Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 11

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Let’s go deeeeper….

At first I didn’t think going into the cold open for this episode there was going to be a need for a recap of last episode. But there is going over previous memories, and then there is really going over memories. Something this one delved into rather well….

A Promise to be Kept

Yuki-chan 11-7

I think things are going to end up rather well

As the episode went on, I was in love with how the direction flowed. It started with that fuzzy sense of confusion, of a signal not quite getting though. We got everything from Nagato-san’s point of view, as she come’s to understand who and what Yuki-chan is or was. There really is no apt comparison for it, other than to let the condition she is going through speak for itself…

She understands that she has a connection to this world, and can recall Yuki-chan’s memories and connections to her closest friends, both Ryouko and Kyon, but in her present state of mind, cannot draw the emotion to it. In this respect, the personality of Nagato-san is trying to make those connections, but lacks the experience or will. At the same time, Nagato-san doesn’t want to be seen as an abnormality. This is who she is now, and by not accepting that, no one is accepting her. That leaves her feeling very much afraid.

Yuki-chan 11-1

Trying to come to grips with….

In two key scenes she underlines that emotional vacuum. When she knows that Ryouko is concerned for Yuki-chan, but doesn’t understand why. Then with Kyon, where Nagato-san understands the feelings Yuki-chan has for Kyon, but acknowledges that they aren’t hers. It would be terrible if it all ended there, and at first glance it rather does sound like this is one of those situations where you wait and hope for the best, not knowing if that is even in the cards. Sometimes the card have to revel themselves, and opportunities have to be grabbed. Nagato-san seems to be able to use Yuki-chans connections to get closer to Kyon, at least by helping him study. And how much of that tummy rumbling is a cry for attention? Of course she’ll make more food for you. Goodness but my heart broke a little for Ryouko…

But there are several instances which do point towards hope. I’ll go out on a limb, but I think that Nagato-san is jealous of Yuki-chan. At the end of the episode she extracts a promise from Kyon to take her to the library. This, in effect, allows her to have her own memories, ones that are precious to her in the here and now. She may not be Yuki-chan now, but that doesn’t mean those memories have no effect on her at all. Nagato-san remarks that Yuki-chan sees Kyon as a kind person, and that is what attracted her in the first place. She claims not to feel the same way, but how much of that is the truth at her new life begins to unfold.

Yuki-chan 11-2

…a great change

Don’t turn your back on the heavy hearted

Yuki-chan 11-4 Yuki-chan 11-5

Final Thoughts

It feels very much to me like the two sides of the character are tying best to have a conversation with each other. The style of communication is specific to both of them, and it’s a matter of learning how to listen. Now, how much this ties into the rest of the Haruhi-universe it to be seen. I don’t wish to spoil But for the time being, we don’t even have to do that. It’s the story of someone that has suffered trauma, and must put the pieces back. Does she have them, or must time fashion any missing ones for her? She has lots of people investing time and interest in her, and the rest of the Literature Club has been absent….so there is that. All in all this is a remarkable episode in just how much it asks us to keep faith in the story as it unfolds.

Next Time

Yuki-chan 11-6

“The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan part II”


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4 Responses to “Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 11”

  1. Highway says:

    One thing I thought was really good was the Hi-cut filter they used throughout the episode while we were in Nagato’s head for when other people spoke to her. It was something that really gave a feeling that Nagato knew something wasn’t right, but wasn’t exactly sure what, and that things aren’t clear even to her.

    Something this makes me think of is that I always thought that the Nagato in the original Haruhi series had, as much as she could given what she was, feelings for Kyon as well. So even if she realizes that the memories and feelings inside her are Yuki-chan’s, I don’t think it’s out of character for someone who is more Nagato than Yuki to develop some of those feelings as well, especially if she doesn’t have her mission overriding it, and especially with the push from these memories from Yuki.

    I thought this was really nicely done.

    • skylion says:

      Yes, that directorial choice was used incredibly well. In the manga, it’s simply a recap of sorts, so they knew how to make the medium work for them. We are always aware that we are watching a program, and that effect did a great job of quickening the gap from Nagato-san to us.

      as much as she could given what she was, feelings for Kyon as well

      It’s a great assumption to make, and I’m glad they took the time, in both the manga and in the anime to show how that works.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Interesting episode and like Highway said I like how they included Yuki’s inner voice! Good stuff.

    I died laughing with Ryouko’s line about stabbing Kyon or attacking him from behind! LOL wow, but it was a nice callback to the old series even though it came off as ha we did a reference gaiz.

    • skylion says:

      Yep, what Highway said~

      It’s a callback to the movie,yes, but how much of one? I guess Ryouko just has to serve that purpose…

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