Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 15

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Bitches love me

Oh Iggy…as much as you try to garner sympathy, I still know you’re a little shit. With this episode, all the animal Stands are (hopefully) over and done with and the gang is just steps away from being in front of Dio. But thanks to the pacing, I get the feeling it’ll still be a while before Dio presents himself.

The Horus vs Iggy battle picks up a bit for this second half, as it involves (slightly) more tactics than Iggy just running and hiding. Now he’s running and hiding underwater! I actually really like when an anime tries to give a proper scientific explanation for utter bullshit, like a falcon diving to the bottom of a river to pierce a sand demon with an icicle. There’s no reason why I would question Pet Shop’s ability to dive given how just about anything goes in this show. I’m not going to turn around and call shenanigans about the lung capacity of a falcon in the same show that has genius babies, swords that possess people, and a manga that predicts the future. But I like little touches like that where there’s some research done just to give us a fun little fact (I learned something new!) that fits in with the story. It’s clever! Just don’t ask Araki to explain everything else that’s happening here, like how Pet Shop managed to burrow into Iggy’s hole without flooding the tunnel.

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Ahhh the great animal kingdom. Isn’t nature wonderful?

Pet Shop dies very suddenly, but I was so glad the fight was over that I shrugged it off very quickly. At the end there was also an attempt to make me feel bad about Iggy, who basically ran a dog mafia as The Ultimate Pimp. I think Araki was trying to say Iggy’s wish before he thought he was going to die was to have bonded more with Jotaro’s gang instead of being a loner. I saw it more as “WHY DID I LET THOSE ASSHOLES CATCH ME WHEN I COULD BE THE DOGFATHER OF NEW YORK?!”. Iggy’s life looks so much better before he’s whisked away to venture through Egypt. He still has no reason to care about these guys, and I can’t help but think the only place he went was was getting caged and sent to Egypt. Maybe it’s just me, but the dramatic flashback of Iggy just farting, scowling and being an overall dickhead to everyone just didn’t make me feel sorry for the pup.

At least the kid felt sorry for him and saved him, because I’d have let him drown. But without Iggy, no one would find Dio. So…sacrifices must be made, and I’ll have to put up with him a while longer as he limps his way to the end of the series. It was pretty cute that the kid saved him though. I know Iggy isn’t all bad and deep (DEEP) down inside he cares about people. It’s just so deep down in there that you need a whole excavation team to find it and come out alive again.

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Now that I’ve weathered the storm that was the horrible Horus battle, I have been rewarded with two wonderful treats. One is the return of Kakyoin and the other is breaking into Dio’s house. I’m so glad to see Kakyoin again! He was one of my favourites from the start, and I was eagerly waiting for him to make a bold comeback. I haven’t actually talked much about my love for Kakyoin because he hasn’t had much of a chance to do anything in season 2. Perhaps after the rero rero rero cherry incident (you know the one) he’s already gotten all the attention he would ever need. Personally, I hope he gets a chance to fight again. He’s a bit of a dork, but he rounds out Jojo’s team nicely. He’s like the sensitive nerd amongst a group of brutes, except he also has bulging muscles so he manages to fit in just fine.

Next week is titled after D’Arby which is…very confusing. He should be gurgling up spittle in a cafe somewhere like a lunatic – so why is the episode named after him? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see and let the manga readers laugh at my ignorance. Until then!

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Hey, how’s it Kakyo-going?


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14 Responses to “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 – 15”

  1. gedata says:

    This week’s battle would’ve flowed better if they cut it down to one episode by snipping off some dialogue and scenes that went on too long. Oh well.

    • skylion says:

      …but couldn’t you say the same for every battle?

      • gedata says:

        Maybe for some sure. This is the one where it became a detriment though since I would’ve preferred to see Iggy express himself without the dialogue.

        • Overcooled says:

          If they cut some of the other battles short, I’d be sad. I could live with them making Iggy’s battle one episode because man, it felt like they were stretching it out so much!

  2. belatkuro says:

    The only logical explanation for the next episode title is that he’s related to the gambler D’Arby. Brother, father, evil twin, uncle, second cousin thrice removed. There’s a lot of options.

    And they’re so close to Dio yet still so far away given that we’re getting another two-part episode for this enemy. I really hope he’s the last one given he’s the butler of the mansion. There shouldn’t be anyone else in the mansion aside from Dio. What other position aside from a butler could be inside there serving Dio?

    • skylion says:

      …valet, upstairs and downstairs maids, scullery wench, head chef, sous chef, essaucier, sommelier, hermitage, aide de camp, real estate agent, head gardener, horse master, stud master, master of the hounds….there are plenty of admin duties for great house, and this is JoJo…

  3. Envyus says:

    Iggy is a lot like Joseph when he was younger. He even lost the same limb that Joseph lost fighting a thing with feathers and he lived in new york.

  4. Namaewoinai says:

    So this is iggy life the pup scares them and the bitches loves them…

    And the boys finally found the mansion but I fear DIO is not there, instead it’s butler came out and another guy will show up soon.

    And I Fear that 24 episodes is not enough for this so… we need another 2 or 4 more extra episodes, i mean this arc alone has about 12 chapters (in the manga) DIO arc i believe had 18. Now…i wonder what the studio (DAVIDO aka: David Productions) will gonna do about it…?

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, we still have a couple of fights left then. I’ll try to be patient.

      At this rate, I can only hope they manage to fit it all in. They’ve been taking their sweet time with everything up until now – I’d hate for them to rush the best parts!

    • Envyus says:

      Why would you post spoilers

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