First Impression – Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions

They broke whatever counting system they had with 2000%, so ‘Revolutions’ it is.

Yay, more UtaPri. I ended up downloading WhyNot’s version of the first episode with fabulous rainbow subs, but it was readable, so whatever. Behold:

Uta no Prince00001

Which is pretty amazing, considering that they were barely present during the last season.

Apparently absolutely everyone in this episode was either allergic to the indoors or refusing to sleep (contagious insomnia perhaps?), so it was just a long line of Haruka running into various characters and never quite making it to wherever she was headed. I guess it has been a while since the last season, so the reintroductions were okay. Plus there was more coverage of the senpai characters. …Well, if you call seeing them on a horse or having a staring contest “coverage”. But this seemed to establish that despite the characters never really showing up in 2000%, they’re on good terms with Haruka at least. It seems like there will be more interactions with the four as well, with Haruka writing their music for the SSS (maybe). I originally assumed that this season would focus on the senpai more since that’s Haruku’s assignment, but with STARISH also wanting to participate, it seems they won’t be completely excluded from the season. Plus there’s the new subunits thing that’s going on, which seems kind of unrelated from how the first episode started, but at the same time, this allows for more inventive BL pairings different character interactions. Plus the different unit singles seem to have done well and the ones I’ve heard sound pretty good.

Uta no Prince00007Uta no Prince00004

Yes, this was absolutely necessary.

In a show with so many random elements thrown in for laughs, it’s nice to see that they bothered with some continuity. They’re not ignoring the career developments like Syo getting into acting, and of course, the majority of the characters have a thing for Haruka but can’t say it because the plot won’t let them. Speaking about that, WOW there was romance. Well, obviously Haruka can’t end up with one guy because that destroys the harem element (or at least would make it more difficult), but they seemed to have maybe toned down some of the BL elements and upped the otome ones. At least for the introductory episode; I’ll get to the second episode soon enough.

If I remember correctly, last season involved a lot of Cecil walking around inspiring fanfiction being inspired by whatever the other characters in STARISH were doing with their careers. Oh, and I recall a lot of stalking. So much stalking. Anyways, this one episode doesn’t mean that the whole season is going to be “HARUKA IS GREAT”, but the majority of the reintroductions were the guys going “HARUKA IS GREAT”, so there’s something. If they can get the senpai onto the “HARUKA IS GREAT” side, then even better, I suppose. But then again, in the second episode, they seem to have substituted Haruka screentime in favour of the senpai. I guess it was relevant because who needs a composer at a TV filming location, but at the same time, they really ignored her character.

There’s a new goal now for the season with the SSS. It’s not exactly the same as the Utapri award from the last season, since this is a sporting thing, but I imagine it will be similar? Or if there’s some kind of competition between QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH. But we’ll see. They even mentioned HEAVENS, which would be interesting if they show up again. But for now, it was kind of nice to see the senpai actually doing the jobs they were given last season with helping and inspiring STARISH. It almost seems like a waste of character dynamics, since we’re probably only getting one episode of the groups that were supposed to happen last season before the characters all split into units, but it was interesting while it lasted.

Uta no Prince00015Uta no Prince00014

Ah yes, quality television.

Obligatory Fanservice

Show ▼

Yep, that was definitely more of the same. Perhaps it was a little tame with the nonsense, since it substituted antics with everyone running into Haruka to tell her how awesome she is. ….And then the second episode, nothing crazy happened since it was more character intros (maybe). But since the intros are done and the plot is moving onward onto interesting character pairs, I imagine UtaPri will revert back to how it was with the previous seasons soon. They still had hints of nonsense with Camus’s late night horse ride and Shining’s entrance, so it’s not like they’ve ditched that aspect entirely. Plus the characters got the sparkles and the ED was a dance sequence as per usual (with some nonintrusive CG), so they don’t seem to have ditched the fabulousness either. Plus the OP had parachuting. That counts for something maybe? Anyways, hopefully Haruka becomes relevant again sometime soon.

Uta no Prince00021



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  1. Kyokai says:

    UtaPri fabulousness is baaack! I’m not sure what new they can do now with some many seasons behind it already but let’s see…

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