First Impressions – God Eater

God Eater00014

Monster Hunting 101: Pick the most inconveniently large weapon available.

Yay, it’s here! This was one of the shows I was looking forward to the most, so let’s see if we can actually get a good video game anime adaptation for once!
Oh boy oh boy finally God Eater aired. I was so excited I literally went to my university (for the wi-fi) at 8 AM despite of the long holiday just to see it. I hope it’s good just like what the trailer showed us.
God Eater was always on my radar even before I looked at the Summer line-up, due to ufotable. The studio is well-known for its amazing quality but will they do something great outside of the Type-Moon verse? Well, let’s see the pretty animation play through for a few episodes before deciding.

Attack on Aragami

God Eater00008

Well now we know where one of the graduates of Prison School ended up

Kyo// I haven’t played the game so I’m not aware how the world setting was dealt with in-game. However, whatever we have seen in the first episode, screams a bit Attack on Titan with the enclosed walls and a separate army to deal with Aragami. I’m not sure if the original game had this background or it was later added in expansions or this is ufotable adding context. Whatever the case maybe, we have a dystopian society, where human population has dwindled due to these monsters gods, who rampage around killing humans randomly. This is a survival story with a very shounen touch of battle, usual to the gaming genre.

God Eater00015God Eater00016

This is too early to analyse the story, plot or even characters besides their badass designs. Truthfully speaking, what attracted me is the packaging. Would you look at the painting like animation? Of course, no one could have done this except for ufotable! Even the Aragami CGI was well-blended. The dark tones helped but really, the episode was a feast for the eyes overall. As an icing on the cake, add an excellent seiyuu cast to the list because pretty much everyone killed it except for the MC-kun. But hey, who likes MC-kun in the first episode anyway? Rikiya Koyama (hnnng!), Sayaka Ohara (Look! There is a Fate/Zero pattern here), Hiroaki Hirata and Kazuya Nakai were brilliant in their few lines and there will soon be THE Maaya Sakamoto. Honestly, what else do you need? Plot? Go, watch a critically acclaimed story because there are times, you just need to turn your brain off and enjoy the scenery. I’ll be watching this just for prettiness and the brilliant voice cast. Oh and music, which should be good.

Vengeance Against the Titans Vampires Aragami

God Eater00007God Eater00011

anaaga// It turned out that the character I didn’t like the most at first became my favorite character in an instant. If anybody remembers my rant, I didn’t like Utsugi Lenka’s character design at all and favor Kannagi Yuu’s design more. Yuu is more of a bishie than Lenka, and his appearance gives a “handsome but charismatic” vibe. His character design is the opposite of Utsugi Lenka’s. If Yuu gives off a mature vibe, Lenka’s design gives the impression of an immature brat who is thirsty of Aragami only. Lenka’s design reminds me of… Eren Jaeger, I guess, and Eren Jaeger is a terrible character with terrible personality and character development. With the similar setting of God Eater and SnK have, I was afraid that Lenka will be another Eren Jaeger, and I don’t want an Eren Jaeger in an adaption of one of my favorite PSP games.

Well, it turned out that I was completely off the mark. Utsugi Lenka’s character was so pleasant to be watched. He turned out to be a completely calm character who doesn’t shout “I WILL KILL TITANS ARAGAMI ARRGHH *insert German gibberish lyrics*” in a despicable and annoying tone. Ok, well, he despises Aragami and wants to kill them, but somehow he shows it in a non-annoying way. He’s also very mature, realizing the mistake in his impatience right away and decided to obey Amamiya’s command to train only. He still makes impulsive decisions though, such as saving the woman and so on, but it’s necessary for plot so it’s fine I guess? Though I hope he won’t do such thing again. At least, do that when his physical abilities is on par with Lindow already. So basically, Utsugi Lenka, despite of his doubtful character design, was actually a good character. His character somehow is already developed thanks to the experience he had with Aragami, but there is still a room left for a further character development. That’s a good thing, I guess. Plus, we’re getting a story for the main character too, unlike the game where the main character is only given to options of “….” and “I was unemployed” when another God Eater asked the player about his past. That was so anti-climactic. Anyway, the new main character ufotable made turned out to be very likeable, and I can’t wait to see his development along with the other characters.

It’s a Wonderful (?) World

God Eater00001

Zapp-san, is that you?

Kara// Though actually, I thought the other way around when I first watched Kekkai Sensen… Anyways, for those who played the game, they actually got a lot more new material than stuff they’ve already seen. The focus on Lenka’s character was all new (since the main character has very limited lines, and is very self-insert friendly), but anaaga already covered that. What I was really interested in was how they showed so much more of how Fenrir and the city looked and functioned in general. How are god arcs made? Who knows, but what they showed in this episode was more enlightening than what the game ever showed. The same goes for the structure of the base in general or even what the city looked like. They never show you those things in the game, so this was pretty cool. Even the introduction of the main characters was new and exciting (since in the game they basically went “Hey, these are your team mates. Okay, now go fight monsters and learn about them later.”). So while the story will be the same, it’s good to know that ufotable is going to be adding enough to the anime to make it worth watching.

God Eater00004God Eater00010

Despite how nice things looked, I can’t help but think that the storytelling was a little off. It did get better as the episode went on and the focus went from being… well, unfocused to Lenka’s struggle with fighting the Aragami, but they added some concepts at the very beginning that just over complicated things. Did they really need to explore the oracle cells that much when they could have just stated that God Eaters have Aragami DNA and moved on? Sure seeing the scientists added to world building, but they hadn’t even gotten to the issue of Aragami in the first place. The jumping back from past and present at the beginning of the episode seemed kind of off as well. But oh well. This was was probably more preferable to having someone sit there and talk for 10 minutes for exposition’s sake, but it just seemed like they were trying to include minor details that the game had when there are much bigger concepts that still need explaining.

Ahh, this was pretty good. Hopefully they explained everything well enough for the new people, but they added and changed enough of the plot so that watching the first episode wasn’t just like playing the game over again. All of the extra shots of the hallways, how the newscasts worked, how and where they stored the god arcs and all of that was so cool to finally see since the game is pretty limited to where you were allowed to explore. I was wrong on the CGI part (I really wish I could find the website I originally read this on OTL), but it looked pretty great, so I can’t complain.

That was a good first episode. It was able to show the horrible effects Aragami gave to mankind through the other God Eaters and the invasion, giving a whole new perspective for many especially for me since all I did was stay in the damn basecamp and come out only when monsters appear in the game. So far, the first episode was able to deliver what I expected, and I hope it will be like this until the end. At least, I hope they can since they’re definitely rushing things here.

Not a bad first episode. Sure, nothing really shout out except for the packaging as I’ve already mentioned but it’s too early to judge a book by its cover. Maybe, this can balance out everything eventually. Whatever the case maybe I’ll be watching. For now, I’m most interested in is the next episode for Alisa’s character reveal. I’m keen on her because she is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and everyone knows how much I adore her. That and I’d like to see what ufotable cooked up for an ending theme song besides the opening OLDCODEX (Tatsuhisa’s band), came up with.


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12 Responses to “First Impressions – God Eater”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Monster Hunting 101: Pick the most inconveniently large weapon available.

    I wonder what Zack Fair and Cloud Strife would say to that.

    An alright start despite not having anything noteworthy to say of. It sure has the “Attack on Titan” vibes going on and the Aragami are just as grotesque. I hope to get a little more information on the isolated human society, particularly the need for those oversized bracelets. From what was told to the MC, it’s to stay on for the term of the wearer’s life. So I’m curious as to whether or not its capabilities warrant such a steep commitment. Right off the bat, it doesn’t seem worth it. Not much of an opinion on the MC, Lenka, himself. Just a guy who’d more think with his heart than his head who’d do what’s right if he’s got the power to do so. No matter how reckless his actions may be.

    When “ufotable” comes to mind, I think of Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night but they went with odd choice here for this series in terms of animation. I’m not sure how to describe it given this is the first time coming across this kind. If I had to name two other series with animation that stood apart from everything else, they’d be Knights of Sidonia and Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova.

    Overall, it’s not on my “must see” list for the season but interesting enough to have me use it as a means of killing time. Though not all my faith is in this as I don’t have any expectations and am wary of series I hear are based on games of any sort. The majority of those tend to flop… badly.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      The shading style reminds me of some Western animation that I cannot put a finger on.

      You also forgot about Masamune. Also redorkulously big. Also has a sexier guy wielding it.

  2. IreneSharda says:

    This was…okay, so far. The animation is very nice, and action isn’t half bad. Where this story is dry, is in it’s plot and story. It’s everything you’ve seen before, shounen 101. Though Lenka isn’t too bad as a MC so far, he’s also a bit of a blank too. Hopefully he gets some more characterization beyond the game self-insert he started as. The ace team seems interesting, as well as the men over Fenrir who’s scientific folly led to all this. I’ll keep watching. It’s not one of my favorites or anything, but it’s good.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    This was awesome! I love the style of the cell shading and 3D because it reminds me of a video game and since God Eater is based off a game it totally works, but as far as story elements go I feel we were almost dropped off in the middle of episode six or something? Then again this is the first episode so I can forgive them for skipping over a few things.

    I heard rumors about Ufotable running into issues with production which is odd to hear from them and it made me wonder did UBW hurt them as far as animation budgets go? I know every studio has issues and no studio is perfect, but we shall see!

    One last thing what was with all the SLOW MO? Yeah it looked cool but they used it way to much! I guess it makes things more dramatic? xDD

  4. akagami says:

    Damn, the VA talent in this show is amazing. That’s the first thing that jumped out at me. The CG parts were ok, not great, but not bad either.

  5. akagami says:

    I found it amusing that for his gung-ho, Lenko’s actually pretty useless in combat, as of now. I was half-expecting to make him out like this awesome rookie who’s only flaw is he doesn’t watch his back. So not bad, he’s somewhat likeable.

    They skipped a lot by not providing some context, so for people like myself who have no familiarity with the game, I was left scratching my head as to what Aragami are, what is this new energy, why humanity is in dire straits, how were the weapons chosen and designed for each God Eater, or just about any real plot point. Like Fosh said, it felt like they air dropped us straight into a combat zone and us rookies were left dazed and confused as to what was really going on.

    I suppose that works for fans of the game, but the execution was well enough that my interest is piqued enough to see what happens next with the hope someone will explain what’s going on, so I guess it worked out in the end.

    I liked the Aragami, they’re kinda like armored dinosaurs (which reminds me, I still need to watch Jurassic World).

    • anaaga says:

      Surprisingly, the player in the game is already a badass from the start. The game focuses more on the (ineffective) personality development because he’s physically good from the beginning.

      The anime is rushing it, that’s why. I see that it only has 12 eps, and the female chara that appeared in the second episode wasn’t supposed to appear until later on in the story

  6. Highway says:

    You know what really started to bother me in the second episode? They have these big wrist things that they can never take off, that look uncomfortable as hell, and you’d think if you could take them off, they’d show them without them a bit. Yet somehow they can put on suits and button-down shirts and all that jazz? They even roll the sleeves up so that they don’t interfere with the bracelets!

    Not even button up sleeves or a big sleeve or a cloak. Wardrobe fail!

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      It is called… MAGIC!

      Seriously, your point is completely valid. Just that I stopped worrying about it and learnt how to love the bomb.

      • Highway says:

        It wouldn’t bother me if it was actually magic, or clothes that could just appear like in DxD or Fafnir or something. Just this one hasn’t shown anything like that at all. Hopefully I can get past it, too.

    • anaaga says:

      Errr it has a connection with the weapons and they can’t take it off or else… Lots of spoiler. Haven’t they explained it in episode 2 (haven’t watched it yet)? Geez they sure are skipping lots of things

      • Highway says:

        No, they didn’t skip saying that they can’t take it off. What they skipped is “How do we put on a fitted shirt, or sport coat, or pantsuit with this giant thing on our wrists?” Of course, there’s no way to do that.

        You see this in other shows from time to time, like the people who are handcuffed together, but somehow manage to change shirts. It’s a continuity thing that once you notice it screams “Lazy!” or “Not Paying Attention!”

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