Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku – 09


Where’s Hikki?

Christmas is approaching, so the Volunteers Club goes on a trip for strictly educational purposes.



Haves and Have Nots

Help me someday (mouseover to play).

The gang catches a much needed break after the events of last episode thanks again to Shizuka’s meddling. Through the course of their visit to Destinyland, we see both Yui and Yukino share moments with Hachiman. But it is Yukino’s exchange with the loner that steals the show this time around. The two are conveniently separated from the rest of the group thanks to the crowds attracted by the holiday festivities and end up spending some time alone. While riding together on a two-seater attraction, the conversation invariably turns to the topic of Haruno. And then Yukino pops three words that we thought we’d never hear from her: help me someday. This notably comes after her confession of sorts two episodes ago that she’s always acted like she could do anything and understood everything. So her asking Hachiman to help is a big step forward. She’s trying to reach out (literally and figuratively) and open up to others. Of course, it’s just Hachiman for now. But it’s still a step in the right direction. Her humble request for help also parallels Hachiman’s own plea for aid before the climax of the previous episode. Which is a very nice touch that scored the show a ton of points.


Help what?

Moving along, the conversation turns from the subject of Haruno to Hachiman himself. Yukino comments that while Haruno has always had something she doesn’t (most likely the strength to do what she wants to do and be who she wants to be), she now sees that Hachiman also has something she doesn’t. This second point isn’t as obvious as the first one, as I’m sure most of us have generally viewed the loner and the ice-cold beauty as sharing very similar personalities. They’re both socially awkward, skeptical of the rules and hierarchy of society, and prefer to struggle on their own. But recent events, such as their confrontation in episode 7 and the climax of episode 8, have suggested that the two may not be as similar as we might have been led to believe. So then what does Hachiman have that Yukino does not? My best guess is that Yukino means that she lacks the loner’s new-found resolution to face his problems head-on. This is, of course, in contrast to his previous strategy of shirking away from actually solving the problems he was tasked with and instead irresponsibly redirecting the collateral damage upon himself. Recall that when Hachiman came to terms with his true desires and wore his heart upon his sleeve in front of the Volunteers Club, Yukino’s only reaction was to run away. Perhaps it is this essence of the differing ways in which they handled the near break-up of the gang that she is citing.

A New Storm Front


Iroha takes her chance.

The Volunteers Club aside, Iroha and Hayato’s clique also went along for the ride thanks to reasons. And it seems these reasons are mostly plot related, because the end of the episode sees Iroha confessing her love to Hayato only to have her heart broken. We all know what that means. Yet another problem to add to the shit storm that is the intermural Christmas event project. Seems like it’s always trouble when it comes to Iroha. Of course, we fully expect Hachiman and co. to have to deal with her. But I’m actually hoping that Hayato might take the lead and try to smooth things out himself. I know at this point he might be the last person that Iroha wants to see. But it would be a nice twist for the socialite to stop relying on Hachiman to resolve the issues relating to his posse. That would certainly be a strong development for his character as he would then be making good on his word that he doesn’t want to see Hachiman hurt himself again to help others.


Show ▼

With all that said, let me leave you all with one last question following Yukino’s conversation with Hachiman in this episode. I’ve already gone over the part about Haruno and Hachiman having something that she doesn’t. But Yukino’s words don’t end there. She goes on to say that seeing her own shortcomings led her to desire something that neither Haruno nor Hachiman have, and that she hopes she can help once she has that something. So what do you guys think Yukino will find that is unique to her?


This bears further investigation!


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16 Responses to “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku – 09”

  1. Samsura says:

    The thing about Yukino and Hachiman is you have to consider why they are alone. Yukino was ostracized because she was too excellent, while Hachiman was partially self inflicted because of his views on superficial things. Now that Hachiman has made a large step forward, Yukino is probably looking at that change in him and thinking what she should change about herself. The thing about “saving her” (I’ll note that the light novels use help instead of save, which changes the meaning a bit) I think is her way of saying she wants Hachiman to help her change. There have been plenty of times when the show has pointed out that Yukino is always right or she never lies, but like with Hachiman some things have to change.

    • Sumairii says:

      The subs I watched used “help” and not “save.” I’m gonna guess it was CR that introduced “save?”

    • Joojoobees says:

      I would go one step further and say that the reason Yukino was able to ask Hachiman for help was that he made himself vulnerable by asking her for help.

  2. amado says:

    they ended the episode at the perfect point.

    prepare for iroha to take stage and blow out the rest of the competition.

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Hachiman? Probably behind the camera.

    So, about Yukino… Yeah, I’m ashamed of it but I’m gonna admit that half the time I don’t even know what they are talking about. Their exchanges are full of underlying meanings and implications and I’m not very good with these, I like things being spoken directly.

    Now, about Iroha and Hayato. See, this episode’s OP sequencce final shot (I guess it’s the last one) features Iroha sitting on the Volunteer’s Club table, almost like a member. That’s probably what’s gonna happen after her issue with Hayato is over. Also, don’t really think Hayato is going to straight things out himself. He keeps saying that he’s not the nice guy everybody believes, and I’m yet to see this “not nice guy”, so I wish he would show this here.

    • IanDK says:

      For me at least, there seems to be quite a number of unanswered questions for the characters that have been referenced or hinted at, but never outright shown or answered. And even as the LN’s progress… they’re still not quite completely answered, though there’s more tidbits dropped here and there.

      Semi-spoiler re: Iroha, no details, just her general behavior after Christmas event:
      Show ▼

      Also, some have mentioned that what Yukino was looking at and put away when Hachiman returned with the drinks is likely the picture that the ride takes when it goes down the drop. I went back to check, and it’s left undescribed in the LN’s as well, but it’s a reasonable guess, and a nice little contrast to her avoiding pictures earlier.

      • JPNIgor says:

        Yeah, one would wonder, given that her “lack of time” was one of the reasons she didn’t want to run for student council. That’s still better than she somehow falling in love for Hachiman or whatever.

        Wow, if Yukino really did that, that would be surprising. But it is reasonable, these photos of the rides are almost a trope already.

        • Highway says:

          I didn’t think it was a surprise at all that she bought the picture. Especially because they went to the trouble to indicate the picture was being taken. I was kind of surprised they didn’t show it to us, but it was nicely done the way Yukino handled it.

          • Sumairii says:

            Yeah, I would say that she definitely bought the picture. Yet another nice touch on the part of the show.

      • amado says:

        regarding iroha
        Show ▼

        • amado says:

          have you read up to vol 10-10.5?

          • IanDK says:

            Yah, have read 10 and 10.5.

            Show ▼

    • Sumairii says:

      Actually Hachiman is half out of frame to the far left in the picture. I didn’t mean for anyone to seriously answer the question lol.

  4. edo says:

    Yui and Yukinon were so adorable.With all respect, 8man should fuck both of them

  5. akagami says:

    I’m so far behind… only have subs to episode 3 >.<

  6. IanDK says:

    Also… +8 stickers to the sign this episode!

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