Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 13

Yuki-chan 13-1

Nagato-san goes back to her “roots”

…and so we come to the last act in the latest arc. How do things turn out for our heroine?

The story opens with Nagato-chan expressing something she has felt since the beginning of this arc. She is worried that the dreams she is having are more than that. She feels these are memories of Yuki-chan;s that are coming in and reasserting themselves as the dominant personality. As the story moves along that concern proves to be in the right.

With These People Near Me, I am Merely Going to Become “Me”

Yuki-chan 13-2

Oh, that number 8!

As we progress, it looks like Kyon did rather well on his tests. This is something he credits to Nagato-san’s help during the many trips they took with each other to the library. On the romantic inclinations side of the plot, Ryouko acknowledges this, and tries to set up some date time between the two; going so far as to heavily suggest a trip to the amusement park. But Nagato-san has other ideas (for which I am thankful, as I am going to be writing about a date to an amusement park for the PlaMemo finale and I don’t want to do that twice).

No matter who she is, Kyon dotes…

It is very much apparent that our heroine knows she is on limited time, that Yuki-chan will reassert herself in due time. So she is going to live as much as possible. So, lucky for her there is a used book festival in town, and she chooses that to indulge her passion for reading one last time. Of course she also brings Ryouko along, as her over-worked caretaker has naturally become very important to her as well. Any romance will have to wait for another moment.

You can’t fool her Nagato-san

First Nagato-san has to cover her bases with that caretaker of hers. In another of what seems to be a life of picnics, she is able to bridge the gap between her two personalities. She is able to accept that the process that these memories are taking is natural, and is as it should be. It’s only now that Nagato-san starts to feel he regret. One is that she might have been causing Ryouko a great deal of worry, and doesn’t want to add to that. And as Yuki-chan, yes, she had feelings (an infatuation, the doki-doki?) for Kyon, but now she has finally understood that those feelings are indeed love. Ryouko helped her realize that, in an undeniable way. With those feelings Nagato-san thanks her friend, and bids her goodbye…

Best exchange

The final scenes are perhaps some of the best that the show has had to offer, and that is saying quite a bit. Nagato-san has been virtually somnambulistic the entire episode, living in a waking dream. It’s usually Kyon-that has pulled her out of it (Ryouko doing so once, helping immensely). He comes to aid one more time, in just a great moment. Nagato-san was able to finish reading her book and knew it was time to return it. She regrets not being able to tell Kyon how she feels, concerned that this sleep will take her back to her old self for good this time. Fate steps in and gives her a call in the form of Kyon phoning her and reminding her to return the book. She hesitates, but still takes her final chance.

Yuki-chan 13-10

Dude, next time try reading her like a book…

…which leads to a very Kyon-like reaction. I have to give a great deal of credit to the lad, up to a point. His self-reproach is a bit misguided, but not without heart. He realizes that he was a fool for this long, not being able to recognize how she felt, in any personality. And I think that he feels a bit of regret for this one, Nagato-chan going away. He also realizes now is, nor ever is, the time for that regret. But I feel he can pull through. He just has to be himself, she’ll love him for that no matter what.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a dicey arc, but a damn good one. For all the toothy gnashing at series beginning, with Satelight taking over for KyoAni, I feel they did a terrific job with this arc. They elevated the source material very well, and gave it just the right spark and edge for a television broadcast. I have nothing but praise for it’s direction. It evoked all the right moods, and didn’t skimp on immersing us in Nagato-san’s feelings.

Now this would be the point where I should be putting [END] on a series. As for this writing, it’s about four days away from the Summer 2015 season. But we aren’t quite done with Yuki-chan. She’s got one more arc, with three more episodes of story to tell. This odd quarter-cour, so to speak. If some of the new shows I cover don’t overwhelm me, I should be able to continue weekly coverage here. But if I do end up a bit covered up in the new, I’ll not forget this one, and will give it a proper series end and review.

Next Time

Yuki-chan 13-9

…are they finally going to go….there….?


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4 Responses to “Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 13”

  1. Highway says:

    I thought Nagato was just the right sort of selfish. Deciding that she is going to go out without the one regret she had. And then going back in the way she wanted to, not under Asakura’s all-too-often mother-hen care, but having Kyon find her. Of course, she did get a serendipitous helping hand with that.

    I also really like Kyon’s “trying to get a handle on how Nagato feels about me” exploration. He calls just to talk, to find her interests out, and to try to line up his own interests with her.

    I also love that it wasn’t implied, it wasn’t hinted at. Nagato properly confesses: You are the person I like. And Kyon’s reaction is wonderful. Not bashful or disbelieving. Because he wanted that too.

    • skylion says:

      Nagato was quite admirable for the entire arc, being one of the best types of extrapolation of her original franchise character. I will say that I felt it more that she didn’t want Asakura to get wrapped up more into it, but points to the mother hen part of the equation.

      I didn’t quite get “to try to line up his own interests” that much. It’s there, but it swung more over towards the side of, “where you lead, I’ve decided to follow. It’s important to you, so I’ll be there for that.” He wants her to be happy and contribute to that happiness.

      I felt like Kyon was basically saying “What am I gonna do with you?” at the end there. With, yes, the implication being “..but love you as well”.

  2. Highway says:

    I also liked the alternate arrangement that they used for the ED song. And the soundtrack during the final scenes was very nice.

    • skylion says:

      Yes, I was leaving this bit out for someone else to pick up on. They’ve mined the film soundtrack and added greatly to it for this show…

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