Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 16 [END]

yuki-chan 16-5

…moving mountains…

Well that cold open certainly put the kibosh on the romance from the end of the last episode didn’t it? Always a bit more complicated…romance.

yuki-chan 16-1

Yeah, some spells have a cut off point…

I was a bit upset with Yuki’s direction after they abruptly stopped holding hands, but then I’ve been upset since I read the manga last year. I always thought if ever there was a moment that she should have shown some heart, that would have been the best moment. But, that’s other people’s romance for you…never them with the doing of what you want them to do.

I Must Have Fallen in Love with You Too

I’m not very good at cropping, but I think these two shot work…

It was so much fun coming into this episode. I still find it a bit odd, about three weeks into a new season putting the [END] tag on a show. But that is this goofy cour and a quarter, ain’t it? What did you folks think of that? Should more shows expand into the following season like this to get the job done? If they have the space to work with sure. But let me tell you, I don’t know if this show is to blame for pushing Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! this far back or what…..

yuki-chan 16-6

This is one time she can’t mother hen…

What I admire the most about this ending is that it stays within character for both of Kyon and Yuki-can, and that is exactly what the story needed to do. There are another two arcs following in the original manga, and lots of other complications creep up in them. So the story does indeed continue. But I felt that this was a great place for them to get to. Both of them at not exactly at odds, but not really hooking up. But it started with her awareness, and it never let go of that. All it needed was the lunk head to move…

It recalls the closing moments of Hy-ouka, when Oreki was able to move mountains in his own mind (“Let me help ou with that), in his own way, all to make it past that last obvious inch. This is true with Kyon as well. In his own mind he knew what he had to think. And that was to tell her exactly how he felt. What was important at the time, was that he be able to feel that, and to give something back that Yuki-chan needed. And that was basically him not being a butt-head any longer…well, at least not to her anyway.

Endless Eight?

…did anyone else think that shenanigans were afoot? ahand?

Well, for a show that really set out to capture it’s own territory, this one didn’t spare the references. From “Kyon…denwa” hitting us twice; both times feeling as if something different the same was going to happen, and going into batting practice; Kyon only offering Yuki-chan advice, if only in his head, then bowling and a host of other activities in and around, this very much felt like a call-back to that very controversial arc. And it played with the OST very well, something this show was brilliant at.

But, in so far as things changing, they saved the best for last didn’t they? I wish he would have bought Yuki-chan a mask like he did “originally” but that would have been to much a tie in. And for that I am quite thankful. And yes, they managed to sting us in the post credits, but that was also in some good fun.

yuki-chan 16-yurk

…I couldn’t have done it any better…

Final Thoughts

This was a series that was very near and dear to my heart. I’m a sucker for a good romance, and this one was very much a keeper. It never lost track of it’s goal in all the slice of life moments, the moe, the serious Dissapearence Arc or any other time. It told a bit of a one sided romance on the one end, and a bit of one on the other end. But the two ended up meeting right in between. And thou there was no mutual confession, that darned firework obscuring the confession, thank goodness she/he didn’t hear it cliche, they recovered from that in the very next moment and gave the heroine what she needed right then and there.

Yuki-chan 16-WWW

Which is exactly what this series was all about. What you get in the right here, and the right now. I know that Kyon really confessed to “That Nagato”, but in my mind he didn’t. I know there were call-backs to the original continuity, and there certainly was an origin point for this alternate universe, but I never saw or even wanted that much connection.  And since they ended with a big break from that continuity in the last stinger, that says a lot.

The Disappearance Arc was, ultimately, a huge misdirect. Which I thought was quite brilliant. It tricked both Kyon, the original continuities audience surrogate, and us into confusing “That Nagato” with, you know, “That Nagato” (the KyoAni one to make it clear). But, really, she is who she is in this story. A shy girl that still has lots to give, has complex feelings and was able to take a chance, even it was out of the ordinary, to say what she feels. If Kyon can find his way past that misdirect, then so can we…or is it the other way around?

YukiChan 01-7

Thanks for watching!

See you next week for Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!


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10 Responses to “Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 16 [END]”

  1. Highway says:

    While I really did like the series all the way through, this ending episode disappointed me with annoyances. Primarily those of Kyon and the poor use of the “What did you say?” confession. I realize it’s in service of continuing the story, but I felt it was self-serving and cowardly, and out of character for Kyon, who while put-upon, has always seemed earnest and straightforward.

    I’m also not a fan in general of the “I could have come to like you too.” At the point of a confession, that should be assumed to be the best you can hope for. You don’t need to say it, you need to acknowledge the other person’s feelings and decide if you’re going to see whether you do or or don’t come to like them.

    So ultimately, it was a bit disappointing for me for the last episode here to go down the way it did. Still too much separation in Kyon’s mind between Yuki and Nagato, even though you could blame Yuki for not getting to the point of confessing to him. Too much self-consciousness on Kyon’s part, in his reaction to realizing they were holding hands. Just a few notes that were sour. I like the series overall, but wish it had ended a bit differently (especially because I would bet there will not ever be a sequel).

    • skylion says:

      They did change things around from the manga, and I do think it rather altered the tone in the fireworks scene. But it did serve the anime ending they were going for, at least I think so.

      I kinda see the point you’re hitting on, but I guess they are using the Love Rules, Love Fools conditions. He’s earnest in many regards, but romance makes his head go as shaky as it makes Yuki’s.

      As for getting a sequel? I always thought we were darn lucky to have this, so short of a Tanabata wish coming true, I don’t know if that is going to be a thing. I’m sure the manga is still ongoing, as they just sold Vol 8 in Japan? So if it pushes media….

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Anime News: White Fox, Kinema Citrus to Animate Is the Order a Rabbit?? Sequel Anime

  3. zztop says:

    Yuki-chan’s mangaka, Puyo, has announced he wants to end the manga in 3 more volumes. Vol 9 is out in October.

    The anime also covered up to Vol 5.

    • skylion says:

      ..thanks for posting that. I’m my old fuddy-duddy self and hardly ever bother to look up that information, so I appreciate it (and was actually kinda counting on it!). At series beginning, I did’t know it would go for 16 episodes, so I thought it would get to the end of the Disappearance Arc. So let’s hear it for this odd cour and a quarter!

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    See you next week for Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!

    Hawt Kuro X Miyu X Illya.

    Also sexy, Show ▼

  5. Foshizzel says:

    I’ve had several chats with you on this Skylion, but the final episode was handled nicely even though as Hwy mentioned the whole “what did you say” while fireworks go off is really dumb, but I guess that is the writers way of saying you want more? Read/buy my manga or telling the audience to think of their own ending which to me was always “lazy” instead of putting some effort into an actual ending imo.

    It never really hit me till halfway through this episode that Kyon was trying to return his feelings to the OTHER Nagato not the NEW Nagato! I was like OH MY GOD MIND BLOWN, but as much of a Nagato “hater” I think she deserves some romance! If not with Kyon with somebody…yeah in my heart Haurhi will always be my OTP for life for Kyon, but yeah I kinda figured the confession would be half-assed.

    THAT ENDLESS 8 CALL BACK oh my god I was like wait? WAIT? Are we seriously doing this? Part of me wanted it to happen, but the other half was like NOPE not this again! I am also sad that this might be the last time we see these familiar characters unless they do more or shoot out some OVA material or a movie, but I fear a movie would just be a giant recap.

    As far as more series doing 16 episodes goes yeah I would love that for certain series like Mondaiji, Kyousogiga, My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy and there was s2 of Kore wa zombie and Date a Live! Then again I guess budget issues can get in the way or maybe lack of source material to work with? If I could get 16 episodes from any of the above stuff I listed I would easily go with Mondaiji <3

    • skylion says:

      For the E8 references, part of me wanted it to happen to, if only to make the story go on just a bit longer. But, like you, the NOPE won in the end.

      I like this OTP much better, as I think Haruhi needs a huge chill before, in the original franchise, she starts dating. I mean, if they had kids, she could go Scarlet Witch/House of M at any time….

      There is, in the 9th volume of the manga, an OVA coming out this October (?). It might have some material from the manga, but most of that stuff is longer arcs. So, perhaps just more cute slice of life for the fans?

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