Classroom ☆ Crisis – 04


These days, politics makes everyone queasy…

 Well, money and politics go hand in hand like one dirty, greasy palm against the other. It’s how things get done. But what does this have to do with A-TEC? Or with rocket’s in general?

The Squeaky Rocket Gets the Grease

I can only go on so much assumption this episode. So, with that in mind I gather that the politics in Fourth Tokyo is very similar to Japan’s own parliamentary system. Since Elder Brother Kiryuu pretty much showed part of his hand this episode, I’m going to guess this particular game of thrones isn’t over for the show just yet…But, if you happen to be curious, go Google Japanese unions and parliamentary procedure. It’s not that I can’t go on at length about these subjects, it’s that I won’t. Besides, this version was very, shall we say “loosey goosey”; not even qualifying as proper civics. But it got the job done in broad strokes. Also, it doesn’t have much to do with rocket science, man!


Yeah, no. It never lasts long

Well, depending on your point of view, it has everything or nothing, or something in between to do with rockets. They may fly in one, but space-craft industrial endeavors don’t happen in a vacuum. The point made this episode is that politics cheapens your goals. The kids know this, but Saito is full sail into it as an all or nothing gamble. It’s one thing to have a grievance filled with your union, but with one so toothless as this, and with one filled with only political guile, it has less to do with space rockets, and much more to do with influence pedaling. The union, being hip deep in the political pockets really only see Saito as a pawn they can graduate to a higher piece, and make public moves with. There are some tangential connections to his ultimate goals, but perusing them gets him away from rockets, man!


They know that Nagis knows that they know their place

But, it looks like Nagisa is doing Saito a favour two times over. It looks like a paper promotion, a move to check the union from getting their greasy mitts deeper into A-TEC. He only wants his greasy mitts on them. But he’s also looking to check his brother’s advances as well. Like I said, I don’t think the influence pedaling is going to be over any time soon. But then, there is that second favor, right? That has much more to do with rockets!


Working hard and smart…

So, how many people think that Nagisa left this stone unturned? Surely he knew that the paper promotion would be more than just that? That “vice-chiefing” Saito would give the teacher power, no matter how minor. Or was it more that he has gotten so accustomed to underestimating Saito and A-TEC at this point? Nagisa does seem to have some lack of sense in how people operate it seems. So far, they are a set of predictions, once they pass that point, he checks it off and then proceeds, never a look back. He didn’t account for the students returning for duty, namely one handy accountant in her own right. Besides, it’s nice to have a cute Kana Asumi character back. She knows her spreadsheets, and her rockets….ma’am.

One Big Happy!

I knew they wouldn’t stay away for long, but returning in just the next episode after they bailed? I guess it’s a way to keep things moving, and to show that this group is more than just the sad sacks they got made out to be. But I’m fine with this development, as I hope we can see this group live up to some of the promises they made the second episode. I want to see them shoulder to the wheel, bringing character along with plot development. They’ve been a bit one note so far.

I’m really happy that I have a show that isn’t muddling about in some of the same tropes as a “typical” anime show. But as you can tell by my tone, I’m really hungry to see some rockets, man! They’ve done a great job exploring, in some broad strokes, how this world functions, and that there is much more than meets the eye in what other shows would have as a gimmicky club. But after nearly four episodes, I hope they change the pace and start expanding on the other side of the story.

Nagisa clearly underestimated A-TEC this time. It seems the union deal might have served as a distraction, and one that he felt was easy enough to counter. I don’t think he’s the type to commit to the same error again. Saito has gone from nuisance to thorn, and Nagisa clearly wants to bear with this for as long as he has to in seeing his own goals met. They’ve set him up as a very interesting anti-protagonist, with all that shade that his brother is launching via verbal trebuchet. I’m quite interested in seeing how far that relationship crumbles. But, that’s for another time, as we see what we have gearing up for us….

Next Time


…we get a beach episode! The same week we get one for Prisma Illya. Think Chaos Dragon will give me three-peat?


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7 Responses to “Classroom ☆ Crisis – 04”

  1. IreneSharda says:

    Nagisa clearly underestimated A-TEC this time.

    Please, if you really think that he didn’t have some idea of what they were going to do (or at least what he hoped they could do), then you’re underestimating him! As you say, he gave Nagisa that promotion. You don’t think he knows everything that could have been done with it? This is a guy that pretty much wrote the book on turning around hopeless situations using loopholes and bending the rules for his benefit. He knew, or at least hoped, that Saito would rise to the occasion and see the gift that he’s given him. If anything, Nagisa has been a blessing to A-TEC. He’s taken them of the crash course they were heading on, and is doing what he does best in getting them to turn it around, even if they and his nasty brother don’t know it yet.

    I mean, think about it, his brother told him to get A-TEC away from the unions by “whatever means necessary”, and he eve repeated it to make sure his brother realized what he was saying. And then Nagisa used that vague order to go carte blanche and gave Saito that promotion, knowing that within it was a way, if Saito was smart enough to see it, to keep A-TEC afloat for a little while longer, which seems to suit Nagisa’s needs as he figures out what his elder sibling are up to. So, in a way, he did what his brother wanted, by doing exactly what his brother didn’t want, all at the same time.

    Notice at the end, that when he tells Hattori to check on them, he’s actually pretty vague, not gleeful like she was. He was trying to see if they had risen to the plate. And that smirk that he had at the end. Saito is quite a thorn in that he doesn’t give up, now if only to use him properly. 😀

    • skylion says:

      He ain’t L-elf, last time I checked, at least I hope they don’t make him out like that. He’s much more interesting with some flaws. I may be guilty of reading into that, but he’s not as shrewd as he thinks. He counted on Saito being brash and impatient and down. This was enough to keep A-TEC around as long as Nagisa needs. He didn’t count on the kids coming back, and he didn’t count on their own accountants skills and capacity to inject some care into their goings-on. But cut two weeks later, and he was able to assess it all and work with it, hence his non-chalant attitude towards it.

      • IreneSharda says:

        He ain’t L-elf, last time I checked, at least I hope they don’t make him out like that.

        He’s been giving me L-elf vibes since I first saw him, and since I love those kind of characters, I can only hope that he continues to give me those elements.

        I still think you’re underestimating him, but we’ll see.

  2. HannoX says:

    I’m glad to see the other students return. They’ll add to the classroom dynamics if they’re developed past the one-note characters they are at present. Besides, if you’re developing a new rocket you need more than just raw engineering talent. You need computer expertise and someone to handle the financial aspects.

    I was especially glad to see their own accountant return. You have to use your funds effectively and work within your budget when working on a project. And if you do have a cost overrun you have to justify it. She can do that for them, plus I suspect she and Angelina will clash. At least I hope so. I think that could be epic.

    • skylion says:

      Well, I can’t say it enough, it’s always good to have a Kana Asumi character in the mix. Sure that’s a bit more in the one-note direction for her character, but now they have room to build. Especially since they have an onsen episode coming up. That’s great for character development!

      • HannoX says:

        “That’s great for character development!”

        Depends upon how developed the characters are.

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