First Impressions – Durarara!!x2 Ten

durarararaxten (1)

Izaya-“Oh my god this place is boring.”

Oooh hey look the Game of Thrones like anime Durarara is back! I have to say after Izaya got stabbed last season I was shocked because damn Izaya is one of those characters you love to hate, but as a main character I know he is going to be perfectly fine. He just needs rest and he will bounce back.


All of us knew that Izaya would be fine, even when there was a lot of blood. You need more than just a knife wound to kill this bugger. Really, he’s too evil to die so easily. Justice would be to die from Shizuo’s hands but even in death, he should at least die fashionably. Anyways, enjoy this two-episode worth of continuation.


Durarara Returns

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Important travel tips! Bring plenty of underwear.

So yeah when we last left things off Izaya got stabbed and now he’s on vacation in a random hospital, which gives him plenty of time to think about his past life and how many lives he has effected, but that was the overall theme of the episode getting away and taking a vacation. Sometimes we just gotta get away and experience something new! Like Celty and Shinra who decided to go somewhere together; however, Izaya cut that trip short thanks to a few annoying phone calls from himself and the cops!? What a pal isn’t he? I also noticed Akane is being protected by the crazy Izaya sisters Mairu and Kururi? I wonder what the three of them are like together? While everyone associated with Izaya takes a short break from working with him, other characters like Kida who I think is finally visiting Ikebukuro? I can’t wait till he reunites with Mikado because wow is he ever being super depressed and who is this mysterious girl that tried to attack Izaya? Oh right remember in season one he was looking for people to die with him, which was always a trap? Yeah I guess one of the girls he tricked in the past wanted some revenge, but that didn’t work out so well thanks to Izaya going CRAZY and murdering a pillow!? Rest in peace, Pillow-chan… Oh and what the hell does Aoba want with Shinra and Celty? Is he trying to recruit new gang members or does he want their help taking out Izaya for good? Damn the plot keeps getting interesting.

Keep your friends close & enemies closer

Drrr 14-00005Drrr 14-00002

Stalker or Brocon, take your pick…

What’s going on with Mikado…?! Well, we knew there was something off about him and I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen everything revlealed about him either but the progress sometimes really makes me throw stuff at the screen. Put him out of his misery please! He developed Dollars and whatever the initial rules might say, he should have some kind of control over them rather than any Tom, Dick or Harry coming in to claim it as theirs. As well, I know Kida has good intentions at heart but he should also know better by observing how Izaya operates that working from behind-the-scenes is no good. If you do care about your friends, show them your full support. Though, the Ikebukuro version of Durarara!! is a dark place where many entities lie and operate from the shadows and things are not so easy to express or announce either.

Very like Durarara!! though, we don’t get into the specifics of why Aoba visited Shinra and Celty, why the hell Anri is talking to Shiki or Shizuo knows about Izaya’s stabbing or not. Rather, we get into the daily lives of our infamous couple of Mika and Seiji. Who are not normal in any sense but still make a cute couple. Mika proved her sense of vigilance by stalking everyone around Seiji, while he in turn shows his devotion to her by finding her in a tight spot and saving at the nick of time. Namie should see from a normal person’s eye that there is something special about her brother and this strange girl, however crazy she is. But of course, she wouldn’t because she’s in love with her own brother… Oh yeah, this episode was a prime example of how everyone is twisted to their core in this world but I’m alright with it as seeing normalcy does get boring with time.

Extra Durararara!

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Izaya flirts with the nurse? I guess he likes nurses.

durarararaxten (5)

I do not want to know what Nami has planned for that ladle…

durarararaxten (8)


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Shinra-“What do you mean my grandma is on fire? Sorry, I’m on vacation.”

durarararaxten (9)

Walker-“Blaw blaw anime reference blaw blaw.”             Erika-“Totally bruh.”

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Yeah Izaya took center stage for most of the episode which gave other important characters a break from from him, but of course even in a hospital Izaya can’t sit still and he just has to plot and annoy people because that’s just who he is! Also the fact that Kida is in town has me excited because again Mikado is just so damn boring without his partner in crime, but overall nothing fantastic happened other than Aoba making his move to befriend Celty and Shinra or is he just going to blackmail them into helping him? I assume he knows what Celty is and what Shinra does for a living and who he works for? Yeah Durarara is just the same Durarara for me and I plan on watching instead of doing episodic reviews.

Usual to Durarara!! we don’t get much explanation rather little bits here and few pieces there. Fine by me as this is one of the things I like about Durarara!! There was no continuation of Aoba talking to Shinra and Celty because the plot was too busy explaining other bits happening around the day after Izaya was stabbed. This is what you get when you have a huge cast and many plot lines developing at the same time. New watchers stay alert and don’t even think of picking this up from the middle until you have finished the previous season. It wouldn’t make a dime of sense without it. Overall though, happy to see this return and I’ll be watching like Fosh, rather than blogging.


Drrr 14-00006

See ya!!



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6 Responses to “First Impressions – Durarara!!x2 Ten”

  1. amado says:

    got to say, seiji really impressed me this ep.

    when you take away his obsession to celty’s head, he’s actually pretty normal and average.
    hell, he’s also pretty cool headed and nice despite his expressionless face looking like he doesnt give a fuck about anything, when he’s actually pretty sensitive. he’d actually be pretty active in the story… if mika wasnt trying to keep him preoccupied.

    gotta like really how he was sharp and smart enough to instantly connect the dots that namie was aiming for mika, then find the right area where the two were, save mika from having her face disfigured and finally pacifying namie with a kiss.
    he’s actually pretty slick when you think about all of this. and you’d think he only cared about the head… well it’s still his priority, but that doesnt mean he’ll ignore everything else.

  2. amado says:

    ah my comment got eaten again…

    but why kyokai?!

    no one blogging DRRR? when it was like the biggest series that metanorn had invested and started from?

    this site wont feel the same without this.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I tried to blog it when it returned, but I don’t have a lot to say about it weekly! I will do a series review when it ends…

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think it’s because the show is mostly in disjointed pieces that don’t connect until later on. So blogging it episodically might be difficult because you can’t make full sense of the situation from a single episode. A “You get one side of the story here but another over there” kind of setting.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Argh! So many new posts (First Impressions and otherwise) suddenly pouring in. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

    The thing about split cour series, when at least the first two episodes of the following cour show up, even in spite of a three month absence, it hardly feels like the show went away at all. The vacation’s over… Welcome back, Durarara!!

    Izaya getting struck down was a moment of surprise and contentment. Goes to show that not even he is untouchable and he’s such a shameless wretch, the thought of being killed by those he’s slighted doesn’t even faze him.

    Honestly, which part of Japan did Shinra and Celty run off to for their holiday? They met a werewolf and priestesses Celty felt were emitting vampire vibes.

    Nami, Seiji or Mika. I don’t know which is more deserving of being incarcerated in a loony bin. Each is off their rocker.

    I’d like to know more about this Jinnai Yodogiri after he got the best of Izaya, of all people, and Shinra’s father describing him so menacingly. “The threat Yodogiri poses is like poison. No, it’s radioactive! If you’re unaware, you won’t even realize the danger as he slowly eats away at your body… And by the time you notice something’s off, it’s already too late.”

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Voice actors sure are getting more involved with the productions they’re a part of. Not only is Toshiyuki Toyonaga voicing the lead Mikado Ryuugamine, he’s the one singing Durarara!!x2 Ten’s OP “Day you laugh”.

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