Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 14

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“…it’s like the one time I took Haruhi’s powers…”, “eeeeehhhhhh”

Well, we may be getting into the first few episodes of the new anime season, but we still have a few from the past one to take care of. So what happens when Yuki-chan finally “wakes up”?

“You were happy to see me,….”

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 Some differences are easy to work out…

Well, before that, Yuki-chan and Nagato-chan have to have a serious brain to brain; it’s what passes for a heart to heart in the head of Nagato Yuki, just go with it. But our disappearing girl informs her other that she did indeed confess to Kyon, and now, it’s the other’s turn to do the same. I love how stubborn she was, covering over the facts with an offhand “well this is what your brain is doing, it’s nothing I really wanted”.  It’s not a goodbye, but at the same time it’s a farewell, if that makes any sense. She isn’t really gone, and she isn’t really forgotten as we will see.

For all the minor fuss, Yuki-chan has very little trouble slipping back into her daily routine; namely getting her hands back on her gaming console, and being doted upon by her ever present Asakura-san. It’s a bit bitter sweet on the part of Ryouko. It’s true she misses the book loving Nagato-san very much, and is happy to have her old friend back to “normal”. But I feel for her. She made a great effort to include Nagato-chan in her life only to see it slip away. It’s an odd gear-box maneuver to get back to where it all was, especially since she values them both so equally. It’s a bit of silliness she is able to let go of. A trait she shares with Haruhi of all people….

“…but you seemed sad at the same time.”

yuki-chan 14-3

…dude even refers back to his call log the time she confessed to him…

But it’s Kyon that is having the most trouble adjusting. He’s barely able to carry on a simple conversation with Yuki-chan much of the time, preferring to be away from her when he can, presumably to collect his thoughts. He doesn’t know how to treat the disappearance of Nagato-chan, especially in light of her confession, and what that means now that Yuki-chan is back. He’s treating them as different people; or at least that is what he wants to do as it’s the easiest way for him to think. From the last episode he was clearly surprised that Nagato-chan confessed to him, and that is very much on his mind. But is she a separate, and now missing, person? He missed that chance to have her rub in itch cream on his back.  He’s not privy to the brain to brain we had at the episodes beginning, and given Yuki-chan’s Tanabata wish, it’s not likely that he will soon.

But all in all, there is a Haruhi-san back in the mix. She’s the type to let the foolish boy get himself caught in the mire and yet taunt him with a line, and pull him from it, at her own pace. But then, she sees right through him. She calls him out on his indecision, if only to herself, and all for her own reasons. She cannot help but think back to a time she underwent the same split in her own personality; gaining common sense and losing her full bore fancy. It’s not to hard to see she fell hard for “John Smith”, just as it isn’t hard to see that those moments matter more to Haruhi than they do to Kyon. There’s a touch to that that makes me mist up a bit…

yuki-chan 14-14

Just go for it, she says…

Tanabata Fun

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It must be a different universe! I mean, when Haruhi and Ryouko are you’re most sensible characters, the laws of narrative causality had to have taken a leap to the alternative, right? But then, they aren’t the ones who are so very close to the particular issue at hand. It’s going to take some time for Kyon to wrap his head around this. It’s a process after all, and we cannot expect him to take it all on at once.

We have two more episodes to go, and it looks like they will clear this arc in due time. It’s by no means the end, as they will get through about chapters 37 or 38 by the end of the anime run. There are about 45 chapters and counting that I’ve seen scanlated. I had erroneously thought the next two episodes would be anime original, but…well, all I had to do was update my tablet’s manga reader to get the next four or so chapters…yeah, it’s all in there….See you….

Next Time

…blame the Imouto…


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