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Avoiding lame egg puns at this point is proving to be very difficult

Enjoying the new season yet? There are so many new shows coming out that I almost forgot about Shokugeki no Soma. …Almost! I’m more than happy to continue blogging this since it’s the perfect show for a foodie. I’m also excited to start blogging my second show of the season to replace Jojo which is…hmm…you’ll find out later!

Last week, we saw Soma in a real pinch. To put it succinctly: he done goofed. As zztop mentioned last week in the comments section, souffles need to be consumed immediately after they are prepared, or else they’ll collapse and the whole appeal of their airy texture is lost. Soma chose the worst possible food concept for a buffet. His time spent cutting his teeth at the diner actually backfired here because it blinded him to how other types of restaurants operate. It’s very rare for him to make a mistake like this, so I was wondering how he would react to failure. Would he just brag about his awesome recovery afterwards? Would he avoid talking about it altogether? His response was surprisingly humble. He almost lost his spot in the academy, and that’s not something he will soon forget. Soma is realistic about his failure and he uses it as fuel to do better the next time. I like him even more after seeing this level of honesty and determination from him.

shokugeki no soma 1405shokugeki no soma 1404

 He even had time to do some juggling in between.

After the whole fiasco, Soma gets bullied on both sides by Erina and Alice who chastise him for not scoring an overwhelming victory. To them, either you dominate the arena or you’re just trash barely hanging on for your life. There’s no in between. So to them, Soma shedding blood, sweat and tears just to scrape by was meaningless. Shameful, even! Soma, however, openly admits that he made a mistake. This is a healthy response to failure from someone who has failed many times before. He regularly experiments with weird food combinations (like honey and squid) to know what not to do, and he loses quite a bit to his dad in casual cooking challenges. So Soma is familiar with what it’s like to be on the bottom. He may be a contender for top chef now, but he hasn’t forgotten the bumpy road it took to get here.

Erina and Alice on the other hand have likely never faced failure in their lives. It’s harder for me to definitely say so for Alice, but I do know that Erina is a prodigy who has been handed everything. No one questions Erina because she’s the boss. DA BO$$, if you will. Erina prides herself on this flawlessness and that worries me. What’s going to happen when she eventually fails? Because she’s not used to it, she’s going to panic. She won’t be like Soma who has learned to calm down, weigh his options, and redouble his efforts. She’s going to crash and burn in a spectacular mental breakdown. There’s always fragility than underlies that kind of absolute power – because it is never absolute. The fact that she thinks her reign is absolute is what makes the inevitable fall all the worse.

shokugeki no soma 1403

 She’s just glowing with RUDENESS

I’m just waiting for Erina and Alice to get punished at this point. I didn’t think it was possible, but Alice managed to be even more rude than Erina. She honestly has to go out of her way just to patronize everyone around her – even people like Nikumi who have nothing to do with her. At least Erina is kind of clueless about how to rattle Soma, and she directs all of her (ineffective) taunts to him alone. Alice is a next level bitch with no chill and she needs to GO. I hope a shokugeki with her comes up soon so she can taste defeat…and maybe give more of her backstory so I’ll hate her less. That’s just how this show rolls.

Although Alice rubs me the wrong way, her cooking style is admittedly pretty cool. She uses cutting edge molecular gastronomy to make all sorts of innovative dishes. I did not expect her egg dish to turn out that way at all. It was really cool and it sounded pretty good! The irony is that Alice uses only the most innovative and new techniques, and Erina scoffs at her for it. Yes, the girl who thinks donburi are lowly and that only 5 star cuisine dishes should be served is not on board with this incredibly gourmet, elitist movement. I suppose it makes sense in a way. Erina likes what you would consider “traditional” gourmet food served at restaurants, while Alice is all about the new trends in gourmet dishes. They’re both very insular and elitist positions, but in different ways.

Bonus Street Fighter Screenshots:Show ▼

The egg theme makes it really easy for me to whip up my own version of a dish. I mean…it’s pretty hard to screw up an egg. So yesterday I had an egg souffle for breakfast! Whipping the eggs really does make the dish have a fluffy, airy texture. I put cheese on the bottom of the ramekin and baked mine in the oven instead because I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it rise properly in a pan. It really poofed up! Thank you again, Soma, for teaching me new ways to enjoy breakfast. This looks NOTHING like his dish but that’s because it’s the divergent (ghetto) version of his dish…without sauce. *shrugs*

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37 Responses to “Shokugeki no Soma – 14”

  1. Highway says:

    Unfortunately, every episode of this show is getting further and further toward the “ok ok, we get it, let’s get on with it” problem that I (and I think a lot of people) have with Sports anime. And no mistake, this is a sports anime. But they had an overly long recap of stuff that had happened before (We knew that all those people had already passed the challenge, but they had to show it to us again). We had more excessive reactions. And if that’s what you like about the show, then you should be getting what you want, but for me, we’ve had the same reactions to everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is, it’s the same reaction.

    And that’s my big issue with the show: Same, Same, Same. Maybe it’s because they started off at 10, they don’t have any higher to go. Maybe it’s because there actually aren’t any new ideas to go with (and I’ve mentioned that cooking shows have the same problem). Or maybe because it’s fanservice for the people who like what it’s been doing (which is fine, but keep doing the same thing and you’ll eventually lose everyone).

    I know I’d have liked it more if the show was about growing closer to people and growing up as individuals. But they’re making it almost impossible to grow closer to people by constantly pitting them against each other and introducing new jerkoffs, I mean, foils to play Souma off of, rather than work on existing characters. We get a little bit of growth for Souma, who is taking the lessons of (inconsequential) failure to heart, but there is nothing from the rest of them, with the smallest exception of Megumi.

    I’m still watching it for now, but I’m almost sure they’ll introduce someone more vile, or do the same old contest again enough times, that I am not entertained.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I know I’d have liked it more if the show was about growing closer to people and growing up as individuals.

      That should be the last thing to expect from the series this far in. Fundamentally the same for everything else you’ve mentioned. What works or doesn’t depends on who’s watching.

      After all this time, I’m sure you’ve come to the realization that Shokugeki no Soma is undeniably a “what you see is what you get” type of series and therefore, no reason to expect some profound depth in its storytelling. It’s simple mainstream entertainment. So looking for something that complex in light of everything that’s already happened is pretty much a lost cause. That’s like looking to buy food in a garage instead of a supermarket. The wrong place.

      • Highway says:

        You can lay off anytime.

      • Highway says:

        There are a few sports animes that have had good character development, and the show hinted at them early, introducing interesting characters like Isshiki and Megumi. Chihayafuru is one. And there are other sports animes that don’t just do the same thing over and over, like Girls und Panzer.

        So I have been giving it time to develop that, including just finishing a training camp arc where such developments usually happen. And it’s not like the show isn’t entertaining. It’s just that it does about 10 minutes of non-repetitive things in a 21 minute (excluding the OP/ED) episode.

        • BlackBriar says:

          So I have been giving it time to develop that, including just finishing a training camp arc where such developments usually happen.

          Then you better prepare yourself for possible disappointment within any of your expectations. On the chance you didn’t watch everything through, before the preview, Dojima hinted another upcoming event, one that pits the survivors against one another called the “Autumn Elections”.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Chihayafuru is one. And there are other sports animes that don’t just do the same thing over and over, like Girls und Panzer.

          I rarely watch sports anime nor did I know Girls und Panzer qualified as one. Plus, I never saw Chihayafuru, so that example is lost on me.

          • Overcooled says:

            Highway is allowed (and welcome!) to express whatever displeasure he has about the show. It’s true – this is a highly repetitive shounen anime that follows a typical sports anime formula. And it doesn’t have to do that. It could branch out and do whatever it wants, but it stays restricted in that niche. It’s just that for some, we really like that niche. And for others…well, it’s just boring. It’s a very sensible critique of the show, so try not to see it as him attacking the show or anyone else who likes it.

            (Highway, if I’m misinterpreting you here then I’m sorry! Feel free to correct me)

            • BlackBriar says:

              Sometimes the critique is layered a little too thick so at times, you can’t help getting that impression. Well, we don’t agree on much anyway since we have very different perspectives (1 out of 5 if we do). It’s an unsavory hazard that shows up and we fall in, one I’d like to avoid so I’ll let it go.

            • Highway says:

              OC, that’s about right. And like you say, it could easily branch out, and I think it could do it while not losing the things that it does that people like. What would it take to give us more of Marui besides the guy who just wants some space? Or to let us learn more about Ryouko? Take that time that they spent retelling us that Isami and Megumi got their 200 servings.

          • skylion says:

            Well, we can call them Competition Anime, then. GuP fits into the sports anime mold, regardless.

            As for laying it on thick? Very few complain when attention is lavished on a show, but damn, when an honest critique comes along in a place where that sort of thing can be discussed? Get out the pitchforks and torches! This monster must dieeeeee!

            Holy Crap! Shall we just avoid saying “nasty” things from now on. Would that make better?

            Besides, LOLi Basketball is best sports anime!

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              Besides, LOLi Basketball is best sports anime!

              Indeed. ROri KYUtto BUtts.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Besides, LOLi Basketball is best sports anime!

              I’m surprised none of you are discussing the fact Soma lured a loli in to start his come back. What happened, Defender?

            • skylion says:

              …it’s not like the lure was untoward or anything….

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              Advertising yourself as a paedophile isn’t exactly a good way of starting your comeback. Newsworthy – yes. Good idea – err… would attract the Party Wagon instead.

            • Highway says:

              C’mon, man. Really? That’s really too far. Casting aspersions like that is completely out of bounds. Don’t say anything like that again.

              And give it a rest in general with the loli = pedo things. If you don’t know the difference, you shouldn’t be talking about it. And if you know the difference, then you’re just harassing skylion, and that’s not acceptable either.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:


              You are taking things too seriously. So now a friendly jest/banter is illegal? Frankly, and correctly me if I’m wrong, none of the regulars here gives a hoot about the legality of skylion’s preferences. If not for skylion, I’d be fighting for them.

              And please, do read up on negative connotations lolicon has in Japan, which is the same as the western connotation of paedophile. It is just amongst the non-Japanese anime community that we use the term differently to seperate 2D/3D. In fact, I do not see problem with being a paedophile if you breakdown into the root words. Being a child lover is fine. Doing despicable and dastardly deeds to them are not.

              As I recall properly, being in possession of 2D-Loli material in Canada is an offence.

            • Highway says:

              It’s not that it’s ‘illegal’. It’s creating an atmosphere that’s uncomfortable, and comments people don’t want to read. So please cut it out.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              And *where* was it directed to skylion? If you read the thread, we’re discussing the character.

            • skylion says:

              Just stop doing it, thank you.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Avoiding lame egg puns at this point is proving to be very difficult

    Yay, you get to suffer a bit! I can be so cruel at times. 😛

    I’m enduring the pain of having my Spring shows gone from me but it’s not as bad since Shokugeki no Soma has another cour to spare.

    I’m also excited to start blogging my second show of the season to replace Jojo which is…hmm…you’ll find out later!

    Oh, bite me! I can pretty much guess what that is. Gatchaman Crowds Insight

    The thing about shounen series, you already anticipate the end but how it’s executed is what grabs you, more so when there’s intense pressure. Soma cut it extremely close. How he calculated he’d get everything done within 30 minutes is beyond me but he did well and I admire how down to earth he is with himself instead of putting up façades. Thanks to his flashback, we see where he picked up the hand slap technique used on Megumi during her freak out. Here’s the thing, Soma got a little extra “help” from the studio. I read comments about the episode and some had manga pages tagged with them. Soma had double the amount of burners on each side for his soufflés in the anime than the manga. Unlimited Cook Works!

    The Nakiri cousins show blood has nothing to do with who they are. They’re personally different as day and night even with each other. It wouldn’t surprise me if thought they were on good terms with one another. We already got the full exposition on Erina. She systematically puts people in a general fashion so one person won’t get it worse than the next. They’re all beneath her. Alice, on the other hand, is an altogether different beast in her put-downs. She knows how to get under the skin, looks for the most vulnerable part of people and playfully pick at it. Her expectations of Soma only able to carry out 8 servings at most and criticizing his live cooking method which saved him are perfect examples.

    Forgive me for sounding like a broken record player but I can’t stop being awe struck at how outrageous the Academy ethics are. The breakfast challenge came to a close, everyone’s weary yet something else equally strenuous was 4 hours away. I don’t think anyone would blame me if I called every staff member of the Academy a demon. At least the survivors were rewarded with a high class banquet to celebrate the end of the camp. Speaking of which, the population thinned out less than I imagined. Of the 1000 students that started, 628 survived and 352 got sent home. That’s either a good sign for the graduation percentage or extra kindling for the pyre that is the “Autumn Elections” Dojima was talking about. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    • skylion says:

      but I can’t stop being awe struck at how outrageous the Academy ethics are.

      That’s the nature of narrative fiction. No one is actually hurt, and we get to seeee the hardships anyway! So put em in a galley and have them row for their lives!

      • BlackBriar says:

        That’s pretty sadistic. Well, better them than us because we sure as hell wouldn’t survive. Even Overcooled admitted that in one of the earlier posts.

        • skylion says:

          I did a 22 hour stint, waiting tables and cooking, at a 24 hour place when I was about twenty years of age; rent and bills were due, and I was a lazy lazy the week before. It can be done. But yeah, these kids are a bit young for that. Thank goodness for the “safety of narrative spaces”…or Hogwart’s would have been shut down loooooong ago….

          • Di Gi Kazune says:

            I remember seeing something, somewhere on the Internets about Hogwarth’s many violations and why they should be shut down. I just can’t remember where. Their justifications are very valid.

            • skylion says:

              AFAIK that would be somethings, in many places on the internets. My most immediate recall is the number of times Hogwarts gets dinged for that sort of thing during Cinema Sins on YouTube…

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              Ah yes, I think it was the Cinema Sins one. If Voldemort didn’t cause it to be shut down, the Education Inspectors will…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Hey, Overcooled! Since I know you have a thing for psychology, here’s something you may find interesting: Upcoming Symposium Looks at Anime from Psychological Point of View

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      I ask those questions of myself everyday. WHY do I continue to torment myself collecting all these animu knicknacks. *furatively goes to preorder zwei herz*

      But it is interesting to know what makes an otaku/fujoshi/-cannotbesaid- thinks.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh wow, that’s pretty cool. The fact that a clinical psychologist is speaking makes me think they’re going to talk about how liking anime too much can be a mental illness lol

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Need some assistance with Spammy, please.

  5. skylion says:

    OC, you are eggcelling at avoiding puns!

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Anime News: Food Wars TV Anime Adds Junichi Suwabe, Saori Goto, Asami Seto to Cast

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