First Impression – Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Did someone say witches? Heck yeah!

Hello hello and welcome to a fairly late first impression for Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Suma has already talked about this series on Metaverse not too long ago, but now it’s my turn. I will say that I’ve read the manga, as well as dropped it, but that didn’t happen till way, WAY later in the series that I doubt the anime will even cover. However, this doesn’t affect my feelings towards the series as a whole, which I found pretty enjoyable and still do now that the anime is out. Anyway, let’s get started with this~

Where are the witches??!

Y7-01 (800x450)

A totally normal school anime…

What makes this series really fun for me is that its generally approach is “Here’s this obviously weird thing happening, but let’s not REALLY talk about it and go on with our school anime, even though for some reason there are a lot of people who seem to know about this thing despite us trying our best to hide it.” It makes the tone so much more comedic to me because it’s just such a blatantly obvious thing, but the series holds off on focusing SOLELY on Yamada’s power to transfer his personality (soul??) into other bodies by kissing. It’s ridiculous and makes the story fun; I can’t help but love it. And yet, even with the comedy, there’s still some serious events going on, making it this weird blend of comedy, school drama and supernatural shenanigans.

YM-02 (800x450)

Coincidentally I’m the same way.

However, the pacing of this series is probably the only problem I have. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m easily more annoyed by slower paced anime then manga (since I’m a fast reader and can easily get through it). Not to mention there’s the fact that I’ve already read a good portion of the series and I’m impatient for the more serious stuff to happen. Yet my non-biased reviewer side says it’s going at a fair pace. We’ve got Miyabi introduced and interested in investigating Yamada’s power, and now with episode 3 we have more information on the student council and the oddly serious race to become the next student president between Origiri and Miyamura. We also got to see more of a relationship form between Shiraishi and Yamada, the typical school anime outcasts, who are already giving off those nice romance vibes, which I’m totally digging.

If you’re into school-based comedies, this will probably fit right up your alley. The show is definitely catered towards those fans, so you won’t find anything surprisingly new or unique, aside from maybe the powers thing (but even that’s on the backburner SO). Like I said, the show is ridiculous and fun, so I enjoy it. I mean, yeah I gotta deal with super-detailed bras and panty shots every week, but thankfully it’s done in that ~casual~ panty shot sorta way so I won’t get too annoyed. Plus, with every girls-kissing-girls scene, I get a boys-kissing-boys scene! Fanservice for everyone, yay! Until next week then~

YM-03 (800x450)

Did I mention my love for Shiraishi? No? Well I will from now on.


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9 Responses to “First Impression – Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”

  1. zztop says:

    Upon discovering Yamada’s mangaka used to work as Mashima Hiro’s assistant, I kept expecting Natsu, Happy and the Fairy Tail gang to gatecrash the school. The artstyle is very similar.

    Also, Miyamura’s right. Yamada really has something freakish going on in his pants. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Shiraishi = Lucy their designs are very similar! Well Lucy is far more busty xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Speaking of Lucy, my backlog on Fairy Tail is beginning to pile up.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    So far I am loving this series! I like the cast of characters and the OVA gave us a good idea just how CRAZY things will get later once the supernatural club is filled xD

  3. skylion says:

    I like that the show has a fair bit of confidence in it’s pacing. If, as many are say, the plot gets more complex, then they’ve started off with good strides. Mixing the one supernatural element that lends itself to character development is just such a no-brainer way to tell the most story in 22 mins.

    Plus everyone is just on a kissy-monster rampage! Kudos for that!

  4. Kyokai says:

    The pacing is much fast compared to the manga but I’m liking on how things are going. The seiyuu cast must really be having a ball with trying to voice each other in the same style. Overall, it will be a fun ride.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It’s an alright series, I guess. Though I can’t say the rampant kissing with every and anyone is pleasing.

    The lead Yamada is loud, ignorant and often speaks nonsense. Something that doesn’t quite get a good vote. That’s going to take some getting used to. If I get used to it.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely a problem with the non-consensual kissing that goes on.

    • skylion says:

      …well, at least our homosexual , or like myself bi-sexual, or anyone else really, readers don’t seem to mind. And I only have to say that once.

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