Gakkou Gurashi! 02-03


Someone, somewhere, might think this is still moe.

spring15-kyonn I’m actually pretty grateful nothing terrible has happened yet. Well, okay, there was the murder of two people zombies. And one of them was Kurumi’s crush and the other was his girlfriend. And Kurumi was the one who killed them both. But, I mean nothing terrible terrible. I know it’s coming though, and I’m trying my best to steel my heart, but in case that plan doesn’t suffice, I have emergency tissues nearby at the ready.


When everyone suddenly becomes deranged, don’t bring the bleeding, unresponsive person with you.

As you can see, Kurumi hasn’t exactly been having a good time lately (but, at least there is someone who has). She isn’t the only one struggling though as Miki is having a difficult time coping with Yuki’s current mental state. It isn’t as if Yuki is completely entrapped by her delusions however. In taking notice of the zombie for what it really was rather than how it could have appeared to her, it’s become apparent that she lacks the ability to comprehend the situation. People can have many different reactions to shock (I start laughing a lot, but that’s pretty normal behavior for me anyway), and Yuki’s is entwined with denial. She refuses to accept the world as it has become and shoves her own reality onto herself and others instead. Depending on how far deep this trauma runs within her, Yuki could overcome it with a helpful push from one (or all) of her club members or simply never fully recover. The third option is that she’s bitten and turns, but then this series would turn very depressing very fast. Oh no, that sounds like it could actually happen. What have I done?

Now let me tell you about this mug. No, wait, there’s an order to these things. Since we are dealing with Yuki’s altered sense of reality, things may not always be as they seem. Case in point, Megu-nee. There’s just something not right about her. Let me rephrase that, there’s something’s odd about how she appears. It’s likely she’s actually dead, and what we see of her during current time is Yuki’s hallucination as a defense mechanism (literally, in the library) to deal with the drastic change. The main occurrence that tipped me off was how she randomly appeared in front of the school store on the other side of the barricade during the test of courage. There wasn’t a “sorry we took so long,” it was “you came too?” She wasn’t expected to be there, and there’s no explanation except that she must go rogue from the group most of the time. There’s also how almost every time she is first addressed, it is by Yuki. Throw in that she is even said to have a weak presence, how the other girls talking about her sounds close to being on the verge of reminiscing, and how the cross in the rooftop garden has a ribbon on it, and everything screams (previous) death flag.


What does it mean?!

But, I honestly can’t say if Megu-nee is dead or not. After the second episode I was almost ready to admit there was a possibility that Megu-nee didn’t even exist along with those two options, but that’s been debunked in the third with a flashback to the beginning of the outbreak from her point of view. So why am I even still conflicted? This mug. This darn mug. Why would a dead person even need a mug? Could Yuki be imagining the mug too? Why does the mug have Megu-nee and Taroumaru on it? Does Taroumaru not deserve his own mug? I’m asking the big questions here. I’m probably looking too much into it, but even though I’m fairly certain Megu-nee has already died, I’m still left with doubts. Maybe her lack of a presence is a huge lampshade on how she’s managed to survive often separated and generally ignored in conversation. Or maybe she’s just dead. Between the two choices, I’m more inclined to agree with that conclusion based off the evidence, but my gut tells me we’ll still have to wait and see to be certain.


Because that isn’t ominous.


Seriously, just show Megu-nee getting killed or something, so I can get this mug dilemma out of the way. It’s keeping me up at night. No, don’t do that; let me persist in the delusion that it’s important for a little while longer and wondering why I don’t have my own mug…unless the mugs actually do mean something awful all along. I don’t want a mug anymore! I still kind of want a mug. Anyway, it looks like we will soon see how Miki became a part of the School Living Club, which is especially important because, as far as I know, she wouldn’t have originally shown up until this point. But what would I know, I keep thinking a mug has a deeper meaning.


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11 Responses to “Gakkou Gurashi! 02-03”

  1. IreneSharda says:

    Darn you Fosh…

    Darn you sky…

    It’s all your fault. You guys were the ones who told me to give this series a chance. You were the ones who introduce me to this “drug” of a series. And now I’m completely hooked. I even did what I hate to do when watching a series, and that’s to read the source material. But I couldn’t help it, it has hooked me that much! I caught up with all 37 chapters of the manga, and I’m anxiously waiting for chapter 38!

    But of course, unfortunately, that means that I now know many of the secrets. Yet, the anime has been changing quite a bit of things, so I’m very interested in what’s going to happen next.

    As for these two episodes, they were great. I like how they told Megu-nee’s story and how this introduces the background of what really happened and what started this zombie apocalypse. I’ll be interested in seeing how far they go with that.

    All of our girls are great, Kurumi and Miki are my standouts right now, but I love them all. I’ll be happy to see Miki’s backstory next episode.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      It is like crack cocaine. Infnitely addictive.

    • skylion says:

      Hey, Fosh and I know good quality when we see it. So yeah, I’ll call myself guilty for my roll in it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      <3 <3 <3

      Yes! It makes me happy that more people are willing to give this one a shot! I think it's very underrated as far as the rest of the "good" stuff this season goes and yes Gakkou is VERY addictive.

      I don't remember how many chapters I've read maybe twenty? I forget, but I know up to the important reveals anyway and agreed it does take some of that excitement away because we know what is going to happen which is fine with me I want the anime to do different things without following the manga 100%

      The backstories are quite good! I think the anime has done a great job showing how the girls became a "club" especially episode 3 with Megu-nee's story.

      Yeah I like the cast so far :D

  2. skylion says:

    There is no spoon! Everything in the anime is a glitch. Developers are working on a patch. Please suspend services until a full system recovery is completed.

  3. IreneSharda says:

    But what would I know, I keep thinking a mug has a deeper meaning.

    If that’s keeping you up, you should take a look at Megu-nee’s hair, and ask yourself, how it is her hair keeping going from long to short to long again in the same period of time? 😀

    • skylion says:

      Megu-nee’s actress had cut her hair for another role. Then the producers of GG had to ask her back for a reshoot. The wig they made for her was reportedly rubbish, so they just shot her with the haircut, hoping no one would notice.

    • Kyon says:

      The only time I noticed it was short was when she’s writing, and there isn’t much of an indication where those scenes are in the timeline other than “after the roof” for all except the ending and that that day was literally referred to as “that day,” so it isn’t the same day and either a good length into the future or just being emphasized. They could either be in-between the roof event and current time, be the furthest along in the timeline yet (which technically would still include the ending as of right now if it does turn out to be happening in current time), or in current time and reinforces that she’s really dead and illusionary. It’s too vague right now for me to really be sure of anything and put too much thought into it, but then again, I am taking this mug business very seriously.

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