Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 15

yukichan! 15-9

This is the episode that fans can get behind…

Well, with the school exams out of the way, it’s time for the gang to think of summer fun. So let’s head to the beach, and all the adventurous spots you can shake a Haruhi at!

Packing it all in….

yukichan! 15-15

It’s all about everyone having fun together…

With Haruhi in the mix, you know things are going to get planned right down to the amount of bug-bites Kyon is going to get. So, she has Endless Eight level activities planned for the Lit Club before they can even leave school. Luckily for the rest of them, Tsuruya Plot Convience Industries is able to step in and offer them her family’s summer home; close to the beach and all ports of call.

yukichan! 15-16

Click image for reference…

Well, this one had a ton of references and Easter eggs to the original series. We start off with Haruhi over-planning everything, and then move to Koizomi’s mentioning of a closed space circle (a sure way to tell everyone that Haruhi is happy and doing well in this dimension),  then the reference to the Desert Island Syndrome Murder Mystery, Yuki’s Rhinoceros Beetle, and finally the disestablishment of the imouto/LOLi in a bag trope.

Yuki-chan! 15-bag.gif

The LOLi will not be left behind!

Umi Da!

Endless Eight this is not, and the anime community breathed a huge Sigh of relief. But references, semferences, we got’s a beach episode!

yuki-chan! 15-harufront

Show ▼

Kyon and Yuki-chan getting Closer!

yukichan! 15-14

Sometimes it takes an imouto….

yukichan! 15-18 yukichan! 15-19

But fireflies are much more romantic!

…for all the goofy fun hunting for cicadas, tests of courage, and whatnot,  this part was what this episode lead to. It’s one of those situations which just leave you smiling from ear to ear. Of course, these two got so uptight about the events in the last arc, it took the most random of things (but careful planning from Tsuruya and Asakura in the beginning) to get them to even hold hands. I would swear Tsuruya planned this finish, but life rarely turns out that way. Still she had the wherewithal not to over-react. I love how she teased Kyon about it, but what was better was his lack of “typical” reaction to holding Yuki-chans’  hand. He’s happy, she’s happy. And so are we.

Yuki-chan! 15-seeds.gif

Kyon no Imouto is happy too….

Final Thoughts

In all honestly this was just complete fanservice from nearly start to finish. Swimsuits, humor, the Endless Eight bits and pieces, and of course the love story for the fans of this show. These moments were a long time coming. Since they’ve gone a bit off the manga radar, and are ending the show next episode, I have only guesses at to what comes next. I think they will end it in a good place; suggesting that life will go on. The manga just cause more trouble after this arc!

Next Time

yukichan! 15-20

Fireworks, and my series review!


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10 Responses to “Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 15”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I would like the LOLi neatly packed into a bag. I’m sure someone else would like it too.

    • skylion says:

      …and I’m sure the LOLi have other ideas…

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        I cannot wait for the show with your gravatar… The wait is killing me!

        • skylion says:

          R U Kidding! I’ve already got a mock draft in our draft queue! I found a great lead image, and I even did a tiny bit of work finding just the right font color for my posts! No more bright pink! Heck, I know what material they are using, I could get a head start and just edit it on the 26th of this month!

  2. Foshizzel says:

    This was a great episode! Those swimsuits were nice I like Haurhi’s and Yuki’s suits the best and of course who could forget the cute little sister! Between this episode and Charlotte there are lots of cute siblings.

    I loved the reference to the murder game/island from the first season! Good job.

    With one episode left will they confess? My money is on the 2nd half of the episode or last five minutes which is a bummer, but ah well I will be fine with whatever they decide to do for an ending episode.

    10/10 BEST EPISODE.

    • skylion says:

      …it’s all about the imouto~

      I’m glad they kept that murder island reference short. Outside of 7/8 of Endless Eight, it’s my least favorite story.

      I will say the manga is ongoing. I don’t know if they have plans to continue the anime, but let’s assume they won’t. In the manga, Yuki as her post-accident Nagato personality, did confess. The anime followed suit. As for now the in the manga and anime, the ball is well in Kyon’s court, and he is dithering. He hasn’t yet. And there are things that come up, in the manga, to complicate that. So, for the anime? They might give it a mutual confession end? Suggest he will one day? Have Asakura go all stabby stabby again?

      Well, not that last one…

  3. Highway says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed the progress that has been made by Yuki and Kyon as far as their relations to each other. Prior to Yuki’s accident, it was always Kyon being oblivious to Yuki feelings, and Yuki being hyper-aware of Kyon’s presence. Now, whether it’s because Nagato-san took the pressure off Yuki with the confession, or her little ‘vacation’ gave her time to reflect on it, Yuki is much more comfortable around Kyon. She’s not the one freaking out when there’s no conversation. She’s not the one freaking out when something happens. But she’s not oblivious either. It’s like she feels a lot less pressure, and is now able to enjoy her time with Kyon.

    Meanwhile, Kyon is the one who is having a hard time dealing with Yuki’s presence. And it’s not that he doesn’t like being with her, but it seems he’s got that normal boy problem: feeling like he has to be ‘on’ with her, he has to impress her. I like the way it’s advanced.

    • skylion says:

      …she’s actually able to hold a conversation with him, and it’s on her own terms as well, and he seems to enjoy her talking…

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