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(Not Exactly) Dates, a mother/daughter moment, the Solfège method and Hollywood making anime movies on this week’s MV!


winter15-jrowHey folks! While Nisekoi and Dungeon pop back up on MV, Skylion and I bring DxD and Euphonium to the show for the first time. We also talk about Hollywood dipping into the anime pool for something to make more movies and the incredibly long lifespans that some of these properties have lasted without even a shot on film. Is GitS worth the time? What would we like to see made? This and more on the show. Hope you enjoy!


Intro (“DREAM SOLISTER” by TRUE from Sound! Euphonium)

01:33 – News

Anime Episode Discussions

  • 10:27 – High School DxD 05
  • 14:50 – Dungeon 05
  • 17:54 – Nisekoi: 04
  • 23:10 – Sound! Euphonium 04

31:05 – Topic: Hollywood’s Work on Adapting Anime/Manga/etc. to Live Action

Outro (“RIGHT LIGHT RISE” by Wakeshima Kanon from Danmachi)


Below is that GitS/Matrix comparison vid. What’d you think of our discussion about anime getting the hollywood adaptation treatment? As a Ghost in the Shell fan, I like the idea of it at least getting a chance, though of course so much more remains to be seen whenever and if ever it does go through filming.


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9 Responses to “MetaVerse – Spring ’15 – 05”

  1. zztop says:

    Euphonium: Comparison between the art from the novel and anime:

    General consensus is that Kyoani improved the designs a lot, especially for the teacher.

    Dungeon: More Hestia fun!

    And the Bell Cranel bedsheet:

    • skylion says:

      The improvement of Midori/Sapphire is remarkable as well. My goodness, that face from the novel cover is so unpretty.

      I wonder how long Hestia fame will continue. Fandom is a fickle place. But does it ever celebrate.

      Yes, for those that are so inclined, you can have a Bell bedsheet to go along with your Kirito bedsheet. Bring Asuana and Hestia along for extra fun!

    • Di Gi Kazune says:


      Tasty bell bedsheet…

  2. zztop says:

    Extra LN + manga details for Dungeon:
    1) The Divine Bathhouse was originally mixed-genders, but grew into a popular Goddess-only hangout. The few male Gods who go there are mostly peeping-toms.

    2)The Babel tower’s first 20 floors are commercial space for shops. The upper floors are residences for some deities of the higher-ranked Familias.(You may remember Freya observing Bell from her Babel apartment.) There was a first Babel tower, but it was destroyed during the first coming of the Gods.

    3)The LN author hasn’t confirmed yet if Syr and Freya are connected. This hasn’t stopped speculation though.

  3. Highway says:

    Regarding DxD:

    Akeno’s developments in New and now in BorN are kind of in two steps. The part in New can be considered to be that Akeno finally understands that other people can accept her, for who she is rather than for what she is. They didn’t say much in the anime, but Akeno was very verbally beaten down by the gang that came to kill her and Shuri, making it clear they thought that all fallen angels are dark and evil existences, and that it was Barakiel’s fault that they were doing what the were doing (“look what you made us do!” a horrible rationalization for being a murderous thug). Issei’s acceptance of her as “Akeno”, Black wings and all, even as he professes to hate Fallen Angels (when he really doesn’t as he develops his own character), is what gets her past much of her worry that she can never be accepted.

    The part in BorN that we’ve now seen is her acceptance that she doesn’t hate her father for leaving Shuri to die. Maybe there’s some realization that of course it happened when he wasn’t there (because who’s going to attack them when he’s there?). I do like the novel version better, in that this realization that she still cares for him is catalyzed by her reaction to him taking an attack meant for her, but they did the fight differently, so they couldn’t do that here. There is also a nice moment after that where Akeno and Barakiel combine effort to attack Loki to free a path for Issei to hit him. As I said, it had a bit more impact than the way they showed it.

    It’s true that Koneko doesn’t get quite the same amount of development, but she’s also a more secondary character than Akeno or even Kiba (whose development in the anime series is generally passed over as well). Akeno is vying with Asia for spot #2 (If Issei ranked them, Asia would be #2 in his heart, but Akeno would be #2 in his bed). And Kiba, although the show doesn’t really go into it, is Issei’s best friend and an important contrast for Issei. Koneko is somewhere between Akeno and Xenovia as far as importance, but closer to Xenovia (there’s a big gap there). There’s also the fact that Koneko’s development in the anime suffered a bit from combining Loki’s involvement in LN 7 with the Young Devils reception in LN 5. This cut off the battle part of Koneko’s strengthened resolve (and I don’t think that spinning Fenrir by his nose really cut it). So I agree that Koneko really didn’t get the same treatment as Akeno or even Kiba, but it was fairly in line with her positioning in the show.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    High School DxD BorN: At this point, the show has become a melting pot for deities of various mythologies. It wouldn’t come as a shock if we suddenly had Greek gods like Zeus joining in.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    DanMachi: It remains a nice and subtle series with a plot we’ve more or less seen before. Though given the number of sales going through during the season, it’s a show sure to stand out compared to those that share a number of similarities. I bet the creators never guessed DanMachi would be this popular.

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