Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku – 06

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Talking is a Free an Abused Action

Yeah….Big Old NOPE.jpg. I tried to be a booster, Chaos Dragon. I really really did. I met you much much more than half-way…so so many times….

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…nice maneuver…

…and to think, it really had some promise in the first half. We get a great set up for a combat scene, the first one the show has had featuring all the character’s together in a significant way. It opened very very well, with Gushouko as the newly minted supposed ally-now-freshly undead, it had some high stakes going on. The first few exchanges were spot on. Sure the animation and direction was choppy, but that is the trademark this show is now known for. Of course that’s the thing that gets in the damn way. Direction….

…from there, it all, and I do mean all of it, falls apart. They cut to scenes featuring other characters when they should focus on the fight at hand. They have mookish level zombies that are copy and pasted off each other. Kagraba ends up taking most of them out to easy, leaving no one else with anything to do. And then it ends just as it was getting good; not just good for Chaos Dragon’s standards, which are low, but good for any show. It set it up, and then drained away tension just when it should have ramped it up. Ibuki was close to having a great moment, and not a moment to soon. Sure the set up was a bit hookey “She taught me resolve!” But I believed him when he said that. Then in come the long range guns from the where the hell did they come from Revolutionary Army. The guns that that were so effective against undead….they never used them again…the next time they came across undead…

Then it was back to talking, talking, talking. This would have been something, had they streamlined this episode and not set up events for next episode (you are behind the eight-ball on this show, don’t over-extend!). Something about some great Black Dragon Knight showing up. Cause what they have now just isn’t worth focusing on? For a show that is supposed to make us give a rat’s ass about the characters, they do a great job on smudging the focus. They had it there for a while, but it fell off pretty poor. The icing on the cake was facing off against the undead stone giant Bound One. Such an accommodating enemy to let them plan for six to seven minutes. And I won’t even start on how they tried and failed to manipulate us with the Swallow x Meryl shipping nonsense.

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I mean, this was the one time it didn’t suck balls….

I’ve said it in reviews before, that I’m used to getting at least one show, per my seasonal coverage, that doesn’t perform as well as I would have hoped. I dodged the bullet last season with Plastic Memories ending much better than I anticipated. But I’ll always have my Absolute Duo, my Avenging Battle (and a touch of SoraMeso), my Hanayamata, and my Black Bullet. I enjoyed those shows for what they were worth, but weekly coverage of them sometimes felt like I was working harder to restrain myself from just flogging it. But now I have my Chaos Dragon, the first show that I will stop coverage on, because I only want to flog it. And honestly, I find writing flog-posts boring, and I can only think of them being read as boring as well. Yeah, stopping comes with a qualifier, these things always do. But I’m not sanguine about that, not in the slightest. I’m still going to watch the show, as I do love to study how trains wreck….

So in leaving, thanks to everyone that has supported the posts so far, I appreciate that.


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6 Responses to “Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku – 06”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The train finally derails here…

    For shows like this in an abbreviated season, it must be up and running by the 3rd episode. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of writers using their RPG session as source material…

    • skylion says:

      Well, this is as far as skylion Rails will go….

      I expect them to have a good game at the most, or at least a neat experience. I will say that far to much grief has been dumped on them very wrongly. The blame for how horrible the show is lays on the studio, the director and the writer…not the gimmick. But people will be wary of such a gimmick in future, which is actually kinda sad to me…

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        They might have had a good game but translating it into a good adaptation is a different matter. Between the highlights of their adventures lies even more hours of onerous boredom. It is as you say, the studio’s job to get it right.

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