Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 20

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No doggy bag needed as Iggy leaves nothing…and no one…behind

I survived the crowds, sweltering heat (mixed with freezing cold nights), and endless lineups of Anime North. After spending 3 days secluded from the real world, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. It still feels a little odd to sit in front of a computer and do work instead of being surrounded by cosplayers all the time. I guess I’ll just watch anime to fill the void until next year’s con.

Last week I was afraid to commit to saying Polnareff was truly dead because I suspected something like this might happen. Looks like being jaded and slightly paranoid served me well this time. I grinned from ear to ear when I saw good ol Polnareff plastered to the ceiling in a ball of sand. Yes, this is exactly how things should be! Kill the dumb dog just as he becomes tolerable so my last memory of him is a good one and then let the best character of the series live on! What a nice fake out. I’m so glad Polnareff was the one to survive because it just makes so much more sense.

jojo 2000

Ah yes, the warm embrace of sand rubbing into your open wounds

There wasn’t much left to be done in the Vanilla Ice fight aside from Polnareff finishing him off. Even with just that shred of material to work with, the fight ended spectacularly in a vengeance-fueled comeback from Polnareff. I had attributed Vanilla Ice’s tenacity to being a total creepazoid who probably has a shrine of Dio in his closet that he prays to every night. His personality made his ability to come back after becoming a shish-kabob (several times!) seem like a result of pure willpower. In reality, he was able to overcome all the extra ventilation Polnareff gave him because Dio turned him into a vampire.

The signs of him being a vampire were all there, but I completely missed them. It’s classic for a vampire to create minions by feeding them vampiric blood. It’s also suspicious that Vanilla Ice fights in a dark room the entire time. But because he’s such a devoted lunatic, I didn’t think much about him coming back from even the most fatal of blows. You would think I would have twigged in to his true nature when he got up after having his head twisted around by a rapier shoved in his forehead. That’s just how much of an impression his obsession made on me.

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Light beam-chan gets violent

So Vanilla Ice dies after he becomes more like the man the idolizes…how ironic. It was a bittersweet end because Polnareff pulled through brilliantly, but you could tell he was in pain. He lost both Iggy and Avdol. And a significant hunk of flesh from his leg jesus christ that must be smarting right now. Anyways, it was definitely a great battle with all the overdramatic farewells I could ever hope for.

In contrast, the rest of the episode was a wash – almost as if to stall for time. Nukesaku built it up like he would be the dark horse who was secretly more powerful than everyone else, but he turned out to be another one hit KO like Billie Jean. Geez. I’m more interested in HOW he got a moving, talking, woman’s face on the back of his head than anything else. Likewise, I was bored to tears at watching Susie Q be an annoying tourist. I’m not watching the Jojo gang go on a journey because I care about Holly – I’m watching it so I can see them beat up Dio! Holly is just extra baggage I have to get through to see the good stuff! I didn’t even remember she existed until now.

The good news is that we got through the lame stuff and now it’s time for DIO! Or maybe not. The preview sure didn’t show a whole lot of him. But then again, previews can be very deceiving. I’ll just stick my foot in my mouth and wait to see what happens.

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6 Responses to “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 20”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Oh, I just paid attention to your comment count. Less than a 100 more until you reach 5000! Come on!

    Don’t mind if I decide to take advantage of the vampire talk since this post opened the door. How’s it been going with you watching Seraph of the End? I imagine it’s still likable in your eyes. If you’re not up to speed yet, they go outside at episode 7.

    Between you and me, if the 9th episode continues the trend of 2 chapters per, Yuu and Mika meet up in the 10th episode. For now, the 9th episode will show the full-on war on both sides along with some insight on what happened to Mika right after he was forced to drink Krul’s (Aoi Yuuki a.k.a Sunako Kirishiki) blood and become a vampire.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’ll do my best! I have a lot of anime to catch up on so I can actually comment on other posts for once…

      I’m fairly caught up on Seraph now. I haven’t seen episode 8 yet but I will soon!

  2. skylion says:

    Iggy was a dog, but he didn’t go out like one! He went out a hero! AND I WANT OC TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT! ;-P

    Yeah, you have to save JPP, as there just isn’t any substitution for him. But, I fully expect Avdol to come back, as that is his super-power as far as I’m concerned. If he gets taken out of the game for JPP sake, that’s as good as 1up mushroom for him. Now I’m imagining Avdol in a tanooki/racoon suit…..

    I kinda like the side trip with Suzi, it was a bit over-long, but it did remind us that kicking Dio had a purpose, other than just kicking Dio….

    • Overcooled says:

      Aww okay, he did go out with a bang instead of a whimper. A hero’s death, indeed.

      If Avdol comes back twice then I don’t know what to say. The fans must REALLY like him!

  3. Namaewoinai says:

    And so, The Dog has passed away, but at least that Ice is…Melted through the sun, Yep…Just Remember…

    Show ▼

    …also, Mohammed “Arabian Ruby” Avdol and Iggy “The Fool’s Sand” May Their Souls RIP…

    and now it’s time to face….

    Show ▼

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