Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 24 [END]

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If only we had known earlier that lipstick and hair gel would make him this powerful!

It feels like I’m been begging for this Dio vs Jotaro showdown for the entire season. Honestly, I could not get to this point soon enough. It seems a bit greedy to want to go straight to the pay-off, but I can’t help it…this was a long journey spanning across 2 (equally long) seasons. And finally, after all this time, Dio is fighting the Joestar family once again.


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THAT WAS REALLY COOL! RIGHT?!?! Didn’t you guys think that was cool? Alright, I’ll calm down and form relatively more coherent sentences instead of yelling (caps locking?) at you. I liked that the end of this fight was short and sweet; carefully punctuating each major scene where there was a power struggle. Dio’s extended ZA WARUDO ability was an excellent little twist, especially the way he used all the extra time just to brag in Jotaro’s face. This is a show where characters have a habit of saying precisely what is going on, but Dio takes it a step further by acting as a timer and conveniently announcing the upper limits of his powers to Jojo. I thought Dio was lying just to trick him and he could actually pause time for up to 15 seconds or so, but no, he apparently wasn’t that clever to play mind games. I guess it ruins the whole “characters saying what they’re doing” thing if the narration isn’t trust-worthy. Then you’d never believe anything.

Anyways, I can’t really chalk up Dio’s loss to being careless. Trickery wouldn’t have gotten him very far in this fight. If anything, Dio is actually very cautious, and plays it safe by using a STEAM ROLLER as his finishing move so he won’t get within Star Platinum’s range. Sidenote: Dio using a steam roller as his final attack is hilarious because it makes me assume that no matter who he faces, he will straight-up go out of this way to find a steam roller to crush them with for his final blow. How is he supposed to know that Jotaro’s Stand would magically pick now out of any other life-threatening situation he’s been in until now to stop time? It’s a total asspull but man is it cool! I give Jotaro a pass because he said earlier that his Stand was similar to Dio’s, so the possibility was always there. Plus, I stopped thinking logically between the steam roller smackdown and Dio squirting blood into Jotaro’s eye from his gaping leg wound. Asspull or not, that was a great fight.

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He must be great in bed

You know what was an asspull so ridiculous I’m still in disbelief they actually trying to convince us it could work? Reviving Joseph. Apparently all you need to do to revive someone is pump blood into them. Shrivelled up corpse that’s been dead for a while and still has deep wounds? Fill ’em up with blood! They’ll perk right up, you’ll see! Thank you very much, Dr. Jotaro Kujo, for advancing our medical science to the point where we can bring braindead raisins back to life. If only we had known sooner that blood transfusions were the secret to eternal life! Seriously though, I’m happy Joseph is back but…that’s a bit of a desperate move just to make a happy ending for Susie Q, no?

Meanwhile, Kakyoin, Iggy and Avdol remain dead. Maybe if they had a blood transfusion soon enough, they’d be ok too. Rest in peace…and suck it, because Polnareff is still alive! I’m happy the way things ended, even it was a bit of a facepalm-inducing route to get here.

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest – I’ve been tempted to give up on blogging Jojo for quite some time. There’s not much to say aside from commenting on the insanity and even then, sometimes that insanity falls a bit short of the bar that has been set by all the past craziness. It just hasn’t lived up to my love for the past seasons since this one seemed like a series of poorly strung-together boss fights. When they showed Holly at the end I couldn’t even remember who she was because I had forgotten that she was the impetus for the whole journey…and that’s bad considering they literally just reminded me a few episodes ago with Susie Q lamenting her sickness.

Even worse, they showed the 3 dead martyrs (Iggy, Avdol and Kakyoin) to remind us of the bittersweet tinge to Jotaro’s victory against Dio. Oh, how sad! But I was like “why are they showing a dog with all these dead characters?”. I had entirely erased Iggy from my memory as well. Okay, so I was sad about the other two guys so it wasn’t a total waste, but I clearly wasn’t too highly invested in the story here if characters died and I moved past all the stages of grief into complete amnesia faster than it takes to sneeze. It just wasn’t a compelling story. But then again, maybe I just have early stage Alzheimer’s at the tender age of 24? Keep an eye on me, guys!

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So while the whole reasoning for their journey wasn’t really there, I still had fun with some of the fights. Some of them were wild, whacky, and filled with Araki’s excitement to play with his newly-found Stand mechanic. I say some because a good portion of the Stands were bullshit and those ones almost always had 2-episode fights. It was so bad. SO BAD. There were a ton of ups and downs here, much unlike the constant adrenaline of Battle Tendency or the excellent, slow build-up of Phantom Blood.

But the end makes it very hard for me to remember what it was I disliked about the series because mannnn that Dio fight was so good! So I’m ending this season with a lot of goodwill towards the series thanks to the great ending. Which is great because for a while there, this series was causing me physical pain at how boring it was getting when I knew it could do so much better. Anyways, thanks for sticking it through with me and I hope everyone had fun with this silly little romp to Egypt. Will we get a next season? Should I just start reading the manga so I can speedread through the crappy fights? Only time and my minimal amount of patience can tell,

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12 Responses to “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 24 [END]”

  1. Pedro says:

    This was a great finale to a series that could’ve been a little shorter. 48 episodes seemed like a bit too much, even if some fights were really fun to watch. Pollnareff getting out of this alive was also a great plus IMO.

    Can’t wait for them to adapt Part 4 though. I binge read Diamond is Unbreakable in 2 days after watching this episode. Damn it was great.

    • Samsura says:

      Did you read the horrible Duwang translation?

      • Pedro says:

        Most of what I read was the “JoJo’s Colored Adventures” scans, I also read some parts that weren’t available colored in black and white with the “Invincible Trio” scans. But no, I hink I managed to avoid that one, thankfully.

    • Overcooled says:

      48 episodes was too long. They could have easily cut some stuff out and/or made certain fights shorter.

      I hear a lot of good things about part 4 so that would be nice!

  2. Samsura says:

    There’s a saying I like to live by: not all Stands are created equal. We can’t all be Za Warudo or Vanilla Ice. But JoJo is a bizarre adventure like no other, it will never not be one of my favorite franchises. From you get eating bugs to psychic babies to gamblers, nothing in this show had me going “of course they do this, cause anime.” The sheer lunacy that Araki captured 20 years ago was brought to the modern way in the best way possible.

    I feel you shouldn’t read more Jojo Overcooled, the things that bore you about Jojo are very much present going forward. Being perfectly honest, I do agree Jojo vs Dio is the best fight in the series.

    PS: you should watch the OAV fight to see Jotaro through a building at Dio, the fight in the OAV has a lot of neat added touches

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s a very unique franchise, that’s for sure. It does whatever the hell it wants!

      I think I’ll take your advice then and skip out on the manga. This was probably my least favourite finale so far out of the 3 arcs actually so that makes me feel like things really won’t improve much.

      I’m always down for watching people throw buildings at each other though!

  3. Namaewoinai says:

    and so this is the end of the 3rd part…what can i say it’s a very long one, and they adapted the manga pretty well despite of so much complications. nevertheless i do enjoyed at the OVA does!

    Now let’s see…OMG Mr. Joestar he should not do a some sort a joke here, cuz he know that they would started all over again…thankfully it’s not!

    And, i see there is no announcement or a sneek peek for the next season…probably in the home video edition (BD/DVD) i guess…

    Well…Next Stuff The Unbreakable Diamond
    (Josuke “The Diamond Man” Higashikata)

    • Overcooled says:

      It was a long journey, but we made it!

      We’ll see how the sales go, I suppose. If they do well we might see the next season animated. But I have no clue if it’s been selling well thus far so your guess is as good as mine.

      • Namaewoinai says:

        And another thing, The next one will be even more complicated in some matter, why…

        hmm. Most of the Stand on the 4th Part are named after Rock band or album or songs…

        Still, Good Luck For them…if they are really lucky to handle it…

  4. skylion says:

    I’ve never wanted the program to be anything more, or Less, than a good old fashioned battler. It has all the chops!

    So yeah, outrageousness is the end-all, be-all, the thing and the whole of the thing. Accept no substitutes. This isn’t Jojo’s Bought an Icepop Won an Icepop Kittens and Rainbows Adventure…you want Acchi Kocchi for that. So yeah, a freekin’ steamroller! Talking as not on a free action, but…..I don’t know what these cats really do to that trope, but they should keep on cattin’!

    But then there is Stardust Crusade, which took 50 days in real story time (more if you add stopped time, but who is really counting since in the JojoVerse a second is much longer than a second). It was a bit weaker than Phantom Blood or Battle Tendency, but them’s the breaks.

    Thanks for being Bizarre, OC!

    • Overcooled says:

      “Jojo’s Bought an Icepop Won an Icepop Kittens and Rainbows Adventure” is an amazing combination of words, thanks for allowing me to imagine icepop kittens :3. But for real, this was a fun ending! I want to let the show end on a positive note with that wonderful steamroller ending.

      Thanks for sticking around! I agree that the previous parts were better but yeah…not much to do about that now at the end now, is there? Onwards!

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