Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 10

Yuki-chan 10-2

…whither Yuki-chan…

Well, I’m sure there are those that would extend a welcome hand to the good old-fashioned, time-honored Nagato-san. For all the good that would do you in the first place. Anyway, this episode is the true mark of the change-over. I will keep it spoiler free…

Someday in the rain

Well, that title is quite the mental hook, as I mentioned last episode. This was the title of the last episodes of both seasons of Haruhi-san, and the same episode to boot! But, as I talked about, the only real connection it has is the rain. Both that one and this take place during different seasons, there is no need for a heater, and neither Haruhi nor Koizumi are even present, much less Michiru. Did anyone see a connection, if so, please say in comments.

Yuki-chan 10-4

...see? He isn’t even playing a card game….

I was quite pleased that the producers of the show have been following the manga quite closely. One of the few occasions where I, stubborn old fool that I am about that sort of thing, was quite pleased. For a 22 minute episode of a television show, all it really had to do was follow the mood, and in doing that the pacing takes care of itself. This will be quite important for, if I measure correctly from manga to adaptation, at least the next two, possibly three episodes. If we go by a 16 episode slate, they should be able to finish off the manga without a rush or a hitch.

As for mood, well this story has it in abundance. This is marked by the obvious change in Yuki-chan. For all intents, it seems she has reverted back to type. I won’t say you are mistaken to make that assumption as there are several instances in the episode which suggest several things. I’ve gone into some effort to mention how much this show has changed the characters, and how much they can change and remain essentially the same. I think the same can hold true in the current direction that Yuki-chan is going. There are some things that can jump out at you…

Older elements will creep up, errors, or not errors

So the question can be asked? Is this Yuki-chan, or Nagato-san? Or is that the right thing to even ask? As for the answer, well, I won’t spoil, you’ll just have to wait for the next episode, and indeed, for the arc to play out. But it will go into that question, and maybe even a few more.

As for not reverting back to type, there are a few key elements. First and foremost, is the lack of the obvious. This Yuki is not acting totally like the old one. It takes her a bit of time to get a run up, but she does respond to the emotional values that both Asakua and Kyon send her way. The old Yuki would have tacitly ignored them. Second, and this one is an admitted stretch on my part, but, she isn’t reading science-fiction. She’s reading a detective story, one of the first locked-room mysteries case in point, not that that even makes a strong point.

And lastly, her glasses. It’s true that the pair she was wearing during the accident were broken, and you can probably make a mile out of that. But they are repairable, and indeed, they are getting repaired thanks to Kyon’s help. That suggests to me a return of the Yuki that this show has developed, and which many of us have come to enjoy. Also, if it’s for the person she cares most about, she does smile.

And then there is Asakura herself. Goodness, but my heart goes out to her. She’s gone from fretting and fussing, to cooling down, back to fretting and fussing. While I agree with Kyon, that she can be to overprotective, that doesn’t mean I would would never see the situation the same way she does. You can’t quite tell what this universe has in mind for her, and neither can some of the background effects. Did you hear that ominous music toward the end? When she was stopped by the train tracks, deep in thought, and moved on? Talk about suggestions of reverting to type.

“Who are you?” she asks “Bakayarou” is the reply

But, there is that mood I spoke of. It cuts both ways, doesn’t it? With little outward injury, especially given just how bloody coincidental the whole accident was in the first place, we are left with something internal. At this point, what does it matter, the brain, for someone like Yuki? How much of the older type is left in there? Asakura manages to keep that right on the edge, and Yuki’s response is not helping matters.

An evolving ED

Show ▼

Well again, I’ll keep the final thoughts brief. There is quite a bit in store for this arc. For fans of the previous series’, and of the previous Nagato-san this might be a welcome wrinkle in the story.  There have been many that have wished for her to “revert back to form’. I’ve not been one of those fans, but I am aware of the the winds that have been blowing since the series started. For those fans, you’ll have to keep your eyes open. But then, the same goes for the fans of this show. There is quite a lot to be said, and quite a lot to be felt.

Next Time

Yuki-chan 10-19

“The Disappearance Nagato Yuki-chan Part 1”


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8 Responses to “Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – 10”

  1. El Goopo says:

    The relative non-severity of the incident made what happened feel wholly unconvincing to me, but if I pretend it *was* convincing, then this episode is a welcome direction for the series to go in. Either way, there’s still plenty of time for them to explain it more adequately, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, the accident sooooo had writing fingerprints all over it. Shoehorned…

      As for doubt, you just keep that up! My lips are sealed…

  2. Nipah says:

    In the class room she has read a science fiction story: “Permutation City” by Greg Egan which according to Wikipedia “explores many concepts, including quantum ontology, via various philosophical aspects of artificial life and simulated reality”.

    • skylion says:

      …and she lends Kyon a book in the Hyperion Cantos collection. Essentially the book is a story about stories…

      I just found it interesting that she was reading a murder mystery this time around (and nabbed the sequel). She probably found both “relatively” enjoyable. A far cry from her being engrossed in her handheld games.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Interesting episode and yeah the accident at the start was soooo random and forced, but I guess they had to create some sort of drama to push the characters into a new direction or something like that?

    I can agree this “new” Yuki isn’t exactly the one from the original series, but instead maybe half and half? The non emotion side and something else! I don’t mind that even though I am starting to realize if they used the old version from the original then every episode would be just like this one as in super quiet…

    Id guess they have to “reboot” Yuki to get her to change back to her old self somehow? I certainly hope it isn’t a kiss, but I could totally see that being a way to “cure” her of this new problem! Also BLANK I thought for sure she could have a mental breakdown and go off on Yuki for not acting normal.

    • skylion says:

      The older version of Yuki would have been in bad form, so yeah, this is like you said, a half and half. As for what is to be done with her, it’s gonna be something that will be in tone with the rest of the show, so I can say no HUGE surprises. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some small ones that give the show more flavor.

  4. belatkuro says:

    It’s lucky she didn’t get hit by a truck. Japanese trucks are only second to the Japanese cold in terms of deadliness.

    And I’m not sure what to think about these developments. One moment we were all about TAAKIturkey, chocolates and onsen, the next we somehow got the Nagato(?) from the main series.

    The mood and atmosphere of the episode reminded me of the episode in the main series of the same title which is probably intentional. Subdued, a bit slow, and a bit depressing because of the rain(I dislike rain myself). There was also some strain that you could feel was pretty close to breaking sometime in the episode. At some point I thought we would get the Asakura from the main series as well.
    Let’s see how this goes though. Hope it doesn’t go overboard though.

    • skylion says:

      I don’t know why I’m dickering about cause of death, as they are all dreadful, but the worst to me is dying before you’re even on-screen. With Absent Parent Syndrome being the worst outcome; I’m sure it is in the statistics as being an anime parent is likely to kill you or your spouse. But drama….

      I think the developments work themselves out rather well. This episode challenged us to basically forget the original work and take it as it is…on sight. The show works splendidly on it’s own merits.

      I will agree on that connection in the mood and atmosphere. I did, for some weird reason, miss the random five minutes of babble that was in the middle of the original Someday in the Rain. The one that was long shot of Yuki, just reading and little else going on. If there was one goofy connection I would have wanted that would have been it. I’ve seen some bits and pieces on reddit and /a/ that are trying hard to make the smallest of things stick. I’ve been saying, they do keep a set tone through the manga, and see no reason for them to go “anime original” this arc. Surprises yes, but not overboard….

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