way putting the characters into teams actually means something as opposed to having the characters all there conveniently to see one person do cool things alone.

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That’s what you get for not being a main character.

Overall, this anime seems to be more about style and making everything look cool as opposed to delving in to things like how Alisa has her hat fly off in one scene, but she can also hang upside-down from a moving air craft and have it stay on perfectly. …Never mind the question as to how everyone can fight so efficiently on a moving air craft in the first place.

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At least things look good? I can’t say much for the plot yet, since they’re really just introducing characters and having Lenka find his grounds. They’re also doing interesting things with combat too. No matter how impractical fighting on top of planes is, it’s something new at least. Though I feel like a lot of my enjoyment is coming from playing the games and seeing the battle scenes look so action-y… I guess we’ll see where this goes, but it’s okay for now.


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6 Responses to “God Eater – 02-03”

  1. skylion says:

    So, Tensai grew up?

    Though why they didn’t brief Lenka on what being a New Type was is beyond me. I highly doubt that the military in real life arms it’s soldiers with one type of weapon and then goes “oh yeah, it also has these other features we never told you about” after someone accidentally discovers them

    This was my biggest gripe so far. I could handle the Big Dumb Monsters vs. Big Dumb Heros with Big Dumb Weapons, but this facet really felt flawed. I understand that as Lenka learns, we learn, and that translates to a character connection, but this feels more disconnected.

    Also, I wish the amount of monsters they put on screen had more weight and consequence. They had hundreds in the skies, and there was no way they took them all out, at least enough to make it feel they had cause and effect.

    It’s so-so so far. That’s hard to say for a ufotable production.

  2. Highway says:

    My biggest gripe is what I mentioned late on the FI post: They keep changing clothes with these fitted shirts and suits and pantsuits, but they all have this giant wrist cuff that they can’t get off? And it’s so obvious that they even roll up their sleeves to avoid it, but never mind how they actually got that shirt on in the first place.

    So I quit watching after episode 2, because I talked with others about episode 3 and the ludicrous mid-air fight. And all I see is wardrobe fail.

  3. IreneSharda says:

    This is an okay show so far. It’s really lacking in the story though, and so, I can never get really into it, no matter how good the animation looks.

  4. zztop says:

    God Eater…not to be confused with Cod Eater or Good Eater. 😀

  5. akagami says:

    You know, the CG and animation works for this show. As you mentioned Karakuri, they’ve been relatively light on plot details and instead inserting short flashbacks every so often. But hey, I’m enjoying it so far.

    The devour ability seems weird. Does it have a range? Does it have a size constraint when it comes to Aragami? Do the Aragami’s power level matter? And how does it convert Aragami into bullets? I think it would (ironically) make more sense if it converted them into energy blasts or something similar.

    How close does it follow the actual game? I’m kind of interested, but I don’t have either a PSP nor Vita so those games are out of reach.

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